Evil Emperor's Enchanting Martial Consort

Chapter 26

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Gu Hua stared at the peerless beautiful man but she quickly recovered as she hears him laughing which was gentle and intoxicating. His voice was warm and pleasant.

An Haden smiled tenderly as his smooth white hands gently held her delicate jade-like hands "Girl since I saved your life, shouldn't you repay me?"

Gu Hua wanted to retract her hand but An Haden was far too strong. The more she struggled, the stronger he gripped her hands.

Gu Hua was cursing in her heart, while on the contrary, a sneer was plastered on her face. "What do you want?" Gu Hua exasperatingly asked. In this contest of strength, she could only helplessly admit defeat.

Hearing this, An Haden's eyes exposed a trace of cunningness, his handsome face became serious "Girl, I don't think you can give me something valuable which I don't have..... So, why don't you pay back with your body."

An Haden's face turned bitter from serious as he said "Girl, as inadequate as you are, you should have got your own uses."

Gu Hua tried to suppress her anger as she felt her temple pulse. This ruthlessly cunning fox, if he was living in the modern era, how many people would be trapped by him? This man had a handsome appearance but was actually a cunning rogue, ah!

"How about I give you 100 gold coins, surely it should be enough for one ride." Gu Hua's voice was like the calm before the storm as she forcefully restrained her anger.

Who knew that An Haden would stick out his slender forefinger, and started to firmly shake it in front of Gu Hua's eyes while laughing evilly. "Well, it should be enough for a normal ride, but don't forget you are riding this kings carriage and also without permission."

"You are purposefully being unreasonable. It doesn't matter if it is a normal carriage or yours. It is still a carriage not a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Even if it is a Lamborghini it's still not worthy enough to sell myself for that." Gu Hua angrily responded.

Gu Hua calmly crossed her chest, as her eyes lifted upwards and were caught by his pair of alluring eyes. When she meets that pair of outrageously gorgeous eyes, her heart suddenly started to skip in bthump bthumps.

That pair of outrageously gorgeous eyes was unbelievably calm and even more unspeakable intense.

It was as if the gaze held in for 10,000 years.

Gu Hua's throat seems to be blocked; it seemed as if she couldn't say a single word.

It took her a while to gather her bearings and she secretly warned herself about it in her heart.

Today she wanted to take the chance to earn some gold coins but didn't expect to meet this stingy and shameless guy.

Yes! Too shameless.

'It's my bad luck!' Gu Hua thought angrily, it seemed she should get out of here before she was swindled by this handsome guy.

Gu Hua stared into An Haden's eyes as she spoke righteously "I am definitely not one to renege on a debt. So, here is your 200 gold coins. And I sincerely hope to never see you again."

Regardless of the driver's horror, she jumped directly out of the carriage and turned, walking away through the crowd.

She didn't want to talk with that guy any longer otherwise, she herself might not be able to stand it and stroked him with hundred swords.