Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 960

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The big man who worked for the Zhangs had a rather uncommon eyesight himself, as he could see the imposing aura these people had within them. He realized that these people were of uncommon origins, so he used his walkie-talkie to report the situation here to the person who was in charge of the family's security issues.

Deep inside the residence, the Patriarch of the Zhangs, Zhang Pinqin, was now watching calligraphy and painting in his study, while Zhang Wendi, the most outstanding junior of the new generation of his family, was standing beside him. He was also Zhang Pinqin's grandson.

"What do you think about this calligraphy painting?"

Zhang Pinqin reluctantly retracted his eyes from the calligraphy and asked his grandson.

"This painting is just a string of numbers in my eyes," said Zhang Wendi indifferently. "The longer the number of digits, the better it is. Grandpa, you only need to tell me how to sell this object and with how much money you can buy it."

"There's a lot of things that can't be measured by money, Wendi." Zhang Pinqin shook his head and forced a wry smile, "The same concept can be applied with the advice that you should never look at the issues at hand with a careless att.i.tude. I can tell you one thing—it's money that is a series of numbers. Whether it is 100 million or 100 billion, it's no different in my eyes."

"Yet, the wealth can make our family more and more powerful, no?" talked back Zhang Wendi with all seriousness.

"Sigh, it seems the way I taught you over the years has really been a problem," reluctantly sighed Zhang Pinqin. "Even now, I can see you not as a child twenty-something years old, but rather a full-pledged, copper coin-smelling businessman who chases benefits with a rigorous and cold att.i.tude. Well, it may be a good thing for our family, but for you…"

"I think I like it quite well, Grandpa," cut off Zhang Wendi with an indifferent expression.

Knock, knock…

The opened door was knocked and the security captain, Zhang Wenzhao, came inside and said in a deep voice, "Uncle, Wendi, there's someone outside who has shown up at the entrance. He said that he's Tang Xiu."

"Tang Xiu? Surnamed Tang, huh?"

Zhang Pinqin's eyes raised and he looked at Zhang Wendi, "What do you think? Should we warmly welcome him, or rather drive him away?"

"Well, today is really interesting, isn't it?" Zhang Wendi grinned, "We drove away the old one and now comes the young one. The Tangs are really an amazing marvel, don't you think? He's the famous miracle-working doctor, and the Big Boss of Magnificent Tang Corporation, as well as the Young Master of the Tang Family of Beijing, yes? With such halos shrouding this guy, I do want to see him so much."

"Then I'll hand over this issue to you since you wanna see him," said Zhang Pinqin indifferently. "But keep in mind that Kutu is busy taking over those two ports as quickly as possible. If… in the case that they really don't want to give them up, I'll personally visit the highest official of Hong Kong, while you yourself can run amok slaying."

"Got it!"

Zhang Wendi's reply was very casual and he left the room with Zhang Wenzhao.

Ten minutes later, inside the other pavilion of the Zhangs, Zhang Wendi sat in front of the stone table while quietly savoring the scented tea. As a small group of people came inside, his eyes then fixated on Tang Xiu who was at the forefront. Disdain and contempt flashed in his eyes after a few seconds of observation before his eyes then fell on the teapot again.

"Quite crazy, aren't you?"

Tang Xiu went straight to Zhang Wendi's front and took a seat. He then s.n.a.t.c.hed the teapot from his hand to pour himself a cup of fragrant tea. He took a sip and lightly said, "I thought I could taste a genuine good tea from Young Master Zhang, but little did I think this one just tasted so-so. Young Master Zhang, you're Zhang Wendi, aren't you? Can I ask you a question?"


Anger flashed in Zhang Wendi's eyes, yet Tang Xiu interrupted him just as he spoke a word.

"You know, my question is quite simple and you should 100% be able to answer it, to be honest," said Tang Xiu with a trace of curious look on his face. "Just listen to my question well. Do your parents know that you're so arrogant?"


Zhang Wendi slapped the stone table with killing intent glittering in his eyes. He coldly said, "Surnamed Tang, you can eat any food at your will, but never speak s.h.i.t carelessly. This place is not your family's in Beijing, but my home."

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and said, "Well, I can understand that. But… are you threatening me?"

"How is this threatening you?" asked Zhang Wendi coldly, "It's easy for me to make you never come out of here if I want to."

"Truly an idiot!" Tang Xiu shook his head. He then waved to Singluen and said with a light smile, "You're the VIP I've invited, so don't stand far away with the background people, will you? To be honest, the tea of his family is rather ordinary. But, today is a hot day. Let's ignore the taste, and just have some sips to relieve our thirst!"

Singluen just smiled as he came over to the stone table and took a seat. He imitated Tang Xiu's style, grabbing the teapot and pouring himself a cup of tea. After sipping it, he pursed his lips and snorted, "Hmph, it's like what you told me indeed, Mr. Tang. Even if I know nothing about tea ceremony and I don't like tea that much, this tea indeed has an unpleasant taste. The Zhangs are said to be wealthy with lots of a.s.sets in Macao, yet they don't have much while being so petty to entertain their guests? I really didn't expect it!"

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" shouted Zhang Wendi angrily.

"Speak to Mr. Tang if you got anything to say, will you?" Singluen waved and said, "There's an adage that says, in your country that a man is just a pa.s.ser-by when he's just a hired thug, right?"

