Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants

Chapter 53

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Chapter 50 (Lash’s Letter)

Mom, onee-chan, how are you? This is your ridiculous foolish sister desu.

To tell you the truth, the other day, I was working as saint Mildin in hero Ranhart’s party.

But I had stopped doing that.

I am in Rune Height now.

Ah, by the way, Ranhart is not a person.

That is a pretense made by the people in the senate.

A few days have pa.s.sed since I stopped became a fake saint and live in Rune Height.

At first, I was puzzled by the climate and topography in the southern part, but thanks to my decent personality part, I was able to get used to it. And the food in the southern part is delicious desu.

The situation in Rune height is quite different from what I thought.

When I got an order from senate to join in the hero party, I received an explanation like this desu. 

『Rune Height is dominated by demons, the sound of executions and tortures is echoing every day. There are a rotten smell and a lot of corpses.  The water in drainage is dyed in dark red blood, and even clean water can’t be obtained properly.』

Honestly, I thought it was scary.

But in that case, even we are just a fake heroes, we need to unite the people of Miraldia.

That is what I thought desu.

However, that strategy is not going well.

I will never forget that night.

And, I never want to remember that. (Tn: I think that means the memory will never disappear for her whole life, but she doesn’t want to remember it.) 

Those 3 knights are death at the same time.

And I am the only one who survives, I am sorry.

Vaito-san the werewolf saved me, and I ran away from Schubelm and come to Rune Height.

The people here didn’t know about me who was a fake saint, and they didn’t care too much about it.

for example, the priest-sama of the radiant light church here is different, he is really kind. He didn’t feel it was a bother to come and see me.

When I confess my sin, he made a big nod and said 「 I am also the same, a sinful and lost person. You can’t erase your sin, but you can atone for your sin. That is what I think.」

The important people of the radiant light church have an impression of a very proud person, but it is different in here.

There is a lot of demon walking around inside the town.

Dog person-san? Even I think they are a dog person-san, but they are really cute.  They are so fluffy. (Tn: I want to translate it to kobold but I think they are different in this novel. please vote if I should translate it as the dog person, inujin, or kobold)

There is a werewolf too, and there’s a person who looks like a lizard. I was scared at first, but they are surprisingly kind and polite.

Oh yeah, there’s also a person who has a lower body like a horse. Most of them are handsome, but somehow they are so masculine.

Ah, that’s right. I forgot to write the name of the 3 knight who works with me.

I don’t know if this is their real name, but if you met their family, please tell them.

in charge of the saint sword is Evinem-san.

「Even though there’s a lot of people who better than me at the sword, this name is a little……」 he always said that.

In charge of knight Kiyoshi is Kaniza-san, 「It’s good to be famous, but it’s painful because I need to have upright att.i.tude」

And the most who did a service as hero Ranhart is Scherk-san, his favorite phrase is 「If someday I drive away the demon from Miraldia, will there be a day where I could tell the truth…….?」

Even though Vaito-san is the one who beat those 3 people, but Vaito-san praised those 3 people. He said they are a first cla.s.s warrior.

So for those 3, please sleep peacefully. Please be a gentle, reliable and kind like always, thank you very much.

The coward me have an intention to live under the protection of the demon king army from now on. I am truly sorry.

Vaito-san is risking his life to save me who is his enemy. I don’t know why.

And the other strange thing is, Vaito-san only killed those 3 knights at that night. Even though he made a big rampage to save me, he didn’t kill even one soldier of Miraldia.

When I asked the reason, Vaito-san’s face looks like 「Oops」, and say this behind my back.

「Ahー…… that is, hora. It was boring to kill those small fries」

I am not a demon nor soldier so I don’t understand about it, isn’t that how it is?

But thanks to that, I feel at ease. I didn’t want people to die after all.

Even so, Vaito-san is a demon, so it feels a little strange desu.

he looks like a friendly neighborhood oniisan. (Tn: Spiderman reference.)

Oh yeah, there is also a very great magician in demon king army, and I became a pupil of that great sage Gomovira-sama. I called her Movi-chan sensei.

But the name of Gomovira reminds me at the time when I still learning. Isn’t it Magic history? I am not good at magic history. 

It’s very fun to study again after a long time. It is good that magic is moving according to the technique formula input, so it is not tiring like society.

When I said it to Movi-chan sensei, she nodded very deeply.

By the way, even after I was saved, I keep thinking 「Even though i just do as those important person said, why they are angry at me」.

But in the end, I need to take responsibility for what I did. I can’t blame those important person desu.

……No, I still want to pursue those important person to take responsibility.  If I think about it, it’s like a disposable p.a.w.n isn’t it?

Apart from that, I also need to reflect on it.

So I think I will start to do something as much as the number of people i deceived from now on. I think there is something I can do even for underling like me. Maybe.

Like world peace?

Well then, I hope this letter can be send by someone, but…. I think it will not get send for now.

That’s why, I will live and met wit mother and oneechan.

Please be well you two.

Ps: I think the senate was probably fired, so I will return the gold for scholarship by working in the demon king army. I will return it even with only my willpower. You will see!