Rebirth Of A Supermodel

Chapter 41

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Chapter 69

When Cheng Su arrived on the island by speedboat from a nearby airport, Ming Yu had just walked out of the elevator and the two people met in an unprepared manner in the hotel lobby.

Ming Yu didn't show any reaction while Cheng Su frowned.

He naturally didn't think that Ming Yu had followed him to the island, or that Ming Yu had another schedule here. There was only one reason why Ming Yu would be here, making Cheng Su scan him with complicated eyes.

But Ming Xiaoyu was generous to people. He looked a little surprised before politely nodding.

On the other side, Cheng Su looked at Ming Yu with a strange expression for a long time. In the end, he exposed his heart as he nodded with an unwilling expression.

Cheng Su headed to the front desk of the hotel to check in, while Ming Yu and Liu Qian left the hotel with an interpreter. Liu Qian had gone downstairs late and didn't see Cheng Su. The two people strolled around the small shops in the surrounding area. Once they returned to the hotel, they see Du Ruo registering at the front desk.

How could any person not recognize Du Ruo?

She was bending over the front desk, showing her charming back. Liu Qian shouted excitedly, "It turned out to be Du Ruo!" "It is Du Ruo!"

Then they were recognized by the other party. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Ming Yu never thought that Liu Qian was actually a Du Ruo fan. After shouting again, he bowed and politely greeted Du Ruo. Du Ruo was surprised to see Ming Yu and pulled down her The beauty smiled and looked at Ming Xiaoyu for a long time.

A beautiful woman looking at you with such a profound gaze, who wouldn’t be affected, apart from Ming Xiaoyu?

The three people entered the elevator. Liu Qian showed the rare performance of a true fan. He wanted to talk to Du Ruo but didn't dare speak. Thus, he kept poking Ming Yu's arm, forcing Ming Yu to get a signature for him from Du Ruo.

The three people separated, but Ming Yu still hadn't figured out what Du Ruo's look meant.

Until late at night!

Ming Xiaoyu was sleeping soundly when he felt a feather gently tickling his face!

Don’t mention how annoying it is!

It was like when you were tired enough to faint, only to have a husky keep licking your face!

It was very annoying!

A good-tempered person like Ming Xiaoyu was awakened like this. But the moment he opened his eyes, he instantly understood what was happening and adjusted his expression with lightning speed. He stared blankly at the person sitting on his bed… Du Ruo.

Yes, it was Du Ruo!!

Ming Xiaoyu who was controlling his face, "…"

…A beautiful woman like this, lying on a man's bed in the middle of the night was a really big problem!!

Ming Yu wasn't able to let out his disbelieving expression. He hadn't expected that the show would be mad enough to let a woman wake him up!

What if he had a habit of sleeping X? What if he was seriously upset when he woke up? What if he had terrible sleepwalking… well, this was too exaggerated. However, wasn't it too much to let Du Ruo come and wake up him?

Du Ruo was very calm as she looked at Du Ruo. The face without makeup couldn't hide this woman's beauty. Du Ruo smiled and said, "Last night, I received notice from the program organizers to wake you up this morning. Ming Xiaoyu, you completed the 'ultimate wakeup mission' in 10 seconds! I have no way to punish you. Now you can draw lots, choose who to harra.s.s…I mean, choose who to wake up."

That's why you looked like that last night!!

Eh, wait a minute… did you say harra.s.s? You just said hara.s.s right?

Ming Xiaoyu, "…?_?"

The recording of the first day was 'If I am hara.s.sed, I have to hara.s.s back!' 'Ah, the hara.s.sment failed. You have to complete my glorious fate.' 'I was hara.s.sed, I should redouble my efforts' and so on.

The so-called reality show must also have a script, but the organizers meticulously concealed this morning's hara.s.sment session. They wanted to capture the guests' natural reaction.

They weren't let down. The eight people showed various reactions, besides Ming Xiaoyu's normal waking up and blinking at the camera. Liu Qian directly threw a pillow in anger and various other reactions emerged. The program excitedly recorded all of this.

Later, when the lottery was drawn, the organizers seemed to specifically arrange Du Ruo and Ming Yu into the same group. It seemed like they were interested in making the 'Wake up CP' in order to increase the ratings of the show.

Ming Yu was well-informed in this regard, and Du Ruo also understood the meaning of the organizers.

Thus, in the next few challenges, Ming Yu was responsible for protecting Du Ruo, creating some pink scenes.

Ming Yu might be four or five years younger than Du Ruo, but his elegant demeanor wasn't diminished because of his age. Therefore, even if she knew it was acting, Du Ruo could't help having a better att.i.tude towards Ming Yu.

As long as Ming Xiaoyu wanted a person to like him, it could be said that the person would have a good impression of him within half a day.