Zhang Wendi suddenly stood up. A smile crept up on his handsome face and it was getting thicker as time pa.s.sed. He finally burst into laughter and said, "Not bad. It's just great. n.o.body has ever dared to act arrogantly before me ever since I can remember. Tang Xiu has it great since he has his Tang Family of Beijing to cover him, but I wonder who's the one who shelters you? Otherwise, you will never get out of this place alive, even if Tang Xiu is here today."

Clap, clap, clap…

At this moment, a round of applause came from outside the pavilion as a robust and stalwart middle-aged man waltzed in with a dozen of strongmen. "Young Master Zhang spoke correctly. You must have enough background if you want to be flippant and impudent. Those who have neither background nor strength to pressure others will eventually die, getting struck by lightning."

A chilling light flashed in Singluen's eyes. He didn't even turn his head as he recognized who the owner of the voice was. With his back facing that man, he sneered, "I don't know whether I have a strong background or not. How about you tell me about my background then?"

"You are…" Kutu knitted his brows. He faintly felt that the voice was a bit familiar.

Singluen then turned his head to look at Kutu who was coming over step by step. He sneered again, "You haven't answered my question. Is my background strong enough to be compared to yours?"

Kutu's body was shaken and incredulity crept up on his face. Never once did he ever dream that he would encounter his clan's Second Young Master here.

Had it been before, he might not take this Second Young Master seriously. But now, he was perfectly aware that the Patriarch had begun to a.s.sess the two young masters—comparing their abilities and who was much stronger and would succeed the Patriarch seat in the future.

It was not only that. The most important issue was that he just realized a couple of days ago that the current Patriarch turned out to value this youngest pretender, and the possibility of him becoming the future Patriarch of the clan was very large.

"Second Young Master!" Kutu squeezed out a smile and saluted in a ceremonial att.i.tude.

"How would I dare to receive the address of Second Young Master from you?" sneered Singlueng grimly, "Besides, I have no strength and have no rights to be arrogant since my Dark Shaman clan is so weak. I'm afraid I'll be blasted by lightning if I'm to boast here. Well, it's different for you, though! I really admire your aggressive and domineering gesture. It's so d.a.m.n amazing!"

"I didn't know that it was you just now, Second Young Master," said Kutu awkwardly. "Thus, I said some disrespectful things. I just hope that you ignore it. Besides, the Zhangs are our clan's ally, so…"

"Hmph…" snorted Singluen coldly.

There was shock on Zhang Wendi's face. He never thought that the kiddo who followed Tang Xiu would actually be the Second Young Master of the Dark Shaman clan. He had seen the First Young Master of the clan, yet it was his first time seeing this second one.

Words had it that the Second Young Master of the Dark Shaman clan was a very talented youth, though cruel and merciless at the same time. He had now taken control of some of the Dark Shaman clan's power and was recognized and approved by some of the older members of the clan. But… how did he get together with Tang Xiu?

'This is gonna be troublesome.'

Zhang Wendy stared at Tang Xiu deeply. He then said in a deep voice, "You've invited the Second Young Master of the Dark Shaman clan here; is he your trump card up your sleeve?"

"This issue is nothing but trivial to me; why should I need a trump card?" asked Tang Xiu rhetorically.

"You don't need any?" sneered Zhang Wendi. "Your old man has come here today, yet he was also forced to leave frustrated. You think you're more powerful than him?"

"Let's leave out this nonsensical talk, shall we? It's useless," Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "Get the Zhang Family's Patriarch to get out to make his stance! I'll give you a chance; it's up to you to grab it or not."

"Depending on your words?" sneered Zhang Wendi. "You don't have the qualifications to make my grandfather see you."

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. He tossed down a cup of tea and indifferently said, "So… will your gramps immediately come out to see me if I kill you?"


Jin Shi's figure instantly streaked lightning fast from the crowd afar, along with a glittering sword tip that straightly targeted Zhang Wendi's throat.

"s.h.i.tty b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

An aged and h.o.a.ry voice sounded like a thunderclap as a decrepit old man appeared in front of Zhang Wendi in an instant. He grabbed a two-foot-long ax in his hand and formed a rumbling layer of ax shadows to fend off Jin Shi's sword strike.

Bam… puff…

The decrepit old man abruptly staggered backward with his body shaken. Fortunately, Zhang Wendi's reaction was fast and supported his back instantly so that he didn't fling backward and fall. Yet, the old man still spurted out a mouthful of blood that made all the members of the Zhangs present especially looked grim.

"Carry on," spoke Tang Xiu with a very calm voice.

That old man raised his hand to wipe the blood off the corner of his mouth and shouted, "Wait! There's something I want to say?"

"What do you wanna say?" asked Tang Xiu apathetically. "Don't say that you wanna beg for mercy. It's just a waste of time and spits."

"You want to see our Patriarch, so I'll immediately notice him see you," said the old man in a deep voice, "Let's not use force to solve the issues we can discuss at the negotiating table, shall we? Putting it bluntly, we all pursue profits and fortune, to begin with."

Tang Xiu observed him and smilingly said, "You are afraid, aren't you old thing? It's no wonder, though. After all, you've already broken through the barrier of martial art grandmaster and reached a higher realm, yet you can't even cope with fifty-plus percent of my man's strength. You got your blood running cold, don't you?