Rebirth Of A Supermodel

Chapter 29

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Chapter 45

The bright lights shone from the ceiling of the training room, lighting up the entire room. The door was slowly pushed open, the 'squeak' sound resonating in everyone's heart, causing them to feel cold.

The moment that the handsome and tall man appeared in front of the door, don't talk about Brother Yuan, A'Zhao and the others. Even Zeng Shu couldn't help halting in his tracks, his eyes widening with horror.

There was once a master who evaluated Xi Ze's fashion show: "If you say that he is a giant, then he is a giant standing at the peak of all supermodels. If he is a king, he is the leader who guides the world's supermodels. When he appears on the T stage, you can't help but feel insignificant. The combination of him and the clothes lights up the world."

In most cases, models wouldn't show their aura outside of the catwalk. For example, Cheng Su and Wu Yuzhen had handsome faces, but when you saw them, you would only think 'This person is a celebrity,' not 'This person is a model.'

However, some people were doomed to be the exceptions. It was He Chaoman among the female models, and Xi Ze and Ming Yu among the male models.

In fact, Xi Ze didn't have to do too much. He just stood there and looked down. To Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi, his image was already big enough.

Xi Ze stepped into the training room. The door closed behind him with a 'click', as if his presence was being locked into everyone's hearts. This caused Old Chen to directly shake for a moment.

They might be newcomers with potential that Muse was developing, but how could they see Xi Ze in person?

It was too hard.

Xi Ze entered the room without releasing the hand holding Ming Yu. He glanced around indifferently before stopping one metre in front of Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi. Then he raised an eyebrow with surprise and asked in a flat tone, "Zeng Shu?"

The tone of this question made the other person feel even short, as if he was asking 'Are you Zeng Shu?'

But Zeng Shu wasn't so easy to shake and his temper wasn't easily provoked. In front of Xi Ze, he just smiled lightly and adjusted his before nodded slightly. "Long time no see, Mr. Xi. Aren't you busy with the Ji and Ya fashion show that is taking place early next year?"

As previously mentioned, Xi Ze's ident.i.ty in Muse was complex.

His studio was in Muse and he could be regarded as a Muse model. He was also a major shareholder in Muse and regarded as one of the most important members of the company's decision making. But he was the chief designer of the world's top luxury brand, Ji and Ya, which had no cooperation with Muse and they couldn't be linked together.

Under such circ.u.mstances, many people in the company simply call him 'Mr. Xi' instead of giving him other special t.i.tles.

Xi Ze lightly nodded at Zeng Shu's words and replied casually, "Yes, I am busy."

Zeng Shu couldn't help frowning at the simple answer. His lips slightly pouted, but he didn't say anything. After a moment, Zeng Shu nodded to Ming Yu and politely said, "Excuse me, I will leave first with my model. He has a trip tomorrow, so I have to familiarize him with the details today."

Zeng Shu started walking with Lu Zhenxi following behind him in a trance.

Zeng Shu had nearly left when Xi Ze had a question. Xi Ze looked down at Zeng Shu and asked, "Didn't you invite Ming Yu to dinner tonight as an apology?"

Zeng Shu's eyes widened and in a place where other people couldn't see, his fingernails tightly embedded into the palm of his hands.

After a while, he smiled and looked up. "Mr. Xi, I invited Ming Yu for a meal, but I'm afraid Lu Zhenxi really can't attend." Zeng Shu paused and added, "Please don't get me wrong. The situation isn't what you are imagining."

Xi Ze's solemn face unexpectedly showed an indifferent smile at these words. The smile was without a trace of temperature, a cold ice-like indifference. He glanced at Lu Zhenxi and calmly spoke. "Didn't this person bully Ming Yu and asked him to dinner to apologize for his crime?"

The training room suddenly feel silent. n.o.body dared to even gasp.

Only Ming Yu looked up into the eyes of the man still holding him. He could understand the other person's intentions.


This word was too serious.

