Rebirth Of A Supermodel

Chapter 44

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Chapter 73

The shooting schedule on the last day was quite easy. They only needed to record two games and some easter eggs, and it would be all over.

Ming Yu's state today was obviously not as good as it was yesterday. His partner Du Ruo frowned and asked if he wanted to rest for a while. After all, he was shocked twice by 'Violent Waterfall' yesterday and recording the program was very stressful.

Ming Xiaoyu smiled slightly, swallowed to ease the dryness in his throat and shook his head. "Don't worry Sister Du, I'm fine. I am much better than I was last night."

Du Ruo slightly frowned and didn't say anything else. However, her eyes were on Cheng Su not far away.

Today, Cheng Su's face was very poor, an extreme contrast to his high spirits yesterday. It was estimated that what happened yesterday was discovered by his agent and he was scolded.

Even if he didn't know the spokesperson of Rayleigh Cano's 2014 perfume, he couldn't show it. It might not be the product and series he was endorsing, but it was still Rayleigh Cano.

Once this matter was exposed, Zeng Shu could guess how furious the head of Rayleigh Cano would be.

It was even likely that Cheng Su would lose the endors.e.m.e.nt!

Fortunately, the program hadn't aired yet and this incident wasn't so serious. After all, it was understandable if Cheng Su didn't know what happened three years ago.

Thus, Cheng Su was only mercilessly scolded for two hours last night. Once Zeng Shu's words had dried up, he said, "I don't want to see you again for half a month. Until your next job, you will honestly stay home and study every incident of Rayleigh Cano from its creation to the present!"

Du Ruo stared at Cheng Su for a long time. Then this beautiful supermodel's lips slowly lifted and she sneered.

The other person didn't notice. Then she gave hot water to Ming Xiaoyu, who had suddenly coughed, and laughed helplessly. "Yesterday was really too hard. Ming Xiaoyu, did you catch fish? If you are fishing, you should skillfully let others take the bite!"

Ming Yu suddenly froze as he drank the water. He stared blankly and saw that the other person was looking at him with a smile, looking as calm and gentle as ever.

The two people stared at each other for a long time before Ming Xiaoyu smiled indifferently. "Sister Du, your words are right. Then you… cough, do you think that it is better to put the fish back to fatten it up or to eat it right away?

Du Ruo replied naturally, "I want to eat it. It is just a dead fish after all."

In the corner of the dining room, the handsome young man and the beautiful woman smiled tacitly, not speaking anymore.

In the recording session of the last game, Cheng Su really felt like his body was pushed into a hot water pool. He was sweating with anger, but there was nowhere to resolve it.

The last part was playing water polo. The eight guests were a.s.signed by team and there was a goal in each of the four directions. They would obtain one point if they scored a goal.

Of course, there was no doubt that MIng Xiaoyu's team had already won first place with an appallingly high score. Unless a team could score 200 points during the match, it was impossible to overtake them.

…Scoring 200 goals was only possible if they were standing on the ground and playing non-stop, and they would also get a cramp!

Thus, by the end of the day, most people already saw the show as over and didn't intend to win the game anymore. Of course, this didn't mean they didn't do their best. Wasn't it good if they could win this game in the end?

Cheng Su was scolded by Zeng Shu last night and was filled with anger.

—This was fine on the premise that no one did anything to him.

When Cheng Su was about to receive the ball, Ming Xiaoyu intentionally splashed the water. Cheng Su blinked and once he opened his eyes again, the ball was gone. When Cheng Su was about to throw a ball, Ming Xiaoyu kicked in a light foul, causing Cheng Su to lose his balance. When he was ready to pa.s.s the ball to his teammates, Ming Xiaoyu's smiling face suddenly appeared in front of Cheng Su and made a foul ball grab. Cheng Su was angry!

Yes, this was a foul!

A foul!

However, Ming Xiaoyu's actions were exactly at the corners of the eight cameras. Thus, his actions seemed like a normal ball grab and there wasn't a problem. Even if Cheng Su wanted to say something, he would just look bitter and he couldn't speak.

