Rebirth Of A Supermodel

Chapter 45

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Chapter 75

After returning to Huaxia, Ming Yu realized how much of a sensation the Nidelan promotion had caused.

Ming Xiaoyu had just stepped off the plane and into the airport. When he looked up—

Do you think that Ming Xiaoyu saw his own oversized airport poster?


It was the usual fog and haze of the capital.

Cough. Ming Xiaoyu pa.s.sed through the smog in the airport corridor and officially entered the airport. Ming Yu and Luo Ru weren't far from the luggage collection place when they saw a large poster hanging in the airport's publicity centre. Ming Xiaoyu on the poster had white hair, looking really fresh.

This was the first time since coming to this world that Ming Yu had contact with his fans.

Luo Ru had released some of his latest itinerary on Ming Yu's Muse fan forum. According to Luo Ru, Ming Yu was just starting to become popular. It was a legitimate popularity, but it wouldn't be good if they didn't handle this unexpected surge in popularity properly. It meant he needed to carefully maintain his relationship with his fans.

The number of fans who came to pick him up today wasn't small. Ming Yu thought it wasn't a big deal and signed autographs for more than a dozen fans. Other fans wanted a signature, but they saw that Ming Yu had been flying for so long. Ming Yu's eyes were red because of tiredness, he wore a mask and was constantly coughing. Thus, the fans gave up.

“Ming Xiaoyu, you have to take care of yourself! The capital's air isn't as good as an island. The haze can be serious!"

…Hey this girl, saying such things about the capital, the capital will start crying.

"Have you eaten? Ming Xiaoyu, you need to eat more!"

…Don't you see that Ming Xiaoyu is recently lacking exercise and has gained weight?

“Ming Xiaoyu, I really like youuuuuu! Son, you must be good!!"

…Wait, boyfriend fans and husband fans were no problem. This girl was only in her 20s, why is she a mother fan!!

Before Ming Yu prepared to leave, he smiled and greeted all the fans, and tried to take photos with them. Finally, he bowed to everyone and said sincerely, "Thank you for your support. My body is a bit uncomfortable today and I will go first. Please pay attention to road safety. If you need a signature, give your address to the staff. I will try to send a signature to everyone."

Once he spoke these words, the audience became heated up again.

"Ahhhhh!!!  Ming Xiaoyu, why are you so well-behaved?  You must feed yourself!"

On the way back to the Muse apartment, Ming Yu carefully observed the various advertis.e.m.e.nts on both sides of the road. The road that Lu Ruo took was one of the city's main roads. There was often a variety of colourful advertis.e.m.e.nts on both sides. After carefully looking for a long time, Ming Yu came up with a piece of information—

For every 10 advertis.e.m.e.nt boards, there was at least one of his own 'Nidelan.'

Luo Ru smiled while driving and said, "This time, the promotion was done very well. Listening to Brother Zhao, it seems that Nidelan has placed advertis.e.m.e.nts in many magazines and the outdoor advertising coverage in the country is quite high. I heard that the script for the film and television commercial has been almost completely written and they are discussing with the director. It is estimated that you can soon go and shoot the dynamic advertis.e.m.e.nts."

Ming Yu guessed that this Nidelan endors.e.m.e.nt had achieved good results, but he was still secretly surprised when he listened to Luo Ru.

Luo Ru wasn't someone with shallow eyes. For her to say that the 'coverage rate is quite high', it showed that the publicity was really well done.

The phenomenon that Ming Yu had just seen was proof that Nidelan's promotions were a resounding victory, achieving an unexpected result.

Ming Yu looked at the bright and dazzling advertis.e.m.e.nt for an anti-aircraft gun that disappeared behind the car and shivered, seemingly perceiving something. He licked his thin lips but didn't speak.

The car smoothly drove on the road, the fascinating night lights giving the capital its wonderful night scenery.

“Xiaoyu, this time go home and rest. You still have a cough, so keep warm and don't catch a cold." Luo Ru told him while holding onto the steering wheel. "Tomorrow I will cook some soup and send it to your apartment. I will also give you cold medicine and other things. You must pay attention to your body."

Ming Yu couldn't refrain from coughing twice when Luo Ru said this, causing her to frown.

Ming Yu was escorted to the door of his home. Luo Ru was a girl and Ming Yu didn't want her to help with his luggage. However, Luo Ru simply helped Ming Yu bring up two bags before saying, "In the future, you will be very busy. Take this time to rest, Xiaoyu."

