Reincarnated into a Werewolf, the Demon Lord Servants

Chapter 69

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Reincarnated into a Werewolf

Chapter 66 Demon Lord Friden Richet's last will and testament


If you are reading this letter, it means that I have been defeated by the hero.

At the same, it would mean you have defeated the hero too. I don't really think the hero would reconcile with you guys, after all.

But I do somewhat feel that you might be able to beat the hero.

And so, I shall leave this letter behind.

First of all, about the business of inheritance, all the knowledge I had gained in the previous world have been recorded in j.a.panese. There are about 4 red-spined books in the right table at the office. I want you to translate and pa.s.s the parts you deem worth pa.s.sing to the technical officers.

Also, about my successor, if no one has any complaint, I would like it to be Gomoviroa. She has a great track record and strength to back that up as well.

I did think about recommending you as the successor but was rejected.

However, I do understand your feelings — on why you firmly declined.

You probably properly understand the weight of the responsibilities of someone who becomes king. There are times when a casual word uttered by the king can sow seeds of fear, mistrust or discord in the surrounding.

There will also be people who would want to use the king's power.

And so, the king must always be careful.

Well, I do not quite have confidence in whether I was careful or not.

Moreover, kings must pa.s.s down heartless orders sometimes as well.

There are times when one must kill their enemy's whole clan and there are also times when they must execute the soldiers who have surrendered. Just as the daimyo in the warring states period were once.

But, I do understand that you may not be able to do such things.

And as such, I won't ask you to be the demon lord.

Being kind to your opponents–that's your weak point but at the same time, it is also your strong point. In this world, that kind of peaceful outlook is very rare.

However, I believe that with that outlook, you can change the world.

It might be best for you to keep changing the world as you see fit, as an agile aide.

By the way, there's one thing I must apologize to you about.

Before, I had said that I won't raise any topic of the previous world. That I won't ask who you are.

However, I had presumed who you were, though it may be vague.

You have probably come from decades — no, centuries after the world I was in before. It seemed like you lived in a world rich of materials and technology.

By your leadership and outlook, many have learned a lot, including me. I am grateful. You are probably not aware of it yourself, though.

When I think about it like that, I come to the conclusion that you have probably lived in much more peaceful times than I did. From your speech and conduct, I feel the presence of a peaceful era.

And so that means, the stuff I have accomplished in the previous world with my whole life on the line might have beared fruit in some way.

Sorry for a.s.suming a lot.

I can't stop thinking once I start, you see.

But because of that, I was able to live with my all and without any grief in this world.

Well, I am not dead at this point of writing, though.

I don't plan on losing to someone like the hero. I am the king of demons. The mediator of peace, Friden Richter.

I don't have any sorrow now. I can brag that I have conquered both my previous world and this world.

The demon lord army is also slowly gaining more area. I have brought up many talented people. I am also not worried about my successor.

Now that it has come to this, life and death just seem like a trivial matter to me.

This is a good opportunity, I guess I will go all out to my heart's content in a long time.

But even still, since I have gone to all the trouble of writing this, it might be quite interesting to still hand it over to you after the fight with the hero.

I am pretty curious to know what kind of face you make at that moment.'