Ming Yu was no longer coughing after taking a throat lozenge. However, he received too much punishment yesterday and his physical fitness really had declined. Therefore, Ming Xiaoyu didn't score a lot of points in this game, allowing other people to hope for victory.

Except for Cheng Su!

This was a foul!

You are a foul!

It was like Ming Yu was deliberately fouling (not like, it really was intentional) Cheng Su, making him more irritable. The 10th time that Ming Yu took the ball from Cheng Su using foul means, Cheng Su couldn't stand it anymore and pushed Ming Xiaoyu!

It was a clever push. n.o.body was paying attention to the situation here so it was logical that n.o.body had seen it.

However, the next second—

"Ah! Cheng Su, how can you push Ming Yu like that? You did a foul!"

Du Ruo's shout draw everyone's attention. They saw a tall and thin young man being mercilessly pushed by another tall and burly man (Cheng Su was very proud to say that he was several centimetres taller than Ming Xiaoyu ╮(╯_╰)╭).

Ming Xiaoyu kept coughing, as if he was choking on water. Meanwhile, Cheng Su was holding the ball in his arms.

The director was very surprised at the situation and quickly pulled up the coughing Ming Xiaoyu. However, Ming Xiaoyu kept coughing even on dry land. It seemed the amount of water he swallowed wasn't light.

The program staff rushed to observe the eight video cameras. Sure enough, in one of the cameras, Ming Yu was pushed inside the swimming pool and the ball in his arms stolen.

This was a game and such nonsense wasn't permitted. The director shouted directly into the speaker, "Cheng Su foul, out!"

Cheng Su, "!!!!!"

What was this c.r.a.p show!

Who did the foul first, clearly watch it!

However, Cheng Su kept these thoughts in his heart. He understood that the director had watched the video and didn't find any signs of Ming Yu's foul actions, otherwise Ming Yu would also be out.

Thus, in the last game, Cheng Su became the first and only person to be out. He sat gloomily next to the pool, while as the other seven guests laughed and played with the ball.

When the camera swept over him, he suddenly changed his face and smiled. But as long as the cameras weren't paying attention, he didn't hide his gloomy face.

The game ended and the three day recording was finally over.

The ultimate champions were naturally Ming Yu and Du Ruo. The two people won small gold medals as the champions.

When everyone applauded Ming Yu and Du Ruo's victory, Cheng Su also smiled and clapped, as if nothing had happened. However, once everyone returned to the hotel in order to pack, Ming Yu had just walked up to the elevator when he saw Cheng Su inside.

In the quiet hotel corridor, no one else was present. Ming Yu stood outside the elevator and Luo Ru was already downstairs to check out. Cheng Su stood with his a.s.sistant inside the elevator, staring at the youth in front of him with cold eyes.

Cheng Su a.s.sumed that Ming Yu would wait for the next elevator. He never expected that Ming Yu would enter the elevator calmly and say with a chuckle, "Mr. Cheng, are you leaving too?"

The language wasn't close to his natural temperament and att.i.tude. The politeness gave off a feeling of alienation. Ming Yu was acting like nothing had happened, causing Cheng Su to sneer and say, "Ming Yu, your acting is really good."

The implication was: You are a duplicitous villain. How shameless!

But Ming Yu didn't seem to understand. He covered his lips and coughed twice. Then he said, "Mr. Cheng, my acting skills are really bad. Many people have said that I am unsuitable for acting."

Cheng Su replied coldly, "Oh really? I think you can act in front of the camera."

Ming Yu shrugged helplessly, "My acting is really bad. But thank you for the compliment. I also think that my acting is quite good. It isn't any worse than my idol, the famous French model Alice Crandall."

The youth deliberately elongated his last words. This meaningfully intonation caused Cheng Su's eyes to widen and he couldn't restrain himself anymore. "Ming Yu! You’re overdoing it! You are just as useless as before if you think this will make me notice you…"

"Cheng Su." The youth's calm and quiet voice interrupted Cheng Su. Ming Yu turned to him with cold eyes and sneered. "Please don't pester me again."