Before this, Brother Yuan only dared to explain what happened between Ming Yu and Lu Zhenxi as a small conflict. He didn't dare say that one side bullied the other.

A big company like Muse could fall into chaos without any basic rules. In this regard, the most common thing was bullying and pressuring newcomers.

You say that Ming Xiaoyu isn't a newcomer and Lu Zhenxi barely just debuted? This was nothing in G.o.d Xi's eyes. If he said it was bullying then it was bullying.

Xi Ze fell silent after saying these words. He indifferently looked down at Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi.

Zeng Shu's face paled. He didn't dare deny Xi Ze's words, but if he agreed, he was admitting that Lu Zhenxi bullied Ming Yu.

This situation where he had to suffer in silence, it was a really bitter feeling. Zeng Shu gritted his teeth, causing blood to flow down to the stomach.

Finally, Zeng Shu sighed as he gave up his own dignity forLu Zhenxi's interests. Rather than looking at Xi Ze, he glanced towards the boy standing behind Xi Ze and who was protected by the man. He spoke in a sincere tone, "I'm sorry Ming Yu. I didn't discipline my model, so please forgive me. Tomorrow I will personally bring him to apologize to you, as well as buy dinner for you and everyone else.”

Lu Zhenxi heard his agent say such unexpected words and wanted to open his mouth to refuse. However, he had just opened his mouth when Xi Ze stared at him. This cold indifference gave off a death-like suffocating feeling. Lu Zhenxi shook and couldn't say anything.

Zeng Shu had lowered his att.i.tude and given a sincere apology. Thus, Ming Yu smiled lightly and replied, "Brother Zeng, you don't have to. It really isn't a big deal. Xi Ze's words are a bit exaggerated."

Zeng Shu shook his head in response. He once again confirmed to Ming Yu that he would bring Lu Zhenxi to apologize tomorrow, before planning to leave again. However, Xi Ze sighed softly just as Zeng Shu reached the door.

Zeng Shu paused while grabbing the door handle.

Xi Ze gently sighed and asked, "Zeng Shu, where did you travel a few days ago?"

After a moment of silence, Zeng Shu replied, "I went to the United Kingdom and won an international second-tier global endors.e.m.e.nt. I just returned this afternoon."

Everyone was shocked when hearing Zeng Shu's words.

Wouldn't this be regarded as Zeng Shu's secret?

Xi Ze asked a casual question and Zeng Shu didn't hide anything?

A glimmer of appreciation flashed in the man's dark eyes. Xi Ze didn't look at Zeng Shu, turning towards the youth man beside him. Then he calmly said, "Many things have developed rapidly, and there is much you should know. Zeng Shu, you should find out what happened in the company over the last few days."

There was a brief moment of silence. Then Zeng Shu respectfully replied, "Good, Mr. Xi." He pushed open the door to leave with Lu Zhenxi. But before leaving, he bowed to Xi Ze and said, "We will be going first, Mr. Xi."

As the door clicked shut again, Ming Yu closed his eyes and sighed in his heart.

Compared to Zhao Rui, Zeng Shu was an extremely tough agent. In a sense, he was also a good agent.

He tried his best to safeguard his models and when it came to a choice between his dignity and Lu Zhenxi's interests, he chose the latter.

But this trait of Zeng Shu was precisely his drawback. He defended his models, but he didn't teach his models how to deal with others. Lu Zhenxi's cleverness might deceive the majority of people, but to Ming Yu, it was just like a child's game.

Since Zeng Shu had to maintain his model's rights, he suppressed others. Then this was already a mistake.

The beautiful youth shook his head, feeling pity for this capable but not smart agent.

Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi left, while Brother Yuan, A'Zhao and the others didn't quite understand the situation to the end. b.u.t.t here were one thing that they knew: Xi Ze was standing before them right now!

A'Xue was a diehard Xi Ze fan. She entered the company six months ago, but this was her first time seeing the G.o.d in person. The already excited A'Xue hurriedly grabbed a pen and paper to get Xi Ze's signature, then waited with an excited face.

