Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants

Chapter 66

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Reincarnated into a Werewolf

Chapter 63 Death Battle and Demon Wolf

The battle between the demon lord and the hero was grand enough to be called a death battle.

The demon lord's spear flew towards the hero at an unbelievable speed. The overflowing magic in the spear was raging.

But the hero's sword did not fall behind even a step. His swordsmanship was like a silent storm, sweeping from side to side as he pleased, he stopped the spear's tip.

In the blink of an eye, the demon lord had lunged her spear towards the hero multiple times and all of them were blocked. Because of the intense shockwaves from the magic, the pillars behind got smashed to pieces.

I was dumbfounded as I watched that fight but suddenly realized a certain thing. The hero has been dexterously moving around for awhile, trying to drag in the guards to the fight.

The demon lord was trying to not hit the guards and restrain the hero from doing so either.

I hurriedly made the Black Scale guards fall back.

"Fall back! Don't be fooled by your eyes! Both of their weapons have extended range due to magic!"

Reacting to my words in no time, the guards leaped back. As expected of the elites the demon lord is proud of.

However, they are not magicians so they can't comprehend things which they can't see.

On the other hand, I was able to perceive their divinity, or rather their spiritual power as a flow of magic.

At a glance, their fight would look like a repet.i.tion of offense and defense.

However, they were actually fighting with all their strength to completely annihilate each other.

Just by getting grazed by the demon lord's speartip, the hero's magic was being stolen.

Conversely, just by a scratch from the hero's sword, a huge amount of magic leaked from the demon lord's body.

As their existences contravened each other, it looked like even the smallest scratch was able to inflict a deep injury.

If it was possible, I would have loved to a.s.sist in the fight but I would probably get cut down to pieces the moment I step in. And besides, the demon lord would not probably permit any sort of a.s.sistance either.

I would have also used support magic but that probably won't have any effect on the demon lord either. It is impossible to amplify the demon lord's power with my puny magic.

And so, while being aware of the surrounding, I watched over their battle with the guards.

It seemed they were equal in terms of strength. The spear lunged forward, which the sword brushed off and tried to attack, being blocked by the spear again and the flow repeated. It was a bewildering exchange of blows.

However, after lunging the spear forward, when the demon lord was pulling it back, there was a slight gap. Just for a moment, her handling of the spear grew slack.

I immediately understood what had happened.

It was something the demon lord had talked about long ago, the cross of the reincarnated.

The demon lord and I reincarnated into a demon from a human but the const.i.tution and feeling of a human and a demon is different.

I did not know martial arts in my previous life so now when I know werewolf martial arts, I do not feel any inconvenience.

But the spear technique the demon lord was using now was probably something she learned in her previous life. It was completely different from the dragonoids.

However, that is only the humans' technique. There are a ton of differences between humans and dragonoids.

And so, if one were to forcibly use such a technique, they might end up hurting themself.

Actually, the demon lord's strongest forte is the sword. But as she would end up hurting her shoulder or wrist if the fight draws on, after testing various things, she decided on the spear.

The demon lord's handling of the spear was as sharp as ever. I don't think it has gotten dull.

However, in a fight between two beings who have transcended the normal realm, that gap was fatal.


The hero succeeded in striking the demon lord.

The demon lord did try to dodge it but was a moment too late.

The hero diagonally sliced the demon lord from shoulder to the waist.

In front of my eyes, I could clearly see the demon lord's magic leave her body.

This can't be.

The demon lord can't lose.

But the fresh blood scattering everywhere was unmistakably real.


As the demon lord said that, she fell to her knees.

On the other hand, now when I look closely, the hero had also received a deep wound. The spear had pierced the hero's stomach.

The demon lord had used all her might to land a counter. But it seems like it was too shallow to defeat the hero.

The wounded hero gripped his sword again and leapt towards the demon lord.

I also tried to go between them but was too late.

The demon lord's body fell to the ground and did not move.

The hero threw the broken sword and wiped off the blood on him with his shirt. He did not seem to be affected a bit.

