Paradise of Demonic Gods

Chapter 1039

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The entire stretch of blood sea dissipated, leaving behind only the blood dragon that was suppressed by the Royal Heavenly Great Palm Imprint. Large patches of fresh blood on its body kept on dissipating.

Blood Sea, who had taken on the form of the blood dragon, appeared to wear an unconvinced expression. He had unleashed the Great Dao Realm's authority to an extreme. Regardless of whether it was the atmosphere, rock layers, clouds, underground water... everything material within a range of 500 kilometers was being used to replenish the blood incessantly, turning into a part of the blood dragon's body.

All the gravitational forces, electromagnetic forces, and the strong and weak interaction forces erupted explosively at the same time. They all gushed into the blood dragon's body, allowing it to keep on going against the huge palm that came descending from the heavens.


Accompanied by a furious bellow, piercing white light burst out from the blood dragon's body like a myriad of nuclear missiles exploding simultaneously. The white light was then converted into pure brute force that went crashing out toward the huge palm.

Although Blood Sea did not understand the principles behind these and although he did not understand the theory behind power circulation...

He possessed the authority to control the world's powers. Under Blood Sea's strong commands, all of the powers in the world within a range of 500 kilometers erupted to an extreme.

As the blood dragon clashed intensely with the huge palm, many streams of currents scattered out from the point of collision, destroying everything around them like shock waves.

The ma.s.sive dragon body kept on twisting, struggling, and rolling on the ground under the huge palm's pressure.

As these happened, the earth's non-stop tremors were like a magnitude 10 earthquake. Many cracks, that were several tens kilometers long, were torn apart. Many valleys and ma.s.sifs were created. Hundreds of million tons of sand and dust that could drown the entire Divine Capital soared into the sky, and at the next moment, they were converted into many blood waves.

The atmosphere also turned into the most intense tempest as the two of them battled. Large areas of the surrounding trees, gra.s.s, and even many experts who were watching the battle were blown into the sky.

This exchange could really be said to be one that caused the heavens to collapse, the earth to crack, and the mountain and rivers to overturn. Other than the endless tempest, earthquakes, and explosions, the people outside the battlefield could no longer see the battle situation clearly.

At the center of the battlefield, a dragon's roars kept ringing out. The physical matter within a range of 500 kilometers kept on being converted, and a large amount of matter from the external world came gushing over due to the battlefield's vacuum state. The blood dragon's powers also kept on increasing at an unbelievable speed.


Each muscle and each scale seemed to send out an explosive power that could destroy an entire city. The blood dragon advanced forward, pushing back the Royal Heavenly Great Palm Imprint.

"I can't accept this!

"I've already attained the Great Dao Realm and have become one with the world. I'm a heaven-blessed cultivator that is favored by destiny!

"Fang Xuan! Who are you to be fighting against me?!"


Powers that surprised even Fang Xingjian erupted from Blood Sea's body. The blood dragon's physical body smashed into the atmosphere, causing the particles in the air to be crushed into a plasma state.

Just the heat energy converted from 0.001% of the kinetic energy from the collision had caused the entire battlefield to turn into barren land.

The atmosphere turned into plasma state and soared into the sky, smashing a hole that led all the way beyond the heavens.

Countless mountains and rivers were overturned, and the earth was torn apart. The powers from the duo's exchange created a ma.s.sive valley that had a width of over five to six kilometers and a length of over 300 kilometers.

Even the many subjects of the imperial court, who were situated in the Divine Capital, could sense the tremors coming from the land.

The Royal Heavenly Great Palm Imprint was crushed by this astonishing hit.


However, just as the blood dragon was roaring toward the sky and celebrating its victory...

Countless golden lights seemed to flicker in the air. Thousands or ten thousand Royal Heavenly Great Palm Imprints floated in void s.p.a.ce, emitting pressure that caused everyone's heart to palpitate.

Fang Xingjian looked at Blood Sea who was stunned midway in his roarings and said with indifference, "You cannot be unconvinced."

At the next moment, he pressed down his palm and the myriad of Royal Heavenly Great Palm Imprints came smashing down toward the blood dragon like many small asteroids.

In that instant, seething currents swept out in all directions, and the entire plain started to tremor. A golden light pillar soared into the sky, penetrating to the Gang Qi layer that was beyond the heavens.

Countless herdsmen were horrified when they sensed the frenzied tremors coming from the ground and the world-penetrating golden light in the distance. Thinking that the G.o.ds had become infuriated, all of the herdsmen dropped to their knees and kowtowed non-stop in Serene Mountain's direction.

A young lady lay in prostrate on the ground. Her face was covered in tears as she kept on kissing the cracking earth.

"G.o.d, please pardon our sins."

"Oh, mighty G.o.d! Please stop your divine punishment!"

All sorts of animals on the plains—including countless herds of sheep and cows, as well as packs of wolves—kept on releasing uneasy cries and fled in all directions to where they thought would be safe. There were groups of beasts that could be seen fleeing wildly.

With this one attack, the world changed. The many experts from the Demon Sect who were closest to the battlefield felt something even more intense.

They watched as areas of land kept soaring into the sky, the earth started to bulge up and the mountains started to sink, and large slabs of the continental crusts moved. The terrain underwent changes that would usually take several ten thousand years within several minutes.

The countenances of Heavenly Yaksha, White Asura, and the others were all very pale. It was a sign of awe and veneration toward a mighty force that was comparable to that of nature.

When everything settled down, the entire Serene Mountain and the land within a range of 500 kilometers had all become a gigantic crater.

The bottom of the crater was very smooth like someone had used a shovel on it.

This world-changing battle seemed like one that would be in legends.

At the next moment, a stream of light flashed past their eyes and Fang Xingjian once again appeared before them. There was something like a gla.s.s ball on his hand, and there was blood-red fog and a ma.s.sive eye floating within it. In the eye itself, there was a blood-colored vortex spinning incessantly.

The eye seemed to contain endless feelings of vengeance and hatred like it was cursing everything in the world.

It was Blood Sea, who had been sealed up by Fang Xingjian after getting defeated.

At the sight of this scene, there was no one present who did not know that Fang Xingjian had clinched the final victory. Everyone from the Illusory Emotions Path half-kneeled down and cheered.

"Long live Your Majesty!"

"Long live Your Majesty!"

Several hundred martial arts expert cheered concurrently. Their essential Qis connected together, forming a Qi field that caused the atmosphere to seethe as if the mountains were roaring and the seas were bellowing.

The countenances of the remaining people—including Heavenly Yaksha's group—froze up as they watched this scene awkwardly, not knowing what they should do.

Fang Xingjian's gaze swept across them as he ordered, "From today onward, Zhao Yinglan will dominate over the Demon Sect's seven paths and join the imperial court's Imperial Guards. An independent group will be formed. It will be called... the Heavenly Strategies Bureau."

After witnessing that world-shattering battle, who would still dare to resist against Fang Xingjian? Regardless of whether they were at the Tiangang Realm, Disha Realm, or Xiantian Realm, all of them lay down in prostrate, not daring to voice any objections.