Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 1206

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Chapter 644: DeathG.o.d, Cai’er (II)


Their movements were stopped by Cai’er, “It’s not about taking the Cojoined Spiritual Pills. I want to borrow your strengths through the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. You will lose all your spiritual energy in the process, and will need three months to recover it. In a bit, please be completely relaxed; that’s the only way I can a.s.similate your spiritual energies.”

The two of them were startled, so Cai’er still had such a method?

From behind, the others all watched Cai’er attentively, as well as Long Haochen. The situation in the sixth floor was telling them that they were undoubtedly on the verge of facing light and darkness alongside each other. Would Cai’er truly be able to pa.s.s through this trial?

No one knew if Cai’er would be able to make it: they were all praying silently deep in their hearts.

“Cai’er, we are there too. Our spiritual energy is yours.” Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi stood up completely: they were the only two left with some spiritual energy of the group aside from Han Yu and Lin Xin.

Cai’er didn’t act modestly, and nodded, “Alright.”

The four of them formed a row, with Cai’er standing in the front slowly lifting the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death in her hand. Above her head, the shadow of death descended slightly.

An ice-cold murderous spirit filled the air, but right now, this murderous spirit wasn’t invasive, but had the form of a kind of extraordinary energy.

The Tower of Eternity was filled with a very extensive breath of death. But this instant, it looked like the breath of death had suddenly disappeared at once and Cai'er’s shadow of death became glittering.

The area on Cai’er’s chest glowed. It was not the light of the Eternal Melody, but a gray radiance forming gray halos hovering around her chest.

The Sickle of the G.o.d of Death pointed forward, and aimed first at Han Yu. 

The sharp edge was pushed against Han Yu’s chest, causing the latter to fill a cold chill. He felt his whole body going cold, as an unsurpa.s.sed might surged out in the midst of that icy cold.

The internal spiritual energy in his body felt like gushing out, turning into groups of white halations heading through Cai’er with the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death as extension.

Just like Cai’er had instructed, Han Yu didn’t resist and completely loosened his body, allowing Cai’er to absorb it all. In just a moment, his over ten thousand supply of spiritual energy was reduced to naught.

But, as the effect of the absorption had yet to finish, Han Yu activated the effects of his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings, and declared, “Cai’er, absorb from the others first. My spiritual stove’s effects should improve your absorption further.”

Cai’er nodded silently, and the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death next landed onto Lin Xin. The Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings encompa.s.sed Lin Xin, Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao in its range of effects, greatly accelerating their spiritual energy recovery.

The Sickle of the G.o.d of Death kept flickering with deep coldness as it absorbed every drop of the four’s spiritual energies.

At the start, the four were originally standing, but as their spiritual energy was greatly diminishing, they had no choice but to sit down because of the feelings of weakness.

Time pa.s.sed second after second, and in the time needed to have a meal, Cai’er obtained over a hundred thousand spiritual energy from these four.

This was thanks to the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings. Without it, it would already be pretty good for Cai’er to get sixty thousand from these guys.

Absorbing a hundred thousand spiritual energy caused Cai’er’s whole body to release fluctuations of spiritual energy. Thin grey streams of air fluctuated lightly around her body.

Everyone could totally feel the imposing ice-cold which the four who had gotten their spiritual energy absorbed had felt.

The shadow of death in the sky became more and more distinct. The still illusory-looking face aside, every wrinkle on its grey armor became clear to view.

Cai’er slowly bowed the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death towards her comrades, showing her resolve in the depths of her gaze.

All Demon Hunters from Bright Glimmer of Hope were aware of her thoughts. The resolute look she had gave off an indescribable feeling of deathly stillness. She had the determination to achieve a sure kill in this battle.

Right now, none of them could stop Cai’er, and as they also knew, none of them would even be capable of it.

Taking deep breaths, Cai’er placed her Sickle of the G.o.d of Death onto the ground. Immediately, the grey radiance surrounding her body formed into a grey lump spiralling around her. As a grey barrier was formed on her body, both Cai’er’s feet shot out abruptly.

If one absolutely had to describe the feeling she gave off, then ‘nothingness’ would be very fitting. Even the comrades behind her felt that she seemed incorporeal.

