Omnipotent Sage

Chapter 837

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"d.a.m.n it, they're going to detonate the Sea Emperor World!" When he first sensed the Child-endowing Buddha's divine thought Zhou Bao was petrified. But soon, he realized what was happening.

"Yes, I'm sure this is it!"

As the attack of the Devil Tribe raged on, seven Earthly Immortals had rushed to the outside of the Seoverlooking Gate Tower. There would be no better time to blow up the Seoverlooking Gate Tower and the Sea Emperor World. When that happened, the Celestial Mystery Emperor would have to get the Child-endowing Buddha out, for he was still confined in the Sea Emperor World. But to his surprise, the Child-endowing Buddha had disappeared!

Yes, the Child-endowing Buddha had disappeared from inside the Supreme Fairy Weapon, the Seoverlooking Gate Tower, right under the Celestial Mystery Emperor's nose!

"d.a.m.n it! Does this guy want to die? Dare to disobey us at this juncture!" The Celestial Mystery Emperor roared furiously in a nameless s.p.a.ce. Jets of ferocious divine thoughts swept the Sea Emperor World, attempting to find out where the Child-endowing Buddha had gone.

"Leave him alone. Let's detonate the Seoverlooking Gate Tower first. We'll sort the issue with him out later!" Emperor Youming suggested with composure.

The situation had gone this far. It was too late to investigate the cause. There were more important things to do. He could not let his rage ruin his big plan.

"Humph, we'll let him off the hook for the moment. Once we get rid of the Devil Tribe, we can take time to settle all the problems with him. Hee hee, with the Seven Marquises of the Blood Sea, the main force of the Blood Prison, and the Endless Blood Sea, we'll sap all the Devil Tribe's vitality!" The Celestial Mystery Emperor said maliciously. It was as if he was going to unleash all his anger toward the Child-endowing Buddha onto the Devil Tribe. "Tell the Vast Sea to blow up the Sea Emperor World at once!"

"We finally made it!" Zhou Bao yelled. The mission of rescuing the Child-endowing Buddha had gone quite smoothly. But in light of what was about to occur, Zhou Bao immediately left the Heaven Realm World to tip the Fate Creation Boy off about the possible plan the Celestial Mystery Emperor might carry out.

Unlike the carefree Zhou Bao and his lot, the Fate Creation Boy was the Fate Creator of the Heaven Realm World. His achievement and reputation all relied on the Heaven Realm World. Thus, when he first heard that the Celestial Mystery Emperor might detonate two Supreme Fairy Weapons in the Heaven Realm World, he pa.s.sed out on the spot. When he woke up, he lost control. If Zhou Bao and the Child-endowing Buddha had not dragged him back, he would have gone to the Celestial Mystery Emperor and put up a desperate fight.

"It's too late to get desperate!" Zhou Bao shouted, clutching the Fate Creation Boy with all his force. "I need to know if the Heaven Realm World will be destroyed if two macro worlds explode within it at the same time!"

"No, but it will go back to its original state!" The Fate Creation Boy answered through gritted teeth. "And there will be problems with the Golden Book of Fate. I'll lose control of it!"

"Isn't this what you want?! You're the device spirit of the Golden Book of Fate, so you're subject to its restrictions. If you lose control of the Golden Book of Fate, you can break free from its restrictions!"

"If that happens, I won't be the Fate Creator of the Heaven Realm World anymore. I'll just be a wandering ghost who can't use the power of the Heaven Realm World. I'll be no better off than an ordinary ghost!" The Fate Creation Boy said. He was in a panic.

"There is nothing wrong with being a wandering ghost!" Zhou Bao comforted him. "You can regard this as an opportunity to start over. With your knowledge and experience, I believe you'll recover everything you lost in no time!"

"Fine, stop consoling me. I don't have time for that!" After a while, the Fate Creation Boy regained his calm. Realizing the whole thing was already beyond retrieve, he cut off the connection between himself and the Golden Book of Fate. In that instant, his body became blurry. As he had predicted, when he lost control of the Golden Book of Fate, more than half of his power also left. He could no longer summon the winds and command the rain as he had before. However, when he discarded the power that he had relied on, he also liberated himself from the Heaven Realm World. If the Heaven Realm World was attacked and returned to its original state, his spirit and power would not be affected, nor would his future be subject to any negative impact.

But, was he really willing to swallow his anger and accept this?

"If they're going to detonate a macro world and let it go down in flames with the Devil Tribe's Supreme Fairy Weapon, judging by the character of the Celestial Mystery Emperor, he must intend to profit from this. The most likely thing he will do is refine another Supreme Fairy Weapon with the essential Dharma from the two Supreme Fairy Weapon's macro worlds!"

"That's our presumption, too. So, we are prepared for it!" Zhou Bao told the Fate Creation Boy honestly. Instantly he launched the Black Pearl. "Let's see if we can gain any benefit out of this opportunity!"