Cheng Su cried out, "You…!"

At this moment, the elevator let out a 'ding' and the door opened. Ming Yu ignored Cheng Su and stepped out. Behind him, Cheng Su shook in fury as his eyes turned red. His a.s.sistant stood beside him and didn't dare speak.

That evening, Ming Yu sat on a plane to Huaxia and quickly fell asleep under the starry sky.

On the same night, Cheng Su wasn't on a plane when he suddenly received Zeng Shu's phone call. The other person yelled, "d.a.m.n! Did you offend Du Ruo? When did you offend Du Ruo? Hey Cheng Su, why don't you die?"

The calm and refined man exploded with curses, showing how terrible the situation was. The frightened Cheng Su was stunned. He really didn't understand what had happened.

Chapter 74

Du Ruo, female, 22 years ago, part of Lanka Modelling Agency and the third ranked female world supermodel.

Du Ruo became famous early on. At the age of 15, she was discovered by a scout and took a street shot for a magazine. From then on, she embarked on the path of a model.

Once becoming a model, Du Ruo's body, stature and temperament weren’t unique. But there were tens of millions of models in the world and she managed to be ranked third among the females. She appeared on dozens of the world's super model rankings lists.

A fashionista in the industry once commented on Du Ruo, "She has the beauty that all men dream of. She is s.e.xy and enchanting, beautiful and mature. She is the envoy of all women. She is the most charming devil on stage."

…These words might be exaggerated, but one thing could be seen from the evaluation of 'female devil' instead of 'female angel.' Du Ruo's beauty was an offensive type. It was a rose hidden behind a thornbush that not everyone could touch.

Of course, if Du Ruo's temper was more significant, she really would be like a th.o.r.n.y rose. It would be difficult for Du Ruo, who had an ordinary background, to reach her current status. For a model to reach such a high status, could you really say that she wasn't scheming?

Even the silly and sweet Zhao Rui wouldn't believe it.

Du Ruo wasn't a Muse model, meaning Cheng Su had no contact with her. He only heard Zeng Shu mention once, "Du Ruo is easy to get along with. Among the world's top 10 models, her temper is the best."

Did having a good temper mean she could be bullied?

Cheng Su, you are really too naive.

This time, Cheng Su really created a problem. Zeng Shu's first thought was to discuss with the program organizers to make sure that scene wasn't shown. As long as it wasn't aired to the general public, Zeng Shu could talk to Rayleigh Cano and it wasn't cause too much of a loss.

Zeng Shu knew that this reality show was one of the hottest in the country and that the producer had a strong background in the entertainment industry. If the other person didn't agree to delete the scene, he could make the company put pressure on him.

Whether it was fashion or entertainment, Muse had a high status.

Zeng Shu didn't leave anything to chance. This scene was a small hot spot in the reality show and couldn't be easily deleted. It was also scandalous and the program would smell a business opportunity, so they wouldn't easily give it up.

Thus, Zeng Shu went to find Shen Xiang to have him talk with the program staff.

Zeng Shu sat down in Shen Xiang's office and only said half of what he wanted to say. Unexpectedly, he saw Shen Xiang scowling while drinking coffee, then Shen Xiang sighed helplessly. He said with regret and disappointment, "I'm sorry Zeng Shu. This time, I can't help you."

Zeng Shu was shocked by the words.

It had been several years since he came to the company. He might not be as close to Shen Xiang as Ding Bo, but they were old friends. For Shen Xiang to unexpectedly reject him without hesitation, wasn't this situation too strange?

Zeng Shu wasn't angry. He lowered his cup and asked, "I thought this was a trivial thing. Is it unexpectedly a major incident?" He thought for a moment before asking again, "Is the producer's background really strong?"

Zeng Shu thought that Shen Xiang had talked to a producer who refused to help.

