My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 84

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Everyone in Blood Wolf’s team were predators by nature. They not only killed mutant beasts, and collected food, but also plundered other survivors. Because Blood Wolf was too strong, the whole industrial park was controlled by him in a very short period of time.

As for the survivors caught by them, several beautiful women were left for enjoyment, but most of the men were killed by Blood Wolf, some luckier ones were forced to collect food, gasoline and so on. However, they were all killed later. In conclusion, there were no "extra weight" in that team, everyone relied on their tenaciousness and viciousness.

This barbaric means of expansion were very effective in the early days of the doomsday. They could ask for a large number of weapons from the military by exchanging food and mutant meat. Moreover, Blood Wolf had looted the police station located in the industrial park, which let his team in having a lot of guns.

They had nineteen combatants, but there were only two paranormals. One was Blood Wolf himself, and the other was the woman wearing a leather jacket and leather pants. The other seventeen members all have guns!

There were one light machine gun, two micro submachine guns of Hua Xia’s armed police, three Type 95 Automatic Rifles and two almost eliminated Type 56 semi-Automatic Rifles.

Those eight guns had been exchanged with the military and the armed police. In addition, they had found nine Type 54 and Type 64 pistols from the police station.

That was, they had seventeen guns in total! Moreover, there was a small amount of body armors, that several core combatants were currently wearing them!

That team was terrible just because they treasured manpower and material resources. In doomsday, being a paranormal, in fact, may not be better than an ordinary person who was good at shooting. Moreover, with nineteen members, it was absolutely exaggerated. It was precisely because they had so many guns, that Blood Wolf had the courage to fight against Jiang Zhuying.

When Jiang Liushi rushed out, Blood Wolf was sitting in a chair, wearing a headset.

He saw Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying immediately.

His eyes kindled with anger, [She finally couldn’t take it anymore. Did she think she could just escape with the help of the minibus? Fat chance! Like I’d let them!]

Blood Wolf stood up, grabbing the headset, and said, "Come on guys! Do not kill Jiang Zhuying. Taking that boy out is our main target."

Blood Wolf would like to devour Jiang Zhuying’s ability, so he had to make sure she would stay alive. Once she died, the ability’s energy would quickly dissipate, and the effect would be reduced greatly.


"F*cking guys!"

After hearing Blood Wolf’s order, all his members jumped out from the bunker, aiming at the minibus ready to shoot.


All kinds of pistols, rifles, micro-guns shot together, so the sound was deafening!

For a time, the minibus’s windshield was blasted!

"Flap! Paaaa-"

On the windshield appeared a lot of broken bullets, and countless grain-size gla.s.s slags began to scatter!

But the windshield wasn’t broken, and Jiang Liushi still rushed forward!

"Di-Di--!" The Sta.r.s.eed warned, [The bulletproof gla.s.s’ durability has been reduced by 7%!]

Jiang Liushi ignored the sound but stepped the throttle to the end, so the speed of the MCV soared!

"Sh*t! What’s going on!?" All the members of Blood Wolf’s team became shocked. That minibus had bulletproof gla.s.s!?

Even if it had been refitted with bulletproof gla.s.s, it could be used to a certain degree. If it encountered the continued high-intensity shooting, in particular, with light machine guns and rifles, it also would be punctured.

"Fight! Come on! Don’t stop." Blood Wolf kicked over the chair, grabbing a light machine gun used by another member, aiming the location of Jiang Liushi, and he crazily shot.

At this time, the MCV had sped up to a hundred kilometers, and in front of it was the nail belt!

It was not difficult for Blood Wolf to weld a nail belt. So for them, it was a robbery must!

However, the minibus continued moving like nothing had happened, it was like the nail belt was never there, and directly rushed over.

"Crazy! The f*cking guys!" Blood Wolf had been secretly feeling delighted, because he thought the minibus would turn over at such a fast speed.

But how could the minibus have reached such a speed in such a short period of time? It was illogical. Blood Wolf had no time to think, but the MCV had crushed on the nail belt!


A five meters long nail belt with thousands of nails longer than the middle finger had been welded together. However, when the MCV rushed, they were directly cracked. Hundreds of nails scattered like bullets.

The minibus was like a furious giant rhinoceros! It had a momentum which could not be stopped!

"F*ck, is this a tank?" All the members were shocked by the strange minibus. At this point, a strong sense of danger emerged in Blood Wolf’s heart. He saw a black hole stretching out from the minibus!

"Run!" Blood Wolf cried. "It's really a tank! F*cking cunning guys."

"Bang!" Terrible airwaves once again were released upon them!

All the Blood Wolf’s members scattered in order to flee!

Terrible explosion sounded, and a large number of empty iron drums, metal blocks, as well as sandbags were completely exploded!

A member was about to escape, but he was. .h.i.t by a flying metal block. As a result, he went out of this world immediately.

Jiang Liushi at that time focused, so that he could take note of all the guys’ escape direction in a flash.

The ‘Air Cannon’s" weakness was its slow speed, although it was powerful, it had only killed one person this time.

At this time, many members had jumped on the off-road vehicles. But they opened the skylight and while a person was driving, another person was shooting.

Jiang Liusih turned the steering wheel, making a 90 degrees big turn.


The whole minibus rushed out, and made a beautiful drift. All the members in Blood Wolf’s team were struck dumb with fear.