My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Second Evolution

It was sad indeed!
Jiang Liushi was silently watching Blood Wolf crash down. His scared members had also witnessed his death.
Blood Wolf's strength was so strong, but his death was too miserable.
Those members were frightened out of their wits. They elbowed their way through and pushed others aside to escape. However, their vehicles were in the way…
Sun Kun and Zhang Hai kept attacking. For them, there was nothing one could do except die.
[Detected 'level 1 ' mutation energy, whether to absorb?] Sta.r.s.eed's transmission came.
Blood Wolf was a paranormal at 1 level, even higher than Jiang Zhuying. After killing him, his mutation energy was immediately detected by the Sta.r.s.eed.
[Absorb!] Jiang Liushi immediately ordered.
[Detected 'level 1' mutation energy, whether to absorb?]
That mutation energy should be from the woman in the leather jacket.
"It was unexpected that Blood Wolf actually was thinking about attacking me, but I have a good brother! He certainly did not think he would be killed so miserably." Jiang Zhuying said, looking at Jiang Liushi.
Jiang Liushi’s performance totally surprised Jiang Zhuying. She remembered that her brother did not know any marksmanship, and it was obvious that it was the first time for Jiang Liushi to touch the gun.
But his accuracy was so amazing that it was incredible.
"We had to kill him as soon as possible. Otherwise, there would be no end of trouble in the future," Jiang Liushi said.
"Brother, I’m wondering whether you are a paranormal or not? Why can’t I feel even a little energy fluctuations from you?" Jiang Zhuying asked.
"This… I am different than you," Jiang Liushi didn’t know how to explain.
"And brother, what’s about your shooting skill?" Jiang Zhuying asked again.
"..." Jiang Liushi had to answer, "I am a genius."
Zhang Hai and Sun Kun came, and had heard the talk between them.
They wore strange expressions.
Genius? This, this also…
However, there seemed to be no other explanation.
It could only be said that such a talent was easy to let others be lost in envy.
"Quickly sweep the battlefield." Jiang Zhuying said.
Zhang Hai and Sun Kun could be considered experienced. They immediately began looking at those bodies and injured but not dead members.
Those people were dragged together, and then Sun Kun holding a gun killed them one by one. The last one was so scared that his face was as pale as dust.
Sun Kun's muzzle held in front of him, but paused, and then he asked, "Where was your base?"
"In the north of the industrial park, a villa in a pharmaceutical company!" The man immediately cried and replied.
"I can lead the way, do not kill me! Do not ..."
Sun Kun killed him and said angrily, "You bast*rds, lead the way in the afterlife"
"Boss, I asked about Blood Wolf's base!" Zhang Hai shouted.
"Clean up all the bullets, and we will go in a while." Jiang Zhuying said, turning around to her brother.
She saw her brother was inspecting the minibus, and it was estimated that he needed a little time, so she answered "in a while." In fact, whenever they would go was up to Jiang Liushi.
Now even completely ignoring the fact that he was Jiang Zhuying’s brother, he had earned the right to speak.
In fact, the degree of the damage to the minibus would be provided with detailed data by Sta.r.s.eed. He didn’t need to inspect himself.
But Jiang Liushi was serious, so he specifically went to look at the tire, it had to be repaired right away.
[No.3 tire was damaged by 60%, sh.e.l.l armor defensive decline of 50%, and bulletproof gla.s.s’ durability decreased by 40%; no other damage, but the total damage level has reached 3." Jiang Liushi felt a heartache. The result was miserable.
After the repair materials were being listed, Jiang Liushi found all the materials that could be taken from the industrial park. Some of them were in the metal factory, so they would be able to find a lot.
As for gasoline and electricity, etc., they were not short of them at all. There was a lot of gasoline in Blood Wolf’s cars.
By the time, the mutation energy was absorbed the Sta.r.s.eed transmitted, [The energy has been stored. Mutation energy can be used -]
"Option 1: Enhance the sh.e.l.l armor’s defense."
"Option 2: Air Cannon upgrade."
"Option 3: Add mechanical arms to the MCV. It can handle 20 tons."
"Option 4: ..."
"Option 7: Start the second evolution process."
"Option 8: Open a storage s.p.a.ce."
"Option 9: ..."
Second evolution!
Jiang Liushi had seen the tip of "Secondary evolution". The list of gene liquids in the biological laboratory had many of which needed the second evolution.
Jiang Liushi would like to learn about the second evolution. He did not expect that it could be finished after absorbing Blood Wolf and that woman’s energy.
The process was same as the process of building up the biological laboratory, which needed lots of materials. But in that industrial park, materials could be found quite easily. It was a perfect opportunity.
"Start the MCV's second evolution!" Jiang Liushi said in his mind.