So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1016

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"Leaving after sneaking a taste is not what good children should do!"

Zhou Jiajia was shocked. She felt that she was hugged from behind by someone. When she turned her head suddenly, she saw Yang Ming smiling at her instead. His eyes were bright. How could he be sleepy?

"You… why are you not sleeping yet?" Zhou Jiajia was like a child who was caught for doing something wrong. She blushed, but she couldn't say anything.

"Hehe, I was asleep, but I was woken by your kiss." Yang Ming smiled.

Zhou Jiajia pouted. She apparently didn't believe Yang Ming. It would be strange if he didn't make any mischief. Chen Mengyan had already told her about a lot of mischievous things that Yang Ming did over two nights, so she wouldn't believe the nonsense reason like being woken up by a kiss.

"Hah, I am telling the truth. Haven't you heard the story of Snow White and Prince Charming?" Yang Ming continued to say indifferently. "Oh, sorry. I said it wrong. It should be Snow White Prince and the Princess Charming. The Snow White Prince fell asleep; the Princess Charming kissed him, and he woke up..."

"I hate you!" Zhou Jiajia's face was flushed. She complained, "Why am I Princess Charming..."

"Why aren't you? I decide who you are..." Yang Ming smiled.

"I mean, the Princess Charming is so unpleasant to listen to... I don't want to," said Zhou Jiajia shyly.

Yang Ming laughed after listening, then he embraced Zhou Jiajia into his arms. They laid together on the bed.

"You… what do you want to do?" Zhou Jiajia was shocked. Although she was already prepared in her heart, Zhou Jiajia was still a bit timid when it really happened.

"Weren't you quite bold just now? You even took the initiative to kiss me!" Yang Ming laughed. "Come on, let's practice it again. Kissing is like drinking water. You have to practice it regularly..."

Zhou Jiajia was confused, listening to it. Why does drinking water need practice? What kind of nonsense is this? However, as she was thinking about these inexplicable things, her small mouth was covered by Yang Ming's big mouth.

"Wuu..." Zhou Jiajia struggled subconsciously, then she laid softly into Yang Ming's arms...

I haven't had this feeling for a long time. I remembered last time when I kissed Yang Ming during the cla.s.smate reunion, but that was unintentional. Only this time, Yang Ming is taking the initiative.

Although Zhou Jiajia was very shy, she felt delighted instead. It was basically two different concepts between unintentional and Yang Ming taking the initiative. Zhou Jiajia trembled all over and tightly grabbed Yang Ming's back, letting him do whatever he wanted to...

Yang Ming's mouth wasn't idle; neither were his hands. He stretched his hand straight into Zhou Jiajia's loose pajamas and went all the way up to her towering chest. Zhou Jiajia jerked and squinted, but her mouth was sealed entirely by Yang Ming. She wanted to talk, but she couldn't, so she closed her eyes, letting Yang Ming do as he wished.

Hehe, it seems her bosom has grown by a lot! Yang Ming still remembered when he saw Zhou Jiajia's chest in the hotel room; it wasn't as big as it was now. Could it be that the nutrient solution she got from the hospital every day went to her bosom?

Yang Ming was thinking evilly... However, as Yang Ming's hand went to her bosom; the other hand wasn't idle. He swiftly undid Zhou Jiajia's pajamas b.u.t.tons and stripped her upper body directly.

The heating in the villa was provided for twenty-four hours. Even if they didn't wear anything, they wouldn't catch a cold at all...


"Sister Lin, do you think that we gave a cold-shoulder to Yang Ming during the past few days?" Chen Mengyan hugged her leg in the bed and curled up under the quilt; Lin Zhiyun, who was in the same position, asked.

 "I don't know..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head.

"You are really indecisive. You will be bullied by him in the future," said Chen Mengyan helplessly. "Do you really want to go to Yang Ming now?"

"I… I didn't..." Lin Zhiyun suddenly blushed and shook her head.

"You little traitor." Chen Mengyan smiled and went to tickle Lin Zhiyun's armpit.

"Yah… Sister Mengyan. Stop it... I can't take it, haha..." Lin Zhiyun was gearing up too as she extended her hand to Chen Mengyan's chest. "Yang Ming must like to touch you here... "

"You, b*tch, actually says the opposite, right? How do you know? It must be that Yang Ming likes to touch yours, and you know it!" Chen Mengyan directly exposed Lin Zhiyun's lies.

The two girls played around together. They only stopped after a long time when they got tired. They each laid on one side of the bed.

"Sister Lin, how about you go to accompany Yang Ming tonight? He is quite pitiful for sleeping alone. Just after we went upstairs, I saw his disappointed expression, and I somehow could not bear it..." Chen Mengyan sighed. She said to Lin Zhiyun with a normal tone.

