Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 568

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Published at 7th of July 2019 10:25:07 AM Chapter 495: 495

He had pulled Mu Xiaoxiao into the shower stall and gotten her drenched .

What's more, the weather had become cooler lately . Could she have caught a cold?

Having caught a cold and eaten spicy food, it was no wonder that Xiaoxiao would end up in this state .

Yin Shaojie couldn't help but blame himself . If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have messed around with her .

He asked, “If she had caught a cold… and taken spicy food, should she take some other medicine?”

Hearing this, the female doctor stared at him as if she was blaming him . “Seriously… First, stop the pain . Then, bring her here tomorrow to let me examine her . If there are any problems, I'll then prescribe some Chinese medicine for her . ”

“Thank you, Doctor . ” Yin Shaojie took the medicine and was about to take it to the cashier to pay for it .

The female physician suddenly stopped him and said, “There is one more thing, and it is very important . ”

When he heard that it was something important, he quickly turned to look at her and said, “Please continue . ”

The female physician said bluntly, “When this thing comes for a girl, she must absolutely not bellies, you got it?”

Yin Shaojie was startled .… bellies?

He looked awkward and embarra.s.sed as he coughed . “I got it…”

Seeing that he was receptive to her instructions, the female physician nodded and said, “Before you do that thing usually, it is best that you take the appropriate measures . Seeing as you love your girlfriend very much, you should cherish her, you got it?”

Yin Shaojie replied awkwardly, “Alright . ”

The female doctor was willing to talk more to him because she could tell that he loved his girlfriend very much from how he was willing to come out and buy medicine for his girlfriend in the middle of the night .

“Also, whenever you do it, it's best to let her feel comfortable first . Don't just care about your own pleasure, do a lot of foreplay before entering; otherwise, the girl will feel uncomfortable . This kind of thing is only meaningful when both of you are pleasured at the same time . ”

Yin Shaojie was speechless .

He felt that if he didn't leave, the other party would continue to lecture him .

But… Cough! He also wanted to know more about this .

So he was hesitant . Should he leave or stay and continue to listen to her?

The female physician saw that he wasn't intending to leave, so she smiled and continued saying, “And after you're done, don't just fall asleep . You need to show some affection and be nicer to the one you love, and she will love you more for it . Okay then, you should go and pay for the items . Your girlfriend is waiting for you to go back . ”

Yin Shaojie was no longer awkward like he was before, and he nodded and said, “Okay, thank you . ”

When he was about to go, he suddenly paused, turned back again, and said to the female physician, “She's not my girlfriend . She's my wife . ”

At the apartment .

Mu Xiaoxiao covered the hot towel over her stomach and seemed to be feeling much better, but she would still feel an intermittent pulsing pain from that area .

Alone in the middle of the night, she felt especially lonely .

Every second and every minute felt unbearable .

Though it was clear that Shaojie hadn't left for a very long time, Mu Xiaoxiao still felt that it had been quite a while .

She finally understood what it meant when they said 'time crawls when one is wretched . '

The hot towel slowly cooled down . Mu Xiaoxiao then picked it up and put it on the nightstand, and she just happened to see her phone on the nightstand .

Why not make a call and ask him when he would return?

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that she didn't want any medicine anymore, wanting only for Yin Shaojie to come back to her .

Picking up her phone and checking the time, she then realized that it was already past three in the morning .

Her finger pressed open the messages page as if it had a mind of its own .

Mu Xiaoxiao stared blankly .

The one thousand text messages that she had previously forgotten…

She still hadn't seen them yet!