Reincarnation - Lord Is Extremely Hardcore

Chapter 75

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"Eh?! Lan Lan?!" Someone had looked down and noticed Mu Rulan.

The bus went silent for a moment. Then students rushed to the window to look down - and sure enough, they were able to spot the G.o.ddess after so long. Translated by The Novelst

"Driver! Don't start the bus! Open the door! Are you looking to die, how dare you keep our G.o.ddess outside?"

"…" The driver felt wronged as he opened the door. His gaze scanned the crowd of students for Bai Suqing. It was she who had told him that everyone was on the bus and asked him to leave, but now it had turned into his mistake?

Mu Rulan was preparing to board the last bus with Cla.s.s F when the bus door opened and the cla.s.s monitor, Mina, pounced on her. Mu Rulan almost fell over from the impact.

"Why did you come?" Ou Kaicheng looked at her foot still in its cast with concern.

"President, didn't you say that you're not going to Ziyuan? Why…" Chen Qing stood in the entryway to the bus.

Mu Rulan blinked a few times, then smiled, "When did I say that I wasn't going?"

Everyone turned their gazes to Bai Suqing sitting stiffly in the first row.

Bai Suqing wrung her hands, "I thought sister wouldn't be going since her leg isn't healed yet. Auntie also asked sister to rest at home."

"There's no need for you to make excuses!" Mina gave her a derisive glance.

Her disgust toward Bai Suqing could be said to have risen rapidly during the month. First, Bai Suqing had mysteriously become part of the student council suddenly. She began partic.i.p.ating in the exchange program with Ziyuan High School.

Most of all, she followed Shu Min around all day, calling her "president" no matter what. People who didn't know the truth might even think that Mu Rulan had stepped down from her position.

Ever since Bai Suqing had entered the student council, a few soph.o.m.ores began to attach Mu Rulan in the forums anonymously, demanding that Mu Rulan step down to let Shu Min take over.

Mina was an IT expert. Her family were experienced international hackers of three generations. It was simple for her to check where these messages originated.

When Mina realized that Bai Suqing was the garbage angel, she really wanted to cut her off. However, she was worried that Mu Rulan might be sad that her little sister was doing such things behind her back.

"No matter what, at least you're here now. Come sit with us and you won't be bored," Chen Qing spoke out, relieving the situation.

Mu Rulan nodded in agreement. "Then you guys should get on quickly."

"Eh! Lan Lan, where are you going?" Mina pulled Mu Rulan back from heading to the other bus.

"This bus is already full, so it's okay. You guys should get on, it's the same for me if I get on another one."

"How is it full? The bus goes cla.s.s by cla.s.s; Lan Lan is part of Cla.s.s A. There's no reason for you to go sit with other," Mina said with a serious face.

"Wasn't the bus already…"

"Someone inside doesn't even belong to Cla.s.s ABC and took over the next of the magpie without permission," Mina said, scanning the students of the bus, her eyes coming to rest on Bai Suqing, who was still sitting still inside the bus. Her voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

No one knew how Bai Suqing had boarded their bus. It was just that she had been coming often to visit their cla.s.s within he last few weeks, so they had all become familiar with her. That was why, though they noticed she was on their bus, they hadn't questioned it.

Since Mina had put it out there now, everyone was unhappy. The place she was taking was Lan Lan's!

"Why is she staying on?" Translated by The Novelst

"h.e.l.lo? Does she need us to chase her out? She should get off herself. So insensible."

"…" The muttering took over the bus; even some students of Cla.s.s B and C were curious and took a look. Who was so thick-faced that they still weren't getting off the bus?

Bai Suqing's eyes were red, limping slightly as she got off the bus. In that moment, the people who had been mumbling about kicking her off suddenly became weasels. To chase off someone who was injured… In the end, it was just a seat.

The acc.u.mulated fans of the white lotus had spiked over the last month. One was a student of Cla.s.s C, and coincidentally he had been seated on this bus as well.

The boy pulled open the bus window, maneuvering his head so he could shout to Mu Rulan, "And people say that you're an angel. It's just a seat and yet you're not willing to let your little sister sit? Your legs might be gold, but does that mean Bai Suqing's aren't? You were injured and were hospitalized for a month, but when she got injured she still came to school every single day to attend and handle the matters of the student council perfectly."

The boy continued, "You just beat her here by a few years, which is why you got your position today. If she'd been here for the same amount of time at Liu Silan, she might be just as excellent, and who knows who might be more popular!"

The boy had shouted very loudly. Many pairs of eyes swiveled immediately to him.

The area went ominously silent, like trouble was brewing.

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