Layer upon layer of spiritual energy kept gushing out, and she was overflowing with murderous spirit as she quickly brandished the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death.

A tyrannical gray ray was clearly visible, drilling forward and aiming at the junction in the midst of the world of light and darkness.

At the same time Cai’er made this move, in the golden and dark opposite worlds appeared two lights and shadows.

This instant, everyone felt like the sun and moon had appeared simultaneously in this sixth floor.

Right, this was the feeling of the sun that symbolizes the day and the moon that symbolizes the night.

These were two identically shaped skeletons, a golden skeleton in armor, and a black skeleton in a gown. Just like Cai’er had antic.i.p.ated, these last two skeletons had appeared together.

And, from the looks of this sixth floor, that white energy in the center seemed to make it so that their respective domains wouldn’t counteract each other.

Bang. A murderous gray almost corporeal spirit abruptly attacked the white barrier in the middle, causing the sixth floor’s spatial limits to sway slightly. That thin looking barrier was actually incomparably tough and durable: even such an intense and sharp  corporeal murderous spirit was unable to cause any damage whatsoever.

“Chaos attribute!”

“And spatial attributes!”

Chen Ying’er and w.a.n.g Yuanyuan blurted out almost simultaneously. Their eyesight having grown stronger and stronger with their strength, they were able to perceive traces of the attributes they were pretty knowledgeable with.

The mixture of chaos and s.p.a.ce formed this separating barrier.

The two skeletons moved together. The bright warrior was growing an immense pair of golden wings, and its body turned into a stream of light rushing straight at Cai’er. This ability seemed quite close to Long Haochen’s Lightspeed Flash, but even faster. The instant of its release, the place where the skeleton used to stand glittered with the shine of sunlight, and a dense light essence giving off a sticky vibe flared out a discharge of radiant light.

On the other side, the darkness mage lifted up its staff, and behind it appeared a dark purple crescent half-moon, from which a thick darkness element arose.

Light and darkness had absolutely no way to harmonize, but the instant these two powerhouses made a move, Cai’er suddenly became stagnant in the midst of light and darkness. In other words, the barrier formed of chaos and s.p.a.ce was right on her body, and right now, she was being attacked by darkness from the left, and light from the right. Her body was locked in the path of the two powerhouses’ attacks.

Indeed, light and dark had no way to a.s.similate each other, but under this clever setup, Cai’er was restricted to the central spot of the sixth floor. Being aimed at simultaneously by the powerful offenses from the light and dark elemental domains, she was pulled into the center of the room in a straight line. The restrictions inflicted by light and darkness pushed her into desperate straits at once.

The expressions on the team’s face took a sharp turn. The gap in difficulty between the fifth and sixth floors was just excessive.

They originally believed that the trials on the fifth floor were already an excessive challenge, having two powerhouses of s.p.a.ce making use of domains. But in this trial, Cai’er was facing not only two powerhouses, but also attacks formed of repulsive power.

Light and darkness opposed each other terrifyingly, making it so that in case these two elements impacted her body at the same time, the mutual repulsion would be sufficient to crush her body completely.

Even in such desperate straits, Cai’er did not panic. Raising the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death in her hand, her whole body was in a state of great serenity.

Striding once, her body moved and shot up in straight line.

This instant, Cai’er’s speed suddenly reached an indescribable level of terrifyingness, actually even exceeding that light warrior wielding its domain’s power. In a flash, she crossed ways with the light warrior and even crossed the darkness mage’s path without launching an attack.

What kind of technique was that? One could only see a grey shadow moving at a speed that even an of the ninth step wouldn’t necessarily attain.

Following Cai’er’s frontal charge, that shadow of death that had kept floating so far finally landed to the ground. Following her like an afterimage, it finally blended into Cai’er’s body after a short time of approach.

A G.o.d’s Descent? In the minds of all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members appeared that same reaction. But, they had yet to understand the nature of this G.o.d’s Descent that Cai’er had employed.

That shadow of death had appeared long before, on the battle of the third floor, and had taken part in the previous battle only for a short moment. But Cai’er hadn’t yet utilized it, while still maintaining it. It was a wonder how a G.o.d’s Descent could be maintained and fermented for such a long time.