Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants

Chapter 41

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Heavy Crossbow and The Dogs of War
Chapter 40

Regarding the northern war front, I decided not to be involved as much as possible.
There are Aides who think of me as an expert negotiator, but I am just an ordinary Werewolf, who once was a human.
Can I bear to let them do as they please with me?

After politely declining Aide Bartz’s ‘I want to stop Aide Shure…’ request, I returned to Ryun Height with Teacher’s magic.
“Whew… I don’t want to make an appearance in Glenstadt for a while.”
“Your diplomatic skills have become famous in the Demon army. Aren’t you the rumoured Scheming Magician?”
“Please stop, it’s embarra.s.sing.”
Being teased by Teacher, I returned to my office in order to make plans for the future.

Still, what I feel uneasy about is regarding the Mirarudia Alliance Army.
The northern war front is yet to collapse, and since the Division Commander himself is partic.i.p.ating, it can be said to be in the last stages.
Currently, the first priority is to gather the remaining armed forces in Bahen, which will eventually be withdrawn ….
If that happens, then the Mirarudia Alliance will be able to turn their troops towards the south.

Among the seventeen cities of Mirarudia, three cities in the south were captured. The remaining fourteen cities became hostile.
Although only one city is captured In the north, but since all the citizens had ran away and hid in the other cities, so it is not any different from having the population of fourteen cities turned into enemies.
With a rough estimation, if each city utilizes five hundred palace guards and a thousand citizen soldiers, I would be facing around twenty thousand forces.
Since the citizen soldiers are not that skillful, I am in no way afraid, however I don’t want to fight against these numbers.

Moreover, Mirarudia Alliance Army has a standing army for emergency purposes, which, in total, seems to be around ten to twenty thousand.
The five thousand troops in the northern city Shuberm, were also the standing army of the north, and according to rumours, many of them are still in outstanding condition.
Usually, they are living in various places as part-time farming units, but since these guys are full-fledged professional soldiers who received government salaries, I think they would still be formidable.
They are perhaps training pretty hard during the farm-work, I certainly don’t want to fight these guys.

Although there are other small-scale combat units, but these standing troops are the imminent enemies.
It’s not like the forty thousand troops would descend on us, but it’s not unusual for these ten thousand to attack at anytime.
I can’t remain at ease.

“You are brooding with a troubled face.”
“Teacher, were you still here!?”
“Because it’s comfortable here.”
Sitting on the chair, Teacher laughs with an innocent face. Her actions are childlike, however she looks a little tired.
Perhaps the fatigue from Tuban capture battle is still remaining there.
“Would you like some tea?”
“That’s alright”

Leisurely boiling the water on a stove, I consult with Teacher about the future.
“The defending forces of Ryun Height are not sufficient.”
“Yeah. If I am in a bit more better condition, I can quickly ma.s.s produce skeleton soldiers, but….
However, if I am to prepare ten thousand units, I need more than three months and have to ignore my official duties.”
That’s troublesome. Although Teacher looks like having free time, she is in fact busy supporting her disciples who are serving as Vice Division Commanders.

“Besides, I have to send Skeleton soldiers to Mereen and Fernel too. So we must defend against invasion from the north.”
That’s also right. Because these two cities are our shields on the north.
“I give up on the Skeleton soldiers, but aren’t there any better forces somewhere?”
“The races which are still revolting, my disciples are going around trying to convince them. Since every race has their circ.u.mstances, it can not be forced.”

In that case, the only possibility left is to call out those in my connections.
I have already brought all the Werewolves, and I can’t bring that many Ryujins.
Then Inujins?…. Hmm, but they are weak.
No, wait.
“You got something, right?”
“Yes. I came up with a good idea, so I will give it a try.”

“Load OK!”
“Load OK!”
“Loading Angle OK!”
“Loading Angle OK!”
An intense sound of bowstring sounded like BASHIN, and a thick arrow went flying.

electing a few personnel from the Inujin troops, I had them train in operating Tuban’s special fixed-type crossbow.
This being oversized, it was troublesome to carry it, but anyone can use it after installing on the castle wall.
Because the loading is handle type, as long as they turn it round and round persistently, the Inujin can also draw the bow string.
In Tuban, it seems there were only two persons handling a crossbow, one for shooting and the other for drawing however, I put two persons for drawing. Using only a single person would make the person tire out during a long drawn battle.
The remaining members are a shooter and the squad leader in charge of command and observation, four people in total .
For this I have been referring to the tank and artillery crew from my previous life.
Let’s make the observation unit an independent division once they succeed in ma.s.s producing the telescope.

Lowering my body, I ask the Inujin soldier diligently rotating the handle.
“How is it, fun?”
“Yes, very much fun!”
“Shooting is also fun!”
“Going to pick up arrows is also fun!”
These guys can really have fun with anything…..

But the question is, whether or not they can shoot people in a real battle.
“If the enemy comes attacking, you have to kill them with this. Are you prepared for it?”
“Yes! I think that would definitely be fun!”
“I will kill a lot!”
Looking at their pure smiles, I felt guilt as if I’m making children train in order to kill. No, these are adults.
I need to work hard so that they won’t have to fight as much as possible.
But if this is the case, having more Inujins definitely would be fine.

I ordered several old veteran Inujin soldiers to return to their village in the forest to recruit volunteer Inujin soldiers. Because there are many Inujin people, young men alone should be more than a thousand..
“They would get a Sasami Jerky as afternoon snacks, and there are also civil engineering work and field work, so they can dig holes as much as they want. Please tell them so.”
“Yes! We’ll do our best!”
Saluting smartly, they went towards the west.
It will probably be fine, but I still can’t figure out where the switch stimulating the Inujins’ motivation lie….