Ming Yu saw the other person's earnest appearance and couldn't help laughing. "Yes Sister Luo, I'm really not a child. I can't adapt now that you are suddenly treating me as a child."

But Luo Ru earnestly replied, "A sick person has a temperament like a child. By the way Xiaoyu, aren't you only turning 18 in another month?"

Young child Ming Yu, "…"

Finally, Luo Ru was sent away and Ming Yu entered his home. He washed his small amount of luggage and hurriedly lay in bed to rest.

It was probably a good rest. In the next few days, Ming Yu's condition didn't worsen. However, the itchiness in his throat didn't leave and he couldn't help coughing.

Since he wasn't completely sick, Luo Ru and Zhao Rui couldn't stop Ming Yu from working.

It was hard to have a one-month holiday and Ming Yu naturally had to finish the things he didn't have time to do before. For example, he would read the letters from fans and if possible, he would post replies to some of the fans on the forums.

Most of the letters from the fans expressed their love for Ming Yu. Some fans were literary and articulate. They used words that he could barely read and had to look up in the dictionary. Some fan letters made MIng Xiaoyu laugh, blush or so angry that he refused to reply.

For example—

【 Ming Xiaoyu, I ate mushroom dumplings today! They were delicious. Ah, I'll draw a picture for you. It is like this→→→ [/picture] The small shiitake mushroom is delicious. Do you see the picture I drew for you? Isn't it cute? 】 The picture attached to the letter was of Ming Xiaoyu dressed in a small shiitake mushroom doll, crouching in a corner. His mouth said, "In the spring, we plant small~ mushrooms, which can be harvested in autumn. A group of small~ mushrooms!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "(┙>∧<>
I can't understand what you are saying, humph!

At the time of seeing this picture, Ming Yu's throat was itchy and he was ready to cough. However, this cough didn't emerge. He directly choked on his saliva when he saw the 'mushroom corner image.'

Why was it that seven out of 10 letters called him small mushroom!

The way that he pondered the script, ordinary people couldn't learn it even if they wanted to!

February ended and on the first day of March, the first world supermodels list for 2017 was finally released.

There were almost no changes from the past. The top 10 of both lists were still the same people, and even the top 20 didn't have any day horses. Xi Ze was still 1st on the men's list and Cecilia was still 1st on the women's list.

Apart from the 5th ranked female supermodel falling three places to become 8th, the top of the world's supermodel rankings was stable.

In the second half of the rankings, there were some minor changes. A Belarusian male supermodel suddenly emerged, rising from 91st place to 77th place, becoming the biggest black horse in the current rankings.

Ming Yu had some understanding of this person. The other person was 19 years ago and just endorsed a few big names. He also recently partic.i.p.ated in a few high-end fashion shows. His personal conditions were good and he had good strength, making him popular.

On the other hand, Ming Xiaoyu's name might not be on the world's supermodels list, but in the past few days, the number of fans on his official Muse website broke through the one million mark! Out of more than 200 models, he was the 29th most popular model!

Ming Xiaoyu's fan number rose really quickly during this six month period. Even a monkey wasn't so fast!

In particular, there was a surge in the number of fans every time Ming Xiaoyu's work was published, whether it was a magazine photo shoot or TV commercial. In particular, in just two weeks after the Nidelan perfume posters came out, Ming Yu's fans increased by hundreds of thousands!

Zhao Rui stared at the data for a long time and said emotionally, "I remember when Xiaoyu's official website reached 100,000 fans. I was really pleased. Why is it now that it reached one million, I feel like it is still too little?"

Ming Yu was looking down at a four-frame cartoon sent by a fan and didn't answer Zhao Rui's question. He just listened as Luo Ru explained, "Brother Zhao, Xiaoyu's popularity has just started to rise. The fan number won't end here. For example, Cheng Su has an inexplicably large number of fans. According to his normal ranking in the company, he can even be ranked 10th!"

Zhao Rui agreed as soon as the name was mentioned. "Yes! I don't know where this kid could suck up so many fans. The number is more than many supermodels in other companies." Zhao Rui turned to Ming Yu and said, "Xiaoyu, let's not worry. Six months ago, your number of fans was one-fifth of Cheng Su. Now it is only one-eighth! We are better than him!"

After a moment’s silence, Ming Yu raised an eyebrow. "So, one fifth of 100,000 is five million and one-eightth of one million is eight million? Brother Zhao, your maths is really cough…cough…"

The youth gave up halfway as he started coughing.

Luo Ru hurriedly rushed to pour him some hot water and Zhao Rui helped pat Ming Yu's back.

