Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants

Chapter 38

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Demon Capital Ryun Height
Chapter 37

The Demon King and I spoke about various things till late in the night.

In the beginning the Demon King also had hardships in succession.
First he wanted to solve the food problem with agricultural reform, but since the Ryujins were mainly carnivorous eating bugs and the like for livelihood, so making them produce grains was useless.

『Then reluctantly, I began apiculture and rhinoceros beetle culture.』
『Rhinoceros beetle culture, is it.』
For a moment, I imagined the Demon King digging in the sawdust mountains wearing a straw hat.
『Since the Ryujin race wast a hunting-picking race, cultivation wast a new concept.』
『So then, at first it would have been difficult, right?』

Then the Demon King calmly nodded, and closed his eyes.
『In mine previous life, I hadst only heard of those, also thither wast not any actual knowledge or observation…. Finding the fitting edible breed wast one of the hardships. Furthermore, to establish the method of culture, I dived in it with the Technical Officers forgetting to eat and sleep.』
Although it’s fine to leave the minor details to the subordinates, he is one worrier person.

『But, thanks to that, I wast able to maketh the larva, which wast a high cla.s.s ingredient, into commoner’s flavor. Since I wast able to supply high quality proteins consistently, I bethink it largely contributed to the Ryujins’ physique and health.』
The Demon King looks a little proud.
『Next, reforming the breed of gra.s.shopper, I wanteth to domesticate it to be used as meat. If it turns out well, Bartz would be happy.』
Even the Demon King is enjoying well enough.

The Demon King also taught many new techniques to the Ryujin races, but as expected he had a lot of difficulties.
Like agriculture, there were many technologies which failed to take a good hold. At any rate, the mode of living and the body structure is different from humans.
Even if the way to use swords is one, there are differences with humans in minor things. Because the skeletal structure of shoulders and hands are subtly different.
『The culture and techniques of humans can’t be directly inherited by the demons as it is. Therefore, I hadst to changeth mine way of thinking.』

The Demon King, teaching only the basic techniques and general ideas to the ryujins, decided to watch over the Ryujins develop by themselves.
It’s a feeling like the Skill Tree gradually getting released.
I don’t know if there were Computer Games in Demon King’s previous life, but he definitely is in the Strategy Game faction.

From the military aspect, the most troublesome thing was, not able to establish a common standard.
The armors for the Kyojin race would be large than for the other races, and with a single day’s meal for Inujin race, the other races would be starving. To begin with, the things everyone eat are different.
Ideally he wanted to make an army exceeding the boundaries of race, but for the time being he operated with units having single race.

Listening to those stories, I keenly felt the worrier personality of the Demon King.
This person is really serious.
Neither does he have any desire for any selfish benefits, nor he wish for respect or praise. He only wishes for the demons to live in peace.
It’s good that this person is the Demon King.

That’s why, for this d.a.m.n serious Demon King, I think I will work harder.
As the Aide of Demon King.

Then a few days later.
Among the jubilations of citizens, at the plaza, formally dressed Airia declared.
“Here I proclaim that Ryun Height is independent from Mirarudia, and form an alliance with the Demon army.”
Applause welled up together with deafening shout outs.
Human citizens and Palace Guards. Werewolves, Inujins, Ryujins. From the neighborhood towns, the Jinba race and Vampires have also gathered.
Everyone is smiling.
“Today, as Ryun Height’s Independence day, I would like to celebrate grandly! Everyone, let’s Eat, Drink and Sing!”
The cheers covered Airia’s voice.

The Viceroy of Ryun Height, Airia was bestowed with the t.i.tle of ‘Demon Official’ by the Demon King… no, Demon King-sama. I heard that it has the significance of tying the Demons and Humans together.
Thoroughly, she is a civilian, not a military officer, but the treatment is like special division commander.
Eh? Isn’t she more important than me?

Thinking about those things, when I was drinking the celebratory sake, the Demon Official Airia-sama came to me.
“Congratulations, Airia-dono.”
“Thank you very much, Vaito-dono.”
Continuing her smile, Airia toasts with me.
She, who was a hostage of Demon race until now, also is a splendid enemy of Humanity from today. If the Demon army is destroyed, then certainly she would receive the capital punishment.
I suddenly remembered the crucifixion stand I saw in Tuban.
If I fail, Airia is also fated to become like that.

owever Airia seemed to be fully aware of those things.
“With this, it can be called a common destiny, Vaito-dono.”
“That’s right. Do you regret it?”
Theereupon she shook her head.
“No, I am happy. Very.”
She really is one weird girl, grinning like that.

Continuing to smile, Airia said to me.
“Rather than that, Vaito-dono, this time my position and power is higher than you, right?”
“Hmm, that’s right…”
Because this girl gets Division Commander treatment. I am still an Aide as usual.
Though not quite satisfactory, I too got promoted. Not in the third division, I became Aide in the first division. My immediate superior became the Demon King himself.
But it’s still an Aide.
It’s fine, me being an Aide.

“Airia-dono is an appropriate person to guide the Humans, but it’s just right for a person like me to be just an Aide. Unmerited fame can ruin oneself.”
“Vaito-dono…. Is that some kind of joke?”
“No? I am not a person of your calibre.”
For some reason, Airia heaved a sigh.
(TN: Here 器 (utsuwa) means both a vessel and calibre.)
“Please hang in there. Aren’t you the highest level of management staff of the Demon army, Vaito-dono.”
Is it so? I realize that I became a personal confidant of the Demon King, but I don’t have any feeling as to how much important I have become in the Demon army.
Since the hierarchy of the Demon army is too vague, that I also don’t know.

Anyway, hereafter in collaboration with Airia, it has been decided to develop this frontier trade city into Demon army’s base, Demon Capital Ryun Height.
Honestly, I do not know where to start the work, but from here on out is the real fight of the Demon army.
Joining hands with the human forces, we took the glorious first step on their map.

Looking up, on the Viceroy’s mansion, the flag of Demon army is fluttering.
“Let’s work hard together, Vaito-dono”
“Ah. My best regards.”
“For Ryun Height as well, I will make you work hard.”
“Leave it to me.”
…..all too soon, aren’t I being dominated?
With that question in my mind, I look towards Airia.
However, she was just joyfully laughing forever.