My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: New Functions
Zhang Hai immediately began to inventory those materials. In fact, those items were all put together according to different It was quite easy to sort out the list. In addition to a large number of mutant beasts’ meat, there was a lot of dry food, weapons and ammunition.

Especially the rifle bullets, their number was really large. Zhang Hai felt really happy. Although he actually couldn’t get much of a share, he was pleased at seeing those heavy bullets.
There was also a small box, filled with ten neat grenades. Blood Wolf’s team had not brought out all of their own weapons, but Zhang Hai believed that even if those grenades had been brought, Jiang Liushi could easily deal with them.
Sun Kun also came up at that time. Seeing those materials, he was also excited about it.
"What is this?" Sun Kun had found a box bedside Blood Wolf's cabinet. The box was placed alone at the nearest place, right next to Blood Wolf. They suddenly felt curious.
Sun Kun's shouting also attracted the attention of Jiang Liushi. Sun Kun carefully opened the box.
Inside the box, a gla.s.s...o...b.. it was actually like a pigeon’s egg, was lying quietly.
"It is a mutant crystal nucleus!" Sun Kun said.
A mutant crystal nucleus, for any survivor team, would be regarded as the most important property, and it was equivalent to five tons of mutant meat.
Blood Wolf hunted all the time. So it was estimated that they had more than one nucleus, but others must have be taken to Satellite Town and exchanged with the military. That crystal nucleus looked fresh, and there were still some blood stains on it.
"This mutant crystal nucleus…" Jiang Liushi’s eyes were shining looking at that nucleus, "I want it."
After they met Jiang Liushi, all the mutant crystal nuclei of their team had been taken away by Jiang Liushi. Hearing that he also wanted that one, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were stunned for a moment.
However, in that battle, Jiang Liushi was their main force. In accordance with the distribution system, most parts of the booty belonged to Jiang Liushi. Even if Jiang Zhuying didn’t say something, Jiang Liushi had the right to choose the nucleus.
Zhang Hai and Sun Kun naturally had no opinion, "Jiang brother, here you go, take it."
"Well..." Jiang said and received that nucleus.
Mutant crystal nucleus was the scarcest material. It was not an easy thing to collect it.
Blood Wolf’s materials were enough. Compared with them, Jiang Zhuying’s collection was simply poor.
So much materials, which needed a lot of time to be taken away. Of course, in the industrial park, to find a freight truck was quite easy. But Jiang Zhuying could only drive a small car.
When they headed back, they also needed to take into account the problem of fighting against zombies. So only a freight truck could be used to load, but it was enough to take the majority of materials.
It was too late. Even if the materials were to be moved, there was no way to leave that night. But Jiang Liushi had no interest about Blood Wolf’s house. He would naturally sleep in his MCV, Jiang Zhuying could also sleep in his car. As for Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, they could sleep in the truck and off-road vehicle for a night.
Although they were secure, they had been accustomed to fragmented sleeping.
That was one of the impacts doomsday had brought. It dramatically changed people's life, even to the simplest thing. If one couldn’t adapt, he or she sooner or later would be eliminated.
"You are going to move those items. I'm going to go out for a bit," Jiang Liushi said.
In addition to those enslaved girls, the other members had been killed, so the industrial park was safe.
Driving the MCV and holding a Type 81 Automatic Rifle in his hand, Jiang Liushi would be safe. He wanted to go out, naturally no one would oppose his decision.
"Brother, come back early," Jiang Zhuying said. "Okay," Jiang Liushi just went out of the door, and that girl was shocked.
Her sight contacted with Jiang Liushi’s, but she immediately looked down.
[Am I so terrible?] Jiang Liushi touched his chin. He directly moved away from the girl, but he thought and turned saying, "You can go downstairs."
In fact, the girl had heard their conversation. She knew that they didn’t intend to stay there that night. Nothing about them was mentioned. Originally that girl was merely speculating, but now she was sure.
"Thank… Thank you!" That girl was completely confused. She could only say ‘thank you’. Until she reacted, Jiang Liushi had already left.
For Jiang Liushi, he had no way to protect those girls. In doomsday, everyone had to learn to survive.
But they would still leave some dry food. However, those girls needed to find other ways to survive.
When she went back to those girls, she whispered, "They do not intend to do anything to us…"
"Are you sure?"
"He is the boss of those people and he could kill that bast*rd. If he wanted to do anything, he wouldn’t be like this now." The girl said.
Those girls still felt fear, but their mood slowly changed. After knowing Jiang Liushi and so on had no indecent thoughts about them, the girls felt really grateful.
They had finally escaped from their ill fate, that being Blood Wolf’s team. They were constantly being tortured, to the point they wanted to die.
Most of those girls were white-collar workers, students and many ordinary people, but they had fallen into a nightmare. Now, Blood Wolf was dead, it was like they had been woken up from the nightmare. Although they had to face a brutal world…

Jiang Liushi walked to his MCV, and then made a turn, driving out of the medical company.
He was driving at the original route, back to the special metal company.
As long as he got that nucleus, Jiang Liushi immediately had an idea. There was a function, which he urgently needed!
Currently Zhuying’s team members could be used as labor force, but what about the future? Those metals were really a tiring heavy physical work.
The MCV crossed those corpses on the ground and returned to the previous warehouse.
The dark warehouse was quiet, and Jiang Liushi was sitting in his minibus, taking out a piece of nucleus.
"Sta.r.s.eed." Jiang Liushi wanted to communicate with it.
"Kathaa-."On the bridge of the MCV, a metal groove crashed out.
Jiang Liushi holding the nucleus, put it into the groove.
With the metal groove retracting, the Sta.r.s.eed immediately transmitted, "Placing the nucleus was successful, the evolution directions are the following…"
A light curtain immediately appeared in front of him with many options.
Those options had appeared before, so Jiang Liushi jumped directly to the choice he wanted.
"Option 3: Open the evolution of automatic absorption function. The MCV can automatically absorb materials with a particle beam."
"That's it!"
Jiang Liushi chose that option without any hesitation.
[The automatic absorption function was initiated. It needs fifteen minutes.] Sta.r.s.eed’s transmission sounded.
[Only fifteen minutes!] Jiang Liushi didn’t mind at all. He looked around the warehouse. In that warehouse, there were a lot of metals, and there was an empty storage s.p.a.ce in his minibus. If he did not take those metals away, Jiang Liushi would regret it later.
"Waste is the biggest crime. I have to take those metals away!"