Xi Ze handed them back to the girl and smiled. "Today, I heard that Ming Yu was here. I have something to say to him, so I came over. Tonight's dinner is my treat. You can go to Ruoshang Hall for a free meal. But Ming Yu… I have to take him away."

The deathly loyal A'Xue raised her hands. "Good good, anything you say is good!"

…This excited appearance, it seemed to be saying: 'Ming Xiaoyu, do you need me to help you pack anything?'

Xi Ze smiled and turned away with Ming Yu.

The two people left the training room. Then Ming Yu stopped and raised his left hand. "Aren't you going to let go?"

The man heard this and looked like he was waking up from a dream. His eyebrows raised with surprise and he said, "I unexpectedly forgot." Xi Ze gently released Ming Yu's wrist.

The youth stretched his muscles and the two people talked while walking towards the elevator.

The evening clouds were magnificent, bathing the figure of the two in a dream-like cherry red light. As they walked through the gla.s.s corridor, a cool breeze blew from a gap in the windows, causing the youth's hair to become chaotic.

Ming Yu tucked his hair behind his ear and smiled lightly. "Xi Ze, I didn't think I would see you again so soon." He paused and asked, "I have been listening to Sister Wei. Aren't you busy lately with Ji and Ya? Don't you have to prepare for next year's fashion show?"

Chapter 46

As the world's top luxury brand, Ji and Ya had four seasonal fashion shows every year.

They would start their spring 2017 fashion show early next year, so the designers and senior tailors were busiest at the end of the previous year and the beginning of the next year.

Every high value clothing was worth a lot of money and the designers were extremely picky about the choice of fabric. Even the gem embellishments were harsh to the point of millimetres. There were only 15 brands in the world that could hold a high-end fashion show, and Ji and Ya represented the highest standards in Huaxia.

This morning, Zhou Wei Zhuo mentioned that Xi Ze was very busy recently and he rarely came to Muse. Ming Yu didn't think that after hearing this, he would unexpectedly meet this man in the Muse building.

Xi Ze's left hand was inserted in his coat pockets. He smiled at the youth's words and said, "I found time to come over. I have a responsible a.s.sistant and Ding Bo is taking care of things, so there isn't a big problem."

Ming Yu gently nodded. "Ah, you came to the company to deal with something?"

His voice fell and Ming Yu looked up at the man. Ming Yu didn't want to admit it, but the height difference of nearly 10cm meant he had to look up. Meanwhile, Xi Ze's eyes slightly drooped as he looked down at the youth.

The two people stared at each other and then Ming Yu laughed. "It looks like you came to find me?” He thought carefully for a moment before asking, "It is impossible that you are looking at me for high-fashion things. Why did you come to me?"

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at the youth's rational a.n.a.lysis. "Why can't it be high-fashion things?"

Ming Yu waved his hands and explained. "I heard from Sister Wei that Ji and Ya is doing womenswear during this period. Do you still want to get inspiration from me about womenswear?"

Xi Ze's narrowed eyes slowly widened at the words. It was like he was seeing a new world as he looked into the youth's eyes.

Ming Yu suddenly felt a chill that went from his brain to his feet. His mouth slightly twitched as he cried out, "I was joking! Don't take it seriously. You can't…get any inspiration from me about womenswear! You wouldn't find it anyway!"

The dark eyes flashed as Xi Ze gave a rare smile and meaningfully said, "It is hard to say…"

Ming Yu, "(/=_=)/~┴┴!!!"

This joke wasn't funny!!!

They took a few steps and soon arrived in front of the elevator. Ming Yu would naturally go up to his own lounge where Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were waiting for him. He stopped in front of the elevator when he suddenly thought of something. "Yes, today you deprived me of a meal. Therefore, shouldn't you invite me?"

Xi Ze, "…?"

The youth smiled slyly. "Zeng Shu invited me to eat, and later you said you would buy a meal for Brother Yuan. But I can't go back and join their dinner. Then don't you owe me a meal?"

The teenager didn't hide his pride as he sent Xi Ze a provocative look.