Looking at the youth coughing until tears came out, Luo Ru was distressed and exclaimed, "Xiaoyu, hurry home and rest! It has been a week and your cough hasn't improved? Have you been taking the medicine?"

Ming Yu drank some hot water and slowly gasped. He shook his head and said, "I took the medicine but my throat is still a bit itchy."

Zhao Rui made a decision and waved his arm. "Tomorrow, you won't come to the company!"

—Yes, Ming Xiaoyu really didn't come to the company the next day, because…he was directly stuck in bed!!

Chapter 76

Ming Yu's illness was really menacing.

After returning to the capital from the island, it had lasted seven or eight days. Apart from the itchiness in the throat, there were no other symptoms. But on this day, all the symptoms suppressed by the drugs erupted at once.

Luo Ru wanted to send some soup to Ming Yu early in the morning. However, no one responded when she pressed the doorbell. Luo Ru felt like it was wrong and hurriedly pulled out her backup key to open the door. She entered through the door and quickly found Ming Xiaoyu in the bedroom.

This was a really sick small mushroom!

Ming Xiaoyu's cheeks were a morbid pink, but his face was very pale, making the red colour more abnormal. His eyes were closed tightly as he occasionally coughed. Even in his dreams, he frowned uncomfortably and his eyelashes constantly shook as his eyes moved behind the eyelids.

Luo Ru saw this and immediately understood. The cold had become a fever!

She hurriedly grabbed a thermometer and measured his temperature. Luo Ru was surprised to find that Ming Xiaoyu's temperature wasn't as high as she had imagined. It was only 37.8 degrees Celsius, this could be regarded as a low-grade fever.

After several of Luo Ru's actions, Ming Yu also woke up. He had a very hoa.r.s.e throat and after learning his body temperature, he said softly, "Sister Luo, it is mainly a cough… My body is still okay and I don't need to go to the hospital. Can you buy me some fever stickers and paste it on?"

For any model (especially a famous model), it was very complicated to go to the hospital. It might be better to discuss things with the hospital, but some reporters would inevitably get wind of it and it would leak out, letting the whole world know that x.x.x was sick!

Ming Yu didn't want to announce his illness at this time. First, he didn't want to get tangled up in reporters. Secondly, it wasn't a very serious sickness. He just had a violent reaction today. It was estimated that was long as he made it past today, his condition would become much better.

Luo Ru also understood Ming Yu's meaning. She thoughtfully bought a lot of medicine for Ming Yu, some fever stickers as well as rice, red beans, etc as she planned to cook porridge for Ming Yu.

As everyone knew, Luo Ru was a very efficient and capable woman. This wasn't necessarily related to experience. She was just very suitable to be an agent and could do well. However, being an excellent agent didn't mean she was a good doctor!

Don't blame Luo Ru for having no insight. Can you say that you had used these fever stickers when you were young? Even the author (?) didn't use it!

Thus, Luo Ru studied the fever stickers for a long time before finally pasting them. But it was crooked and she moved it two times before finally sticking it to Ming Yu's hot forehead.

Fortunately, Ming Yu was temporarily lethargic again at this time. If he was to see Luo Ru's clumsy appearance, he would surely be shocked and exclaim, "Sister Luo, you have never done this before?"

Luo Ru silently helped Ming Yu pull up his quilt. She knew that with a fever, she shouldn't let him be cold and he should sweat it out. She had finished with the quilt and was planning to go to the kitchen. Suddenly, she heard Ming Yu's phone buzzing.

The phone was flat on the bedside time. It was on silent, so only the buzzing sound was heard in the room. Luo Ru quickly picked up the phone in a decisive manner. She wanted to stop the noise and allow Ming Yu to have a good rest. However, Luo Ru was suddenly stunned when she saw the name flashing on the screen.

Luo Ru didn't answer the phone, but after a moment, a call came again.

It was another call failure and the other person actually called a third time!

Luo Ru hesitated for a moment, before taking the phone into the living room. Ming Yu's phone had a pa.s.sword lock on it, making it impossible for Luo Ru to send a text message to the other party. Once the other person called a fourth time, she decisively answered the phone.

She didn't allow the other person to speak as Luo Ru spoke respectfully in a low voice, "Mr. Xi, I'm not Ming Yu. I am his a.s.sistant. Ming Yu is feeling a bit uncomfortable today. If you have anything to tell me, I will pa.s.s on the message to him when he wakes up."

Xi Ze had only managed to say "Ming Yu," when he was interrupted by Luo Ru's words. He slightly raised an eyebrow and asked with thin lips, "He is feeling uncomfortable? What happened?"