And as if he had lost interest on the demon lord, he turned to face towards us.

"Don't think you can run away. You guys are next."

Looks like the hero-sama does not plan on letting us small fries escape either. He plans on killing every single demon he meets.

All the guards drew their sword at once but I signed them to stay back. It was futile.

"Stay back. I will deal with him."

The hero looked at me.

"You, you look like a human but you are a demon, aren't you? What is with that?"

Instead of replying, I transformed.

And howled at the top of my lungs. The soul shaker.

The chandelier broke down and the candle light scattered away, shrouding the surrounding in darkness.

Only the moonlight illuminated the place.

"Don't think you can leave this place alive."

I ended up saying something too pompous.

But I don't regret it. No matter what happens to the demon lord army, I absolutely can't let this guy live.

"Looks like you think you can win because I am wounded, huh?"

He placed a hand on his wounds and they disappeared without a trace.

Seeing that, even the experienced guards trembled a little.

Then he took a knife and gripped it with his underhand.

"What happened? Come at me."

I am being quite underestimated, huh?

Certainly, he just healed his wounds just now.

But that's just on the surface. When he took the blow and also when he healed it, he lost a lot of magic.

Now, this guy isn't the super-being he was before he fought the demon lord. The unlimited magic I felt overflowing from him before had also weakened. He probably can't heal up like that anymore.

If the hero is wounded like this, even if it's a little, I have a chance at winning.

However, I need to be resolved for that as well.

I released all the magic I had prepared, increasing my physical strength at once. I was drawing in the magic from the surrounding with soul shaker, so its effect was much stronger than usual.

Moreover, I decided on using the secret strengthening magic.

"Burn, my body! Turn the sleeping insanity into strength!"

It was one of the incantations, 'fanatic burn'.

It is only temporary but with this, I am able to cross the limits of my body. It is a magic which keeps on giving me strength, without caring the least about breaking my bones or tearing my flesh apart.

After using it, I might die off the recoil but I will be killed either way if I do not win here.

The moment he realized I used magic, he came at me with full strength. The tip of the knife came straight at me.

My strengthened eyesight could barely catch his movements. It was pretty much up to my instincts to dodge.

Dodging the knife, I drilled in a kick to hit stomach. I certainly felt it hit him but looked like it didn't affect him much.

But it made a hole in his breastplate and sent it flying.


I barely dodged his knife again. I do not have as much magic or stamina as the demon lord. If it hit, that would probably be the end.

As payback, I socked him on the face. It was a clean hit but it looked like it didn't affect him much either.

What a person. It's a werewolf's punch which can instantly kill a bear or a war horse, you know?!

Close combat makes my vision narrow and is risky for me. Taking some distance, I calmed down to think.

Calm down. I am a werewolf.

Werewolves are not proud warriors. They are cruel hunters.

This fight too, is not one of a proud and honorable soldier. It is a fight out of anger, to use any foul move to hunt the hero down.

And so, I hid myself behind a pillar.

"What? You scared now?!"

The hero chopped off the pillar with his knife. Multiple times at that too. The huge pillar got chopped up as if it was a candle and slid down.

As I expected.

He only attacks. He is a daredevil who doesn't know when to back off.

I kicked some of the debris towards him.

And immediately after, I got on all four like a real werewolf and ran on the floor.

Black floor, black walls, black pillars, black ceiling, black stones, and, a black werewolf.

For just a moment. For just a moment, which would not even be tenths of a second, he couldn't sense me.

He was bewildered to find me blending in with the stones.

That one moment was enough.

Putting my life on the line, I bit his leg with my fangs.

Without hesitating, I crunched down his shin.


With the sound of bones breaking, I could smell a human's blood.

A werewolf's real weapon is not it's claws or fists. It's the fang.

Everything except the fang are nothing except countermeasures to block the enemy.

I do not know how a human fights but I fully understood how a werewolf fought.

Other attacks might not deal damage, but an attack with the fangs would even inflict a deep wound on the hero.

And if so, I still have a chance to win.