Ming Yu seldom revealed such an expression. Perhaps it was because today, this man kindly helped him and ensured that he wasn't bullied. He was in a good mood, so he decided to show a bit of his nature.

Xi Ze chuckled at these words and asked, "Then today, apart from buying those four people a dinner, I have to invite a friend for a meal. And finally… I have an invitation."

Ming Yu was startled. He had been planning to press the elevator b.u.t.ton when his hand froze in the air. He turned to Xi Ze with amazement and asked, "Did you come to give me an invitation?"

Xi Ze nodded, "Yes, I came to give you an invitation."

As Xi Ze spoke, he pulled two thin cards from his coat pocket and casually handed them to Ming Yu. His movements were careless, but Ming Yu solemnly accepted the two invitations and carefully observed them.

They were two palm-sized silver envelopes. It was thin and seemed to have no sense of quality, but when it was rubbed with the fingers, it was smooth and felt thick like a metal.

The invitation had a silver background with cold red lines over it. 'Ji and Ya' was written beautifully, red strokes on a silvery background. It was similar to steel vines climbing upwards.

The logo of 'Ji and Ya' printed on the outside seemed simple and, but it was sufficiently attractive.

Ming Yu stared for so long that Xi Ze thought he mistook the envelopes for the invitation. Thus, he explained, "There are invitations inside. I wrote your name on one of them. You can give the second one to whoever you like."

He really came to give Ming Yu this gift, so Ming Yu said gratefully, "It is really hard for you to deliberately take this trip."

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. "Isn't it really hard?"

Ming Yu, "So?"

The thin lips slightly curved as Xi Ze said with a sigh, "Well, I will count today's labour as the dinner I owe you."

Ming Yu: #$#!#%!#%!#%!"

Ming Yu didn't ask Xi Ze to treat him to a meal because Xi Ze really was very busy. They had both just walked into the elevator when Ding Bo called. Thus, Xi Ze chose to send Ming Yu upstairs before going down again.

But Ming Yu didn't accept this suggestion, directly pressing the b.u.t.ton for the B2 level. Xi Ze looked on with surprise as the elevated arrived on the B2 floor. He entered the parking lot and left immediately.

Before leaving, Xi Ze pressed something on Ming Yu's phone and said, "Ming Yu, I am busy recently. Feel free to contact me." Then he rushed away.

Ming Yu narrowed his eyes and thoughtfully looked at that upright figure that slowly disappeared into the dimly lit parking lot for a long time. Then once the elevator doors automatically closed, he looked at his own reflection in the metal elevator doors and sighed.

The sudden appearance of Xi Ze was a really big surprise.

He didn't know why, but when his wrist was suddenly grabbed by the other person, he felt a sudden peace of mind.

"Is it the timely a.s.sistance? Helping a person in need?"

He wanted to ignore the warmth filling his heart, but it was hard.

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were waiting for Ming Yu in his lounge, and also had plans to go downstairs to the training department to find him. They didn't know what happened today and decided to wait for the normal time when would end. Thus, they were both surprised when Ming Yu suddenly appeared at the door of the lounge.

Zhao Rui reacted first. "The course finished early?"

Luo Ru couldn't help asking, "What happened?"

Ming Yu explained a little bit about what happened today. His tone was calm, without any bias, but Zhao Rui gritted his teeth and even Luo Ru involuntarily frowned.

Once he heard that 'Zeng Shu took Lu Zhenxi away,' Zhao Rui finally couldn't help exclaiming, "Isn't Zeng Shu too much? No matter what, we are both still agents of the same company. Why is he always aiming at me? I heard that the reason why Cheng Su wanted to change agents and also succeeded was due to Zeng Shu's mischief."

Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu apologetically. "I'm sorry Ming Yu. Zeng Shu did this because of me, it is my responsibility."

Ming Yu shook his head. "He was only defending his model." Ming Yu paused before continuing. "But then… Xi Ze came."

Luo Ru and Zhao Rui, "(⊙口⊙)!!!"