"You definitely can. Your Big Azure World is the perfect means to extract the essential Dharma of the two macro worlds from the explosion. And don't worry about their Supreme Fairy Weapon. The Celestial Mystery Emperor hasn't finished refining it, so you can even absorb their Supreme Fairy Weapon as well!"

"How do you know that?"

"Of course I know!" The Fate Creation Boy replied. "Since antiquity times, the Celestial Mystery Emperor has been refining the Divine Design Palace, a Supreme Fairy Weapon. But due to its complexity and his demanding att.i.tude, he hasn't fully finished. Now, I'm afraid he plans to perfect his Divine Design Palace with the essential Dharma from the two macro worlds!"

"Divine Design Palace? Is it very powerful?"

"The Divine Design Palace is formed purely from the Celestial Mystery Emperor's own power. It is not a fierce Supreme Fairy Weapon, but it is good at calculating. If he actually succeeds, he will be able to foresee everything in the world by calculation and deduction!"

"He's been refining it since antiquity times? Isn't that too long?"

"Do you really think everyone can obtain a fragment of the Ancient Sacred City as easily as you?" The Fate Creation Boy snapped.

"Yeah, yeah, not everyone has good luck like me!" At the sight of the Fate Creation Boy's sour face, Zhou Bao could only give a bitter smile. "Well, if the Divine Design Palace is not good at fighting, I suppose it can't beat my Black Pearl, right?"

"Your Black Pearl has the power and luck of the Ancient Sacred City, it is extremely mighty. Once the Divine Design Palace appears, you just need to send the Black Pearl out to crash into it. Crash that son of a b.i.t.c.h, then, everything will be fine!"

Seized by fury, the Fate Creation Boy could not help but swear, which was a little surprising to Zhou Bao.

But the Fate Creation Boy's suggestion was quite constructive. "Right, just crash into it. When an incomplete non-aggressive Supreme Fairy Weapon encounters the combative Black Pearl, it will certainly crumble!"

Just when they had decided their course of action, a puff of extremely horrible spirit floated in from afar. Everyone stopped talking and cast their eyes on the distant Heaven Realm World.

From afar, the Heaven Realm World resembled a golden crystal ball. It was very beautiful. Gazing at it from where they stood, the Heaven Realm World was the size of a football, a golden football. However, something was wrong with this golden football. A black hole had emerged on its originally glittering surface. At first, it was the size of a nail. But in just a few seconds, it had expanded and covered a third of its surface. Then, another black hole appeared. Several strong spirits which had permeated the Heaven Realm World suddenly disappeared.

Or maybe the power of these spirits had just weakened to the extent that it was almost the same as disappearing.

A spot of light suddenly appeared on the outskirts of the Heaven Realm World. It looked very mysterious.

"It's the Divine Design Palace!" Detecting its spirit, the Fate Creation Boy started grinding his teeth in anger. "Opportunity! Now there is an opportunity! He is going to absorb the essence of the two macro worlds. Quick, crash him!"

"Patience, patience! We cannot be reckless. I need to see it clearly!" Zhou Bao was eager to give the Divine Design Palace a fierce blow, but he knew he had to be patient.

Since the Celestial Mystery Emperor had made so many preparations in refining his Supreme Fairy Weapon from antiquity times to today, he must have attached great importance to it. Now, as the war was coming to its last stage, it was also the most crucial stage. There was no way he could be less than cautious. If he was, he had to be out of his mind. Accordingly, recklessly letting his Black Pearl collide with the fairy weapon could be very dangerous.

Zhou Bao did not act recklessly. Instead, he once again performed the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and snuck up to the fairy weapon.

"Surely there is something fishy!" When he arrived near the bright spot, Zhou Bao felt the mysterious spirit become thicker and thicker. The surrounding s.p.a.ce structure was also increasingly odd.

"This looks like a formation!" Seeing the odd and messy s.p.a.ce, Zhou Bao congratulated himself for his vigilance. If he had actually sent the Black Pearl out without thinking, his Black Pearl might have gotten stuck in this spatial swamp.

But even if it was stranded in the swamp, the powerful Black Pearl would still be able to force its way out and break this strange s.p.a.ce.

"No, I can't let the Black Pearl crash into the Supreme Fairy Weapon. Who knows how many traps are around it!" Zhou Bao narrowed his eyes and made up his mind. Instead of focusing on the Divine Design Palace, he slipped into the spatial swamp and let out the Black Pearl, ordering it to charge at the Heaven Realm World at full capacity.

"What's that?"

"A Supreme Fairy Weapon!"

"What Supreme Fairy Weapon is this? How did it get in? Why didn't we notice it?"

The appearance of the Black Pearl immediately drew the attention of the whole world. After all, a complete Supreme Fairy Weapon would always cause a sensation. Besides, Zhou Bao's Black Pearl was designed according to the aircraft carrier the Protoss in Starcraft. It was completely black and looked very luxurious.

"Now that the Divine Design Palace is prepared for outside attacks, I will leave it there. After all, it's more important to absorb the two macro worlds' essential Dharma!"