Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants

Chapter 56

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Vaito’s Self Admonition

Chapter 53

After that, when I found a spare time, I went to visit Shaldir.

Although I had an intention to be gentle as much as possible, but I felt that I’m not welcomed here.

If I thought about it, I wonder if my bad reputation has spread through this place. It’s very difficult.

No matter what I say, I felt it will become misunderstanding in a strange way.

While holding such concern, I went to greet Shaldir.

「Thank you very much for the often visit」

I saw a glimpse of Alam’s expression, and his expression looks bad today.

「The matter about the other day,the conclusion is still……」

「What, I’m patient enough so don’t worry. I just come to give you a silver tableware as souvenir today. I heard that Alam-dono is quite a gourmet」

Alam received the spoon and fork set with a delicate design on it, his face became more and more painful. Today, his expression grew bad just like usual.

In this way, perhaps he can’t feel anything when eat something with this silverware.

Anyway, let’s take a step forward so we can get used to it.

If the relationship with Miraldia Alliance was not going well, then soon the only option for Alam was join with demon king army.

That was what I thought, but Today Alam looks a little strange. His expression looks like thinking hard about something.

「I…… I do not have any intention to expose the people of Shaldir in danger」

I thought it was strange for Alam to suddenly start saying in a low voice.

「What’s the matter, Alam-dono?」

「At first glance, it seems that they leave the choice to me, but this is to make me fall into the trap……」


「Th-That’s right. If the executive of demon king army come to visit frequently, someday the rumor will spread in Miraldia. They will concluded that Shaldir is on friendly term with demon king army」

I see. So there was such a way of thinking too.

But maybe I was a little too worried.

「Calm down Alam-dono. It’s an informal and private visit with a small number of people, there’s no way they will know about it」

「That’s no good! I-I will not going to make the relationship with Miraldia more worse than this! I can’t negotiate with the demon king army anymore」

I thought he was a timid nerd, but it turned out he was quite a brave man. but he is slightly too sharp.

「My Shaldir is the member of Miraldia Alliance! We will never betray our brethren」

I planned to advance this negotiation gently, but they clearly refused it.

It seems that I was intimidating him more than I thought.

In this way, I didn’t have any option except to threaten them. Just like usual, let’s used the plan to threaten them and do conciliation.  

I slowly started transforming into werewolf. When he saw my bizarre appearance, his face became completely white.

「Alam, can I take that as refusal for the proposal of demon king army?」

「Th-that’s right!」

Alam clenched his fist, he is shivering and trembling.

「This Alam Souk Shazaf, That’s my resolution as viceroy! so what if you killed 4000 people!」

Like I said it’s just 400 people, and at that time I only defeated 300 people. (Tn: I think it still quite a lot of number)


I take 1 step forward and Alam shrugged his shoulder while trembling.

「I-i-if you want to kill me, than kill me! I will not let you touch even one finger of the citizen!」

It was bad to say this, but the skill of his warrior was still amateur.  

Because his caustic word cut me even as a werewolf, I can understand how much his resolution.

The leader who will protect the people at the risk of his life, this is the second person beside aria who act like that.  

Or rather, wasn’t this guy a schemer nerd? I was surprised that he was unexpectedly a hot blooded person.

If I think about it, as tactician it’s quite bold to take a risk for breaking the agreement for not to made a private army. He might be the type who is not suitable for plotting.

Should I check it at once?

「So you ready to wage your life for people in Shaldir?」

「Th-that’s right!」

Even he was trembling and clattering, but he didn’t lose the glint radiance in his eyes.

「It’s true that you demons are strong. But with strength alone, you can’t make human abide you! Don’t think that you can get Shaldir just by killing me!」

What he said is right.

Because who take the command in demon kin is the strongest warrior, when the leader collapses, the successor will be the next strongest warrior. the command will surely collapse.

however the leader for human is a little different. Even if the leader is defeated again and again, the successor will be equal or more superior than the previous leader.

This difference is the definite difference between human and the demon kin.

This is why we demon can’t beat human.

But unlike the first impression, Alam was more pa.s.sionate than expected. It was surprising that I ran straight away to his real intention like this.

Alright, I’ll stop threatening him.  Let’s told him our real motive. let’s try to explain the reason rather than the advantage.

「Don’t worry. Demon king-sama and I do not want such bloodshed」

the second division is a little bit different, so it was a pity that I can’t say 「demon king army」.

「Even at the time capturing Rune Height, only 7 soldier got killed. There was no single wound on the citizen. We admit that we killed 400 soldier in Tuban, but that was because they come to invade Rune Height」

「I-is that true?」

「It’s true. To begin with, there’s no way Aira-dono will tie an alliance with demon king army if we are a fiendish race just like in the rumor」

That words seems quite effective. Alam became silence.

I told it to Alam to cleared the resentment.

「Our objective is not to control nor destroy human beings.  Instead, it was human beings who tried to destroy us, so we need to stand up」

「Th-that maybe the case but…….」

「Demon king-sama is the first person who try to find a way to coexist with human. We are different than Miraldia, we do not have any grudge again Shaldir. I think it certainly will turn out well」

But Alam had difficult expression and bites his lips.

「B-but if we join hands with demon king army because of that reason, the citizen of Shaldir will be in danger…… I have a responsibility to protect the citizen」

If they admit to coexistence with demon kin, the world surely will changed. Because the superior military in Miraldia want to maintain the current situation, they will never admit it.

Even so, we didn’t want to perish. We need to make a place somewhere.

Because of that we need to retort to violence.

「That’s the same like us. Demon kin lost their home because of human being and being driven to the corner. We can’t take a step back anymore. If you make an alliance, then demon king army will come to help and protect Shaldir. And won’t you change the era?」

Alam bit his lips hard enough to make a congestion. There was a bitter wrinkle crave between his eyebrows.

「Change is certainly important. It’s the same as a boat descending a river, there’s a limit for staying at the same place. But at the same time, the boat will turn over if it gets too fast. I was taught so from my predecessor. And it needs strategy to ride on the current」

I see, so he behaved to be like tactician was probably because of what his predecessor said.

You will be tired of playing character that didn’t suit you.

「When we get on the flow of coexistence with demon kin, Miraldia’s ship is certainly will be overturned. So will Shaldir’s ship get overturned too?」

I shook my head to the side.

「It’s not. It will be good if you come to Rune Height. The human are living happily with demon. If you do things with care, we will be able to walk together.」

But Alam still stood in silence.

「Can you…… give me time to think about it? This time it’s not to prolong the time…… I really want to have a time to think. I want to talk with everyone」

I didn’t smell a lie from him. His expression is serious too.

Let’s place a thrust in Alam.

「I understand, you can think about it carefully.  I will not interfere with Shaldir from now on unless you do a strange things」

I was entrusted to make a move in the war of southern part, so I able to promised something like this. In Alam case, it’s better to not made excessive interference.  

Alam stared at me motionlessly, But after that, he open his mouth.

「You……Who are you?」

「I just an adjutant of the demon king army that exist in the mountain」

I gave a simple answer and turn my back from him.

「See you next time, Alam-dono」

On the way back after I withdrew, I greatly reflected on it.

Recently, it seems I was becoming arrogant.  I even didn’t take a consideration at the proposal, it was a problem if I give a threat to the person. Perhaps it was because I had the strength of werewolf that I became haughty.

Also, I think it was because all of that detestable betrayal’s plot that my hearts in rage.

Sometime it was important to hit the real intention rather than relying on minor techniques.

Anyway, it was good that Alam seems to be honest. I still can’t be negligence, but it seems I can continue the negotiation with that felling.