Next, Ming Yu explained that Xi Ze helped settle things and also mentioned that Zeng Shu would come here tomorrow with Lu Zhenxi to apologize. Zhao Rui instantly forgot about 'Xi Ze coming to find you specifically' and cried out, "Good! I will wait for that Zeng Shu tomorrow! I'd like to see what he has to say!"

Ming Yu, "…Brother Zhao, you might want to avoid seeing him tomorrow."

Zhao Rui, "…Ah?"

Ming Yu looked at Zhao Rui with sincere eyes and solemnly said, "I don't want to make this matter bigger."

The implication was: Zeng Shu might go crazy if he sees you. And if you see Zeng Shu…'
This image was too extreme. He wanted to stop it from happening.

Zhao Rui, "…Hmph!"

As Ming Yu, when they arrived at the Muse building the next morning, they saw Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi in front of the lounge, like they had been waiting for a long time.

Zhao Rui snorted and temporarily went into the toilet to avoid facing Zeng Shu.  Then Ming Yu and Luo Ru walked forward together to accept Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi's apology.

Before leaving, Zeng Shu's eyes stayed on Luo Ru for a long time before he asked Ming Yu, "I haven't seen Zhao Rui. He didn't come to the company today?"

Ming Yu was slightly surprised while Luo Ru calmly replied, "Brother Zhao is a little late today. He is stuck in a traffic jam."

Zeng Shu nodded, seemingly believing Luo Ru's words. Just as he was walking past Ming Yu, he stopped and whispered something in Ming Yu's ear. Then! Ming Yu's eyes widened with shock and he turned his head, watching Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi leave.

Zhao Rui, who had been waiting to the side for a long time, finally entered the lounge and hurriedly asked, "Xiaoyu, what did that Zeng Shu kid whisper to you? I saw it! Is he talking bad about me again?"

Luo Ru also looked at Ming Yu curiously. The young man's lips helplessly curved and he nodded. "Yes, Zeng Shu told me one thing."

Zhao Rui's eyes immediately lit up. He gnashed his teeth together and asked, "What?"

Ming Yu looked at Zhao Rui's face for a long time, then his eyes slowly lowered until they stopped at Zhao Rui's lower body. He shook his head and reluctantly spoke. "Zeng Shu said: Zhao Rui is too sloppy. He didn't even hide well. You can tell him that his fly… is open."

"!!!!" Luo Ru immediately turned and covered her eyes.

Zhao Rui hurriedly pulled up his zipper while exclaiming indignantly, "Zeng Shu! You and I are irrevocably opposed!"

Chapter 47

On that day, Zeng Shu brought Lu Zhenxi to apologize and invite him to dinner. After that, Ming Yu never saw Lu Zhenxi. It was said that he was partic.i.p.ating in a small foreign fashion show and wasn't in the capital.

The seven day break, Ming Yu didn't completely spend it in the training cla.s.s. The first five days, he was very diligent in cla.s.s, hoping to gain the theoretical knowledge and practice to improve himself.  However…

Things didn't go as he wished.

Before seeing Ming Yu, Yuan Qingsheng (Brother Yuan) never though there would be someone with such bad acting in the world!

Confucius once said that rotten wood couldn't be carved. Yuan Qingsheng always believed that although rotten wood couldn't be carved, but couldn't it be turned into a small decoration?

However, if people talked about rotten wood then Xiaoyu was the dregs!

The script on the first day was already very simple. Ming Yu failed to show very much and Brother Yuan could understand it. After all, Lu Zhenxi didn't rehea.r.s.e with Ming Yu and Ming Yu didn't have acting experience. At least…Ming Yu got the lines right!

—In order to find something positive to say, half of Brother Yuan's brain cells died.

But the next day, Brother Yuan continued with a simple script for everyone to perform. Ming Yu's performance with A'Zhao, it made Brother Yuan… this was too crazy!

Good grief, how could he perform in such a murderous way! An expression of joy made them feel like crying!

Where was the acting?

