Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants

Chapter 45

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"The line of the Hero was sojourning in Shubelm, in the northern part"

One of trade traders at Ryun Height, Mao reported so. It was a person that looked nice.

"In a row?, there are a number of Heroes?"

"No, the Hero is one. The name is Ranhalt. It would seem that there are three companions to a.s.sist him.

Both are considerably skilled "

It is troubling. Humans suddenly are strengthened when they form cabals.

However, speaking of Shubelm, it should have been destroyed by the invasion of the Devil's army. It was now being recaptured by the Miladia Alliance Army but, could it become a base?

"I saw refugees returning and rebuilding the streets.  The row of the Hero destroyed the remnants of the surrounding Devil's Army and seemed to have recovered security."

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I was going to treat the second division as a remnant party. It was reality.

Maou noticed my gaze and smiles grinning.

"Please excuse me. Now the emergency repair of the destroyed castle walls and the castle gate is over, and five thousand Shubelm stationed troops are returning soon."

This was unpleasant.

Shubelm was next to Bacchen, the last city where the second division would stand. If five thousand armies come back to Shubelm, there would be no chance victory.

"Do you know the movements of the  Miladia  Alliance forces?"

"Because it was out of the scope of the request … …."

Mao apologized and continued like this.

"I have investigated a little. The main force of the Miladia Alliance Army in the northern part, is that five thousand forces stationed in Shubelm and one thousand citizen militia"

"O, this is welcome"

" The Citizen militia seemed to be retreated back to their respective cities because the battle conditions had settled, and if there is a ma.s.sive offensive there will of course be recalls"

OK, let's quickly stick someone on Schubelm.

"There are several people who are troops staying at Schubelm for business negotiations.  We can tell the situation in the city any time we rendezvous in the city."

"… … Is it not too much?"

Maou laughed.

"We believe with sincere cooperation, there should be a sincere return."

"If you truly are  sincere in your cooperation"

Like demons, there are many kinds of human beings. Apparently, this guy seemed to be a good type.

However, it was appreciated  that useful information was gathered.

Since the expressing oneself without words or gestured was tiring, we got straight to the point.

"What is the honest expectation in terms reward you want? It is not likely to be simply money, right?"

Mao looked happy.

"As you guessed. We want several of the Centaurs, they would be welcome for our transport team"

"The reason being?"

"Their good legs and valiance, and for the bargaining power with the demons they are valuable to trade for merchants. There is no need for them to belong to the Devil's Army."

Certainly the Centaurs, had human intelligence and the mobility of a horse. Even if it is not a trained warrior, if you are a wolf you could not rout them. And if they are present, one can safely pa.s.s through the areas dominated by demons.

A few people, even if it is not soldiers, whatever it is going to be.

But I decided to exercise caution towards  such beautiful speech.

"Is it really, only because of that?"

"Of course, of course. Both the Devils' army and traders, seek outstanding talent,"