This type of goodwill wasn't 'like' in the sense of a crush. It was similar to 'this person has a good temper, 'a good-looking person with a good nature' type of impression.

If Zhao Rui saw Ming Yu and Du Ruo laughing together like this, he was bound to say "Where did you get such superb skills with women?"

But if someone was happy, then someone else would naturally be angry.

When the lots were drawn, Cheng Su was partnered up with a fixed guest on the show. This guest was a very good person and it was actually arranged for Cheng Su. He intended to make this group have more jokes, making them the highlight of the program.

But who knew that Cheng Su didn't have a single bit of humour in him?

For example, when the fixed guest made a joke, Cheng Su would remain silent for a long time before dryly saying, "There was such a thing?" The fixed guest couldn't help wondering if Cheng Su really came to partic.i.p.ate on the show.

The sharp contrast between the four groups made Cheng Su, who was supposed to produce colour, look very bleak. Meanwhile Ming Yu and Du Ruo played up the 'Wake Up CP', showing a terrible tacit understanding.

In the first round, Du Ruo was first and Ming Yu fourth. The second round, Duo Ru was first and Ming Yu third. In the third round, Du Ruo was second and Ming Yu fifth. Do you know why Du Ruo could second place and not first?

It was because this round was entirely up to Du Ruo and Ming Xiaoyu could only stand there and wait.

Otherwise, with the level of Ming Xiaoyu's game playing abilities, don't mention the first three rounds. In all 10 rounds, he could make his own team member be first!

In the end, it became a daily routine of the CP show.

The excellent fixed guest didn't deliberately throw jokes at Cheng Su. Instead, he often communicated with Ming Yu.

For a time, Ming Yu was radiant. Once the first day's filming schedule was over, all the guests except for Cheng Su were familiar with Ming Yu. They even affectionately called him 'Ming Xiaoyu.'

Cheng Su wasn't stupid and narrow-minded enough to do a cold war with Ming Yu. The two people had a moderate relationship while shooting, without much communication. But when they had dinner that night, Du Ruo found it abnormal. She smiled and found Ming Yu sitting in a corner of the restaurant.

"Is anybody sitting here?"

Ming Yu smiled calmly, "Sister Du, you are still acting polite with me?"

The two people nodded in agreement and Du Ruo sat down with her dinner plate. However, her first sentence when sitting down was, "Ming Xiaoyu, don't misunderstand. Our CP today was just for the program."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…?"

Du Ruo spoke with a solemn face, "You must not take it seriously!"


After a moment's silence, Ming Yu asked, "Sister Du, why do you think I am taking it seriously?"

Du Ruo was reminded that Ming Yu wouldn't take it seriously and smiled. "Yes, it isn't serious. If we make this pink combination, both of us will be more watchable. It will be good for us after the program, so I didn't disagree. But Ming Xiaoyu, you have to tell Xi Ze this clearly. I don't want him to misunderstand."

Ming Yu asked, "What relationship does Xi Ze have with this matter?"

Du Ruo raise an eyebrow and asked with surprise, "Aren't you and Xi Ze a couple?"

Ming Yu, "@#$@%@#%@#$@#$…"

Where did you get the impression that we were a couple?

Ming Yu might feel differently about the man, not taking him as an ordinary pair. However, Du Ruo's understanding of the word 'couple' was the problem.

Du Ruo noticed the expression on the youth's face, staring at him thoughtfully before nodding. "So, you aren't together…"

She deliberately drew out the last sound, as if saying, 'You will be together.'

Ming Yu, “…”

Regarding his own uncertain matter, how could Sister Du be so sure… no, he wouldn't ask!

In the middle of the beautiful and tranquil island, the conversation between Ming Yu and Du Ruo continued. And at this moment, on the Huaxia mainland, the counters, outdoor stands and billboards of Rayleigh Cano were replaced with posters of a new spokesperson.

The act of changing the spokesperson was too eye-catching. Many people discovered instantly that the huge posters hanging at the subway entrance were different from the past. They were surprised and pointed at the man on the poster. The name of the new spokesperson officially entered the minds of many people.

"Rayleigh Cano unexpectedly changed their spokesperson? This person is called…Cheng Su?"

Chapter 70

In the quiet and s.p.a.cious hotel restaurant, a melodious blues tone was playing on the speakers, while people sat on the deck, chatting and laughing. Ming Yu had chosen a position in a corner of the restaurant that was covered in green plants, making it difficult for others to see the situation inside. Therefore, his conversation with Du Ruo didn't receive much attention.

After a simple meal, Ming Yu ordered a gla.s.s of lemonade and Du Ruo ordered coffee. Then the both of them continued to laugh and talk.

Du Ruo sipped her coffee and asked, "Ming Xiaoyu, I noticed something today when the show was filming. Is there a problem between you and Cheng Su? His att.i.tude towards you is very cold and he doesn't care much about you."