The thing that everyone found fault with?

—Look, what was the difference between the performance and the emotions described in the script?

—Oh, everything is different except for the lines?

—Congratulations, you got it!

Brother Yuan: Who would want to answer this type of thing! (╬▔皿▔)!

Ming Yu's acting really didn't have any hope. That afternoon, Brother Yu gave Ming Yu special treatment and gave a careful explanation for Ming Yu's performances in the past two days.

He tried to explain 'what is acting' in his own way and Ming Xiaoyu listened carefully. Upon seeing this, Brother Yuan thought, 'Since your acting is bad, let's start from scratch! First, you have to understand that acting is different from the catwalk. You want to perform the emotions of others, using a variety of lines, expressions and tricks to show the emotional state.'

Ming Xiaoyu listened carefully and recorded all the main points in a small notebook. Brother Yuan saw this and nodded with satisfaction. Then he took a look at the writing and… almost fainted!

What was this word?

What exactly was the word?

It was a dog-like font! I'm not asking you to write like a G.o.d or dragon, can't you at least write block letters!

Brother Yuan looked sympathetically at Ming Xiaoyu's notes, then he looked at the exquisite face and the dog-like writing. In the end, Brother Yuan sighed and secretly thought, 'Forget it, it is good that he is writing things down. Ming Xiaoyu is really serious about studying, he will improve!’

However, the next day, Brother Yuan was mercilessly smashed by his naive thoughts…

In order to take care of Ming Xiaoyu's acting, Brother Yuan deliberately took out the simplest (Brother Yuan thought so) and let everyone try acting it. He didn't draw lots, directly arranging for Ming Yu and A'Xue to act together.

A'Xue was a girl, wouldn't a man and woman work well together?

Then he let A'Zhao and Old Chen demonstrate first. Surely Ming Yu would learn something from it? Brother Yuan believed that Ming Xiaoyu could at least imitate it. If he showed even a little bit of A'Zhao's performance from the imitation then Brother Yuan would believe that there was true love in the world.

However, if Ming Xiaoyu allowed Brother Yuan to so easily believe in love, he wouldn't be called Ming Xiaoyu. ╮(╯_╰)╭
After the performance was over, A'Xue, A'Zhao and Old Chen's expressions were like this: "…"

And Brother Yuan was the scariest. He was directly like this: "o(*≧▽≦)ツ"

Don't doubt it, it really was  "o(*≧▽≦)ツ".
Anyways… this mood was like drinking a medicinal soup before the final party.

Of course, there was a storm of emotions in Brother Yuan and he felt like collapsing. He quickly formulated a series of strategies and decided to specifically teach Ming Yu separately.

After all, the director had cautioned him to take care of Ming Yu, so Brother Yuan would naturally take good care of him. It definitely wasn't possible to be the best actor. He might not have normal acting skills, but if he was going to be just a pretty vase, he would be the best pretty face!

With this mentality, Brother Yuan painstakingly prepared thick learning materials for Ming Yu. The reference books including 'An Actor's Self-Learning', 'Film and Television Performance Language Skills', 'Psychology of a Performance' and so on.

At the beginning of the separate training, Brother Yuan was still confident. However, as time pa.s.sed, this ambition helplessly collapsed.

On the fifth day, Brother Yuan handed Ming Yu a large number of books and CDs and sighed. "Ming Xiaoyu, I think I have nothing to teach you."

Ming Yu was dazed by the words and blankly looked at the pale Brother Yuan.

'There is nothing I can teach you anymore.'

These words usually appeared in two scenarios: First, the teacher couldn't teach the student because the student had gone beyond the teacher's level. Secondly, the teacher had no idea how to teach the student. The student was too helpless.

Ming Yu knew that it was absolutely impossible to be the first scenario so…

It was the second one.

Brother Yuan gave a long sigh and continued, "Last night, I organized some notes and reference books for you. I also think it is worth learning from cla.s.sic acting clips. I've copied them onto a CD for you, so you can always watch them and learn."