This was normal. Zeng Shu was aware that Shen Xiang and the PR department ranked the models. According to his guess, Cheng Su's level of attention should be above a first-tier model and below a supermodel. If the background of the other producer was really deep, the company wouldn't make trouble with them just because of Cheng Su.

His heart might be very anxious, but Zeng Shu still looked calm as he waited for Shen Xiang's affirmation.

He didn't expect to see Shen Xiang shake his head helplessly. "The producer is nothing. He will give Muse face. Zeng Shu, the problem isn't the program but a problem with Cheng Su."

Zeng Shu was startled. He asked with confusion, "What is the problem with Cheng Su?"

Cheng Su, this kid wasn't clever but how could he poke a basket that made Shen Xiang concerned?

Shen Xiang asked, "Do you know who is partic.i.p.ating in the reality show this time?"

Zeng Shu thought for a moment and replied. "There are the four original guests, a small model called Liu Qian, Lanka's elder sister Du Ruo and our company's…" Zeng Shu's voice trailed off before he asked, "Is it related to Ming Yu?"

A dim light flashed in Shen Xiang's eyes when he heard this name, but he shook his head and replied. "It has nothing to do with Ming Yu. Cheng Su sinned against Du Ruo."

This was the reason why Cheng Su was cursed at by Zeng Shu the moment he picked up the phone.

“Du Ruo is 22 years old. Do you think she got her status today at the age of 22 by being a herbivore? You actually managed to step on someone who has a good temper? Cheng Su, I have never seen someone like you. Are you blind? She is Du Ruo! She isn't you! How big are you that you dare to provoke Du Ruo?"

Cheng Su was scolded for a full 10 minutes before he understood Zeng Shu's words. He replied in a confused manner. "Brother Zeng, I really didn't provoke Du Ruo. Even if you gave me the courage of 10 people, I couldn't provoke her! If you don't believe me, ask the program staff. I barely interacted with her, so how could I offend her?"

"I already know that you tried to punish her on the program. What type of dog p.o.o.p have you eaten Cheng Su? Do you think that you are the best because you endorsed a second-tier brand? Why don't you go to heaven? At the age of 17, Du Ruo was the global spokesperson for a first-tier luxury brand. Do you know what rank she was in the world's supermodel rankings? 9th! What about you? You can't even see her shadow!"

Cheng Su didn't dare refute anything as he listened to Zeng Shu. He knew that his agent had the ability to make him a supermodel and to also pull him down from the top.

Then Cheng Su heard Zeng Shu say, "Du Ruo might be playing around, but anybody related to her, such as her team member, can't be touched!”

Cheng Su had a sudden thought. "Brother Zeng, I really didn't offend Sister Du. It must be Ming Yu!"

Zeng Shu suddenly stopped talking.

He just listened as Cheng Su continued, "Brother Zeng, as you know, Ming Yu has always been tangled up with me. He is annoying and gave me several jobs early on. This time, he deliberately went against me on the show. I was tangled up by him and accidentally became involved with Du Ruo…"

"Cheng Su." Zeng Shu's calm and cold voice suddenly interrupted Cheng Su's speculation. He sighed and said, "Cheng Su, I didn't tell you so you aren't to blame. You still don't understand properly. Ming Yu's future will definitely reach your head. His achievements can't be lower than yours. The previous events have pa.s.sed. He is no longer obsessed with you and has no relationship with you."

Cheng Su's throat clogged up and he didn't know what to say.

Zeng Shu's words completely poked at the heart of Cheng Su's arrogant narcissism.

Zeng Shu naturally know how much the previous Ming Yu was obsessed with Cheng Su. He also knew how much opportunities Ming Yu had given to Cheng Su. However, Zeng Shu had met Ming Yu several times since then and became acutely aware that the current Ming Yu wasn't an ordinary person.

The current Ming Yu definitely didn't like Cheng Su.

It was absolutely impossible for the current Ming Yu to be worse than Cheng Su.

In fact, Zeng Shu actually felt a little bit of regret. He wanted to stab at Zhao Rui, but why did he aim for Cheng Su instead of Ming Yu?