Ming Yu looked up at Du Ruo in surprise at the words.

Du Ruo looked very charming and glamorous, but she was very generous when dealing with others. This generosity was good and she was very casual. Thus, despite Du Ruo being ranked 3rd out of all the top female supermodels, she was very approachable and didn't alienate Ming Yu and others.

This Du Ruo noticed the strange atmosphere between him and Cheng Su?

Du Ruo smiled like she understood Ming Yu's meaning and said, "No matter what, I am a woman. It is natural that I know more about matters of the heart than men. Then Ming Xiaoyu, have you encountered trouble with Cheng Su?"


Ming Yu's lips curved as he secretly thought, 'How could this be described as trouble?

This was simply a b.l.o.o.d.y vengeance!'

He couldn't understand the grief and fury behind the original owner's actions, but the original owner wanted to teach Cheng Su a lesson. Ming Yu had to do this.

Du Ruo was from Lanka Modelling Agency and wasn't aware of Muse's internal affairs. It was estimated that she would only know Xi Ze, He Chaoman, Luo Cheng and several other top Muse models. And even if Du Ruo was a Muse model, she wouldn't have known about Cheng Su and Ming Yu.

It was like the general manager of a company suddenly being concerned with the dispute between two small executives in a certain department…

It was too much!

But Ming Yu didn't directly answer Du Ruo.  The handsome youth revealed a charming smile. Then Ming Yu shook his head and said, "Actually, there is nothing serious between me and Cheng Su. Sister Du, you don't have to worry."

Du Ruo raised an eyebrow thoughtfully at the words and didn't proceed with the topic.

They chatted together for a while before returning to their room upstairs to prepare for the next day's recording.

Telling other people, especially Du Ruo, the conflict between himself and Cheng Su?

Ming Yu would never do that.

First of all, he wasn't familiar with Du Ruo, they had only known each other for one day. Secondly, it wasn't right to talk about others behind their backs. This was taboo in the industry. Du Ruo wouldn't ask so casually if she really cared. Thus, he sensibly chose the 'neutral' option.

However, the next morning, Ming Yu had just woken up and was eating breakfast in the dining room. Suddenly, Luo Ru leaned close ti him and quietly said, "Xiaoyu, Cheng Su's endors.e.m.e.nt for Rayleigh Cano came out yesterday. The domestic major counters and some advertising billboards were changed to his posters. Now Cheng Su is a hot topic in Huaxia."

As Luo Ru said this, Ming Yu saw Cheng Su and his a.s.sistant walk into the restaurant. Cheng Su's mood today was obviously very good. He didn't notice Ming Yu, but Ming Yu looked at him for a long time with narrowed eyes.

His mood was so good. It seemed like he knew what was happening in Huaxia?

After Cheng Su's endors.e.m.e.nt went live yesterday, Zeng Shu immediately took the opportunity to contact the major media and issued a press release. He also hired some navy to create a hot topic on the Internet.

Zeng Shu directly pa.s.sed 90 points and scored 100 points. Once Luo Ru told this to Ming Yu, he expressed his appreciation for Zeng Shu's strength.

But after the appreciation, Ming Yu shook his head and asked, "Sister Luo, did his endors.e.m.e.nt really go online yesterday?"

Luo Ru also sighed. "Yes, it was just yesterday."

Both of them looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Yesterday, Zhao Rui saw that Ming Yu's shooting process was very good and returned home to deal with other things. If Zhao Rui was present today, he wouldn't be acting as calmly as Ming Yu and Luo Ru. Rather, he would be shouting in horror. "How did Zeng Shu calculate the timing? It came online one day earlier than our 'Smoke' perfume!!"

Yes, this evening, Ming Yu's endors.e.m.e.nt of the 'Nidelan Smoke' perfumes would be launched in Huaxia.

But Ming Yu's helpless smile wasn't due to giving up. It was because he felt that Cheng Su unexpectedly colliding with him would end up with Cheng Su's sadness.

It wasn't that he didn't believe in Cheng Su. Rather, Ming Yu believed in Nidelan's PR methods and his own strength.

During the recording of the show, Cheng Su was still indifferent to Ming Yu despite being in vigorous spirits. Ming Yu was the same as the previous day, focusing on playing games and shooting the program.

Zeng Shu and the director had probably made an agreement. During the second day of shooting, the director specifically gave a lot of highlights to Cheng Su, making him the most shining presence. On the other hand, Du Ruo didn't care about such things. She simply smiled at Ming Xiaoyu with a deep look in her eyes, making him feel creeped out.

Du Ruo's biggest reason for partic.i.p.ating in this program was entertainment and leisure. She somewhat had a desire to enter the entertainment industry. However, she was still thinking about it and chose this reality TV show to test the waters. Du Ruo still wasn't sure if she wanted to cross this line, so she just played the games. There was no other meaning.