Luo Ru wanted to keep it a secret. However, she recalled something that Ming Yu mentioned countless times. His relationship with Xi Ze was very good, it was the level of a friendship (not at all)!

Luo Ru thought about it and honestly replied, "Ming Yu has a fever."

20 minutes later, Xi Ze arrived at the apartment.

Luo Ru had been feeling astonishment since Xi Ze said, "I will be right there."
Once she saw with her own eyes that Xi Ze really calm, she felt a strange calm.

However, Luo Ru didn't think that as soon as Xi Ze entered, he would head straight for the bedroom!

This was much faster than Luo Ru. It was as if he knew the structure of Ming Yu's house already and had been here countless times.

How could these two people get along so well?

A trace of doubt flashed in Luo Ru's heart. The sixth sense that belonged to a woman seemed to sense something, but she quickly forgot it.

Luo Ru never thought that the phone call would attract Xi Ze, but also drive her out the door!

Xi Ze sat by Ming Yu's bed and asked Luo Ru a few questions. Then Xi Ze whispered, "I remember that you have a lot of work to do these days. Aren't you busy?" There was a pause and Xi Ze added, "During this period of Ming Yu's vacation, aren't you working with Zhao Rui on the Nidelan TV commercials?"

Luo Ru's eyes widened at the words and her heart shook.

Xi Ze knowing their travel itinerary, this matter could still be explained. But Xi Ze knowing their schedule, it was very strange.

Luo Ru admitted that even through she was the best in the latest batch of trainee agents, it was absolutely impossible for her to get Xi Ze's attention. If Zhao Rui knew Xi Ze, he wouldn't have been so unfortunate in the past few years. Then the only possibility was…

Xi Ze was paying attention to Ming Yu.

It seemed this fever sticker had been pasted quite badly. Xi Ze gently peeled off the white fever patch on the youth's forehead and replaced it with a new one. His movements were accurate and fast, especially compared to Luo Ru's crooked one. He was like a veteran in the medical field!

Xi Ze stared at the boy on the bed as he asked, "You haven't taken care of a patient before?"

Luo Ru was slightly startled when she realized he was talking to her and awkwardly nodded. "I have rarely been sick."

"You should train in this. When you are free, look for Shen Xiang and he will contact the training department for you." Xei Ze carefully helped adjust the youth's quilt and said quietly, "You are his a.s.sistant. You should have some knowledge of basic medical treatments. Otherwise, you won't be able to help if he suffers minor injuries or a cold in the field."

It was really too much if every a.s.sistant had to become a backup doctor!

However, Luo Ru had no objections. She usually liked to do her best. Therefore, she nodded solemnly and agreed to the proposal.

It felt strange to stay in this bedroom. Luo Ru gulped and whispered, "Mr. Xi, I will go and cook porridge in the kitchen. If you want…"

"You should go back to the company first."

Luo Ru jerked and could only listen as Xi Ze said indifferently, "You are his a.s.sistant. But after all, he is ill and his mind isn't very clear. A man and woman being alone in a room together… it isn't very good."

Luo Ru, “…”

Why did she think it was more inappropriate for him to be here?!!!

Luo Ru's heart was depressed but she left Ming Yu's home. It wasn't because of the 'man and woman being alone in a room together.' It was because she discovered that Xi Ze would take care of the patient better than her.

She told Xi Ze the important things about Ming Yu and left. She didn't know that after she left, Xi Ze returned to the bedroom and sat next to the youth's bed.

The youth on the bed had red cheeks and white lips. His eyes were closed tightly, but they were constantly shaking under the eyelids. His long eyelashes fluttered, as if he was in pain, and his forehead was wet from the sweat.

Xi Ze pushed the wet hair to one side, revealing the youth's white forehead.

The current Ming Yu didn't have the momentum of the past. He had a sickly beauty, causing Xi Ze's heart to slightly shake.

No matter what, his muse was always beautiful.

He was so beautiful that he made Xi Ze resolutely abandon all his work to come here.

The man's slender fingers slowly descended from the youth's eyes, along the beautiful curves of the face to the youth's lips. Xi Ze looked at the lips that were slightly dry from the illness and frowned slightly. Then he gently rubbed the delicate lips with his fingers.

His movements were gentle but touching the most delicate place was bound to cause a sensitive reaction.

Xi Ze sat by the bed in silence, stroking the dry lips with his fingers, as if to make them feel better. But in the next second, the boy opened his hazy eyes, stretched out a hand and pulled Xi Ze down!