After saying this, Brother Yuan paused and looked at the lonely and silent boy in front of him. Then he suddenly laughed. "In fact, after teaching you these past few times, I can probably guess why you can't act."

Ming Yu looked at Brother Yuan with startled eyes.

Brother Yuan smiled and explained, "It is because you can't act as other people. When you are acting, you really do try to figure out the other person's psychology and study what they would do. However, you forget to bring the person into yourself. You are a bystander and use the most objective point of view to observe the behaviour of the character. You don't let yourself become the character. In fact, you aren't bad. Models don't have to enter the entertainment industry. You can occasionally guest in some TV series and movies. But to break through this barrier, Ming Yu, you can only rely on yourself."

Ming Xiaoyu might be confident, but not to the point of blindness. He also knew that his acting was bad. Yet Brother Yuan still helped him organize notes and CDs, Ming Yu was really grateful.

Thus, on the fifth day of the training course, Ming Yu packed up his things and decided to leave.

Before leaving, he solemnly looked at Brother Yuan. He thought about the notes organized for him and spoke words of thanks. "Brother Yuan, these days I've really learned a lot. I also got to meet everyone. I am very happy to meet all these friends, regardless of my future acting abilities. I am very thankful that you let me have a happy break."

That evening, Ming Yu invited Brother Yuan and the others to dinner. Of course, it was impossible to pick a place like Ruoshang Hall. But Ming Yu took them to one of his favourite resturants.

The five days of friendship between the students and teacher, the students were also touched by Ming Yu. All of them ate a lot.

Ming Yu wanted to have a good rest for the last two days of his break, but a message from Zhao Rui made him come to life again.

"How could that Cheng Su win the global endors.e.m.e.nt for 'Rayleigh Cano?' It is impossible! He might be a popular domestic first-tier model, but this is a global endors.e.m.e.nt! Rayleigh Cano is also a famous second-tier brand. How can that kid Cheng Su endorse it?"

Yes, this morning, Cheng Su's Muse website released this news: Cheng Su has been hired as the global spokesperson for the second-tier British luxury brand 'Rayleigh Cano.'

Shortly after the announcement, various media in the country also published their relevant articles. After a while, the global newspapers like Global Times and the Sun also published the relevant information. This proved that Cheng Su had actually become the spokesperson for Rayleigh Cano.

Rayleigh Cano was an internationally renowned luxury brand, regarded as second-tier. In previous years, its global spokesperson were famous celebrities or top supermodels. The previous year's Eston was the world' 87th ranked male supermodel, and before that, it was Ono Yuichi, a famous celebrity.

This was the first time that Rayleigh Cano invited a first-tier male model as its global spokesperson!

After learning the news, Zhao Rui was very angry but he gradually started to realize his incompetence. The fact that Cheng Su won this endors.e.m.e.nt meant that the brand recognized his strength. Even if Zeng Shu used tricks, it would be hard without a brick foundation.

Under Zhao Rui, Cheng Su was just a popular male model. His best endors.e.m.e.nt was just a second-tier brand and it was in the separate field of watches.

Zhao Rui once again started reflecting. However, Ming Yu just smiled meaningfully at the words. He remembered that Zeng Shu said he just returned to Huaxia after winning a big second-tier endors.e.m.e.nt overseas.

So… this was it?

A long-lost fighting spirit filled his chest. After reading the last wrods of the announcement, Ming Yu put down the table PC and turned to the still thinking Zhao Rui. He asked, "Brother Zhao, has tomorrow's itinerary been arranged?"

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were surprised for a moment at hte words.

After a long while, Zhao Rui suddenly remembered, "Yes! Tomorrow, we have arranged for contact with people from 'Nidelan' to prepare a set of posters, a series of photos and some large publicity photos. As for the film and television advertis.e.m.e.nts, they are still being prepared and the time isn't set yet!"

Zhao Rui became more emboldened.

In his eyes, the youth had a mature and confident smile on his face.

Cheng Su was walking fast?

Ming Yu would be faster than this man!

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