The first day of filming made Du Ruo quite interested. On the second day, Du Ruo became keenly aware of the program's atmosphere shift towards Cheng Su.

This made Du Ruo feel curious. 'Ming Xiaoyu, what would you do?'

Du Ruo didn't believe Ming Yu when he said there was nothing big between him and Cheng Su. If there was nothing big, why would Cheng Su secretly look at him with those cold eyes? Even Zhao Rui wouldn't believe it (Wait, Du Ruo didn't know Zhao Rui)!

But some people, even if you didn't want to provoke him, he would rush to provoke you!

In the 'Quick Reply' game recorded in the afternoon, all the invited guests were models from the fashion industry. Therefore, the director announced that the questions would be related to the fashion industry.

As soon as these words were heard, the group consisting only of the regular guests protested. "Director! Don't be so shameless! Each of the three groups has a model. Ming Xiaoyu's group has two! It isn't fair to us!"

Instead of waiting for the director to answer, Du Ruo raised a hand and said with a laugh. "I believe in Ming Xiaoyu's strength. I won't answer any questions, how about that?"

The group's eyes immediately shone and they quickly agreed to Du Ruo's proposal.

Who was Du Ruo? Ming Xiaoyu, Cheng Su and Liu Qian couldn't be compared to her!

Removing this golden thigh, it was a great benefit!

As for Ming Xiaoyu…

"Ming Xiaoyu, Sister Du believes in your strength. You should take first place, haha."

Ming Xiaoyu, "……(→_→)"

Wasn't this pushing him to the edge of a mountain?

The game was set up for the partic.i.p.ants to rush to answer. After the final answer, the team with the lowest score would receive a terrible punishment while the first, second and third place teams would get different number of points.

Du Ruo just casually said that Ming Xiaoyu should take first. She had no idea that his child could do it at this level. Before half the questions had been asked, their score had already left the other teams far behind.

Du Ruo, "(⊙口⊙)!!"

Everyone: “(/=_=)/~┴┴"

Can't you give us some room to live?

Once the game was halfway through, Ming Yu's group had 54 points, Liu Qian's group had 12 points, Cheng Su's group had 14 points and the last group simply gave up. They straightforwardly received 0 points.

Ming Yu's score was too exaggerated. This could create a first-cla.s.s program effect. However, the director considered it before adding a lot of questions that Cheng Su must know.

The speed at which Cheng Su pressed the answer b.u.t.ton wasn't slower than Ming Yu. Slowly, Cheng Su's score caught up to Ming Yu's by the time the game was almost over. There was only a one point gap between them.

There were two questions left. Thanks to the program's a.s.sistance, Cheng Su looked at Ming Xiaoyu with a lot of confidence, sending him a provocative look. In this regard, Ming Xiaoyu looked down at his fingers and didn't pay Cheng Su any attention.

“The second to last question is here! Excuse me! The famous French model Alice Crandall. In 2014, which brand of perfume did she endorse?"



The two sounds were heard at the same time! The host looked at the time, gritted his teeth and looked at Cheng Su. He said, "Cheng Su pressed the b.u.t.ton first. Cheng Su, do you know the answer?"

Seeing this, it was obvious that Ming Yu was the first to press the answer b.u.t.ton. HIs eyes slightly narrowed and there was a touch of a dangerous smile on his face.

On the other side, Cheng Su had simply thought about pressing the answer b.u.t.ton. Now that he was asked this question, he suddenly stopped and paused for a long time before answering tentatively. "The brand… is it the French 'Cherilt?'"

The host heard this and looked at Cheng Su for a long time with surprised eyes. This surprised appearance made Cheng Su mistakenly think he was right. Thus, he smiled confidently and said, "I know this type of thing. I have read reports related to Cherilt every year."

His voice wasn't loud, but it entered straight into Ming Yu's ears with a smug pride.

But after Cheng Su finished speaking, the host made a strange expression and cried out, "Cheng Su, the answer is wrong!"

Cheng Su had just turned his head to see what the boy beside him look like. But he had only half turned when he heard the host's words. Cheng Su's eyes widened with surprise and he looked incredulously at the host. Then he quickly restored his expression and said, "I probably remembered wrong."

Du Ruo sneered and whispered, "Didn't he say that he paid attention to Cherilt's news every year?"

Ming Yu smiled without speaking.

On the other side, the host sighed and looked at Ming Yu. "Now, Ming Xiaoyu, do you know what the answer is?"

At these words, everyone's eyes focused on MIng Yu. In particular, in Cheng Su's eyes, the youth seemed to give off a complex and deep atmosphere.

Under the eyes of the crowd, the handsome youth's lips curved. The sun shone on his hair, giving it a golden tone as he calmly replied, "The famous French model Alice Crandall. In 2014, she endorsed the perfume called the 'Dream Series' and the brand is—"

"Rayleigh Cano."