In the end, the one who was a real diamond and the one who was ordinary and defective could clearly be seen by anyone smart!

In addition, Zeng Shu noticed that when he mentioned Ming Yu several times today, Shen Xiang had changed the topic very quickly. It was as if he didn't want to talk about Ming Yu.  What did this mean?

This suggested that in Shen Xiang's eyes, Ming Yu was very important. At least, he was more important than Cheng Su.

Zeng Shu also guessed that Du Ruo was just a cover. The underlying reason for the company's indifferent in Cheng Su's matter was because of Ming Yu. It was just like in the past, when a man put pressure on Zeng Shu because of the man's so-called friends status with a small model, making Zeng Shu personally come and apologize to Ming Yu…

But this wasn't important right now.

Zeng Shu was more concerned about something else. "Cheng Su, I have temporarily cancelled your job that will take place in half a month. I hope that you will spend this month thinking about your status in the industry. How many people are pressing down on your head? They have had many years and you are just a brave newcomer with potential. In this huge fashion industry, you can't imagine how many people can crush you to death."


The afternoon of the same day, Shen Xiang sighed with relief once Zeng Shu left the Muse PR department.

Shen Xiang headed straight to the top floor of the company after handling an emergency. He walked through the transparent gla.s.s corridor and pa.s.sed by the pebbled stream. Shen Xiang knocked on the mahogany door and once he got a "Come in," he gently pushed open the door. The occupant had his head bow and was carefully sketching a new design on the work table.

Shen Xiang talked about some major events in the company that the man might be interested in. At the end, he remembered and mentioned, "Zeng Shu came to see me this afternoon. Xi Ze, I followed your words and rejected him."

Xi Ze drew the last stroke on his design and looked up. He asked, "What did Zeng Shu say when he left."

Shen Xiang recalled, "He seemed to say that he would take Cheng Su and personally got to apologize to Du Ruo."

Xi Ze gently hummed and no longer continued the topic. The two people discussed recent events in the industry. Then Shen Xiang decided to return to the PR department to continue his work.

Before he left, Shen Xiang had reached the mahogany door when he couldn't help turning back and asking, "Cheng Su, this matter might cause great controversy. But there two extremes that this matter can cause. The first, it is no big problem and the difficulty can be overcome. The second is that he will be completely abandoned by the endorsers and his future will be affected. I can do both cases. Xi Ze, what do you want me to do?"

The room was silent for a long time. Shen Xiang thought he wouldn't get an answer, but then Xi Ze slowly raised his eyes and looked at Shen Xiang deeply. He said quietly, "Leave this matter to Zeng Shu. You don't have to interfere."

Shen Xiang couldn't help crying out, "Zeng Shu will probably settle this matter!"

Xi Ze replied, "Then let him settle it."

Shen XIang thought it was unexpected. "Xi Ze, what do you mean by this?”

Using Du Ruo as the reason, didn't Xi Ze pressure Cheng Su in order to punish him for the actions towards Xi Ze's little muse?

"Cheng Su will be responsible for himself. Du Ruo won't mind, but if Du Ruo was replaced by any of the world's top 10 supermodels, don't mention my bad temper, if it was Luo Cheng, Cecelia or even Chaoman…he would never be able to rear his head again."

Shen Xiang's first thought after hearing this was, '…So you know how bad your temper is.'

Xi Ze ignored Shen Xiang's thoughts and added, "In addition, the person he offended isn't me. I just handed it over to that person. He will give the real punishment."

Shen Xiang: “→_→”
That person, was it your little muse…

Xi Ze's expression was relaxed and saying 'that person can solve it himself.'

But once he found out that Ming Yu was sick to such a degree, Xi Ze regretted it. He hated that he believed the other person could take care of himself and made a mistake. He sent a text message to Du Ruo that had only had a few words: 【 You didn't say he was sick. 】

The beautiful Du Ruo after seeing it, "(/=_=)/~┴┴"

She wasn't his mother or his secretary!!