"I...Sister Mengyan, maybe you should go..." Lin Zhiyun missed Yang Ming, but she thought it would be better to let Chen Mengyan go.

"Why do I need to go!?" said Chen Mengyan with a smile. "Can't I go to him at any time? I am probably a jealous girl in Yang Ming's mind. If I keep occupying him, he will think that way even though he doesn't say it."

"Not at all. Sister Mengyan, I think you are very tolerant..." said Lin Zhiyun from the bottom of her heart. "When you knew about the matter between Yang Ming and me, you didn't... didn't stop us... I am grateful..."

"Speaking of which, it was you who had a s.e.xual relationship with Yang Ming first. Yang Ming is a softhearted person. I even wanted to thank you for you not threatening Yang Ming to break up with me because of this reason..." Chen Mengyan sighed and said faintly.

"Of course, I wouldn't..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head and said affirmatively. "Now, I am very content. Sister Mengyan, can we be two good sisters for a lifetime, okay?"

"Okay, Jiajia, too. I brought her to this home without discussing with you... I was afraid that you would have different opinions..." Chen Mengyan nodded and said.

"Sister Mengyan you can decide on these things. I have no other opinion," said Lin Zhiyun indifferently.

"Okay, don't say this. You go ahead. Yang Ming was probably getting anxious for waiting. He will be annoyed at me for a while!" Chen Mengyan patted Lin Zhiyun and urged her.

"I… I go?" Lin Zhiyun was a little uncertain. "Am I really going?"

"I am asking you to go then go. You clearly want to go, but you are still being overcautious and indecisive. You need to change this habit in the future!" said Chen Mengyan with a stern face. "If you don't go, I will get angry."

"Then... then I'll go now..." Lin Zhiyun hesitated and climbed out of bed. Then, she turned her head and said to Chen Mengyan, "Sister Mengyan, why don't we go together?"

"Together?" Chen Mengyan was stunned, and then she looked at Lin Zhiyun with a silly face. "We… how do we go together..."

"We are good sisters, so we should be together..." Lin Zhiyun said with a blush.

If Yang Ming were beside them, he would definitely be ecstatic. He would praise Sister Lin as a G.o.ddess for thinking of such a great idea. This was really worthy of praise.

"That... that is not good, right..." Chen Mengyan's face was flushed too. Although she and Lin Zhiyun were really close to each other now. They slept together for a few nights; they even took a shower together. It could be said that there was no barrier between each other.

However, doing that thing is different. Yang Ming can only do it with one person at a time; what about another person? Just simply watch it? Chen Mengyan felt embarra.s.sed when she thought about it. It was still fine if she watched Sister Lin doing it with Yang Ming; if Sister Lin were watching her, how could she face the other in the future?!

This b*tch. She can even think of such a bold idea? Chen Mengyan was really embarra.s.sed. She tapped on Lin Zhiyun's head and said, "I don't know what you think in your little head. It must be influenced by the pervert, Yang Ming!"

"I am not..." Lin Zhiyun felt wronged instead. "I just think that we are sisters, so we have to share good things together..."

"You really! Yang Ming is mistreating to you, and you said it is a good thing!" Chen Mengyan was a little dumbfounded. "Not sure what kind of love potion he gave you."

"That... if he is being naughty with me... I still like it too… and it's very comfortable..." Lin Zhiyun whispered. "Sister Mengyan, aren't you like this..."

"I..." Chen Mengyan was suddenly at a loss for words. Lin Zhiyun is right. Ai, I thought she can be my ally, but Sister Lin is a traitor no matter what. Chen Mengyan was helpless. She could only force herself to say, "Well, then let's go together, but I will say this first. Yang Ming can only be naughty to you; I will… accompany by the side."

"Sister Mengyan… you are more naughty!" Lin Zhiyun suddenly became ashamed when she heard it. She lowered her head and didn't dare to look at Chen Mengyan.

Chen Mengyan was curious. She wanted to see what would happen when Sister Lin and Yang Ming were doing it together, so she pulled Lin Zhiyun to Yang Ming's room without letting Lin Zhiyun speak.

In the beginning, Lin Zhiyun was still unwilling, but she thought it was fine after two steps. I have promised Sister Mengyan to be good sisters forever anyway. What am I afraid of? There will be a day when I watch them do it...

They crept to the front of Yang Ming's room. As Chen Mengyan was about to knock on the door, Lin Zhiyun stopped her instead, "Sister Yan, what if Yang Ming is already asleep? We will disturb his rest. It is not good, right?"

Chen Mengyan felt amused. No one knew Yang Ming's character better than her. She thought, He is eager for us to disturb him. It is even best to disturb him every day!

However, it was fine not to knock on the door. Chen Mengyan decided to push open the door and go in. If Yang Ming was asleep, it was good to scare him too.

So, she nodded, gently grabbed the door handle and opened it.