Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1452

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Slam! The palace lord smashed the jade table and got up roaring coldly "who did it?"

The jade table split apart and turned into a pile of dust.

But then, the palace lord realized this maid wouldn't know.

"when was this?" the firs telder frowned and asked.

The maid said shakily "just then, I, i…." she wanted to explain things but she couldn't say a complete sentence.

The palace lord calmed down now and glanced at the shaky maid "clean up and join young master Yue."

The maid's face went pale immediately and wanted to say something but she couldn't say anything.

"did you not hear me?" the palace lord's voice went colder.

"yes, yes…." The maid said shakily.

Then, the pretty young girl suddenly said "master, this maid is just guarding the soul guard, young master Yue's occurance has nothing to do with her. I'm thinking, I'm thinking if it's possible to let her…"

Everyone fell silent, the young palace lord hasn't even fulfilled her position yet and dared to break the rules of the Ice G.o.d palace begging for mercy for a maid.

The palace lord's eyes grew even colder. She looked at the young girl expressionlessly "Dai Yun, remember, this is the first time and the last. If you dare to say something that breaks the rules again, then you can join the young master too."

"yes…" the young girl answered shakily.

There was despair in the maid's eyes as she left slowly.

The palace lord's icy expression and her extremely beautiful face seemed very eerie. She glanced at the cultivators and tried to calm herself down "who knows where young master Yue went?"

One truth realisation state level six got up and bowed "before he left, he researched some information at our library. It's all about the origin and past of our Ice G.o.d palace, I think he perhaps went…."

"you're saying he went to South Peace State to research the ruins of Ice G.o.d palace?" the palace lord interrupted the elder and asked.

The truth realisation state level six elder nodded "I believe so, young master Yue didn't want to fall behind and works hard in cultivation. Plus, he's deeply in love with Dai Yun palace lord so I believe he really went to South Peace State."

"atrocity, South Peace State's cultivation level is the head of the Luo Yue four states, there are countless masters there how can you let him go there?" the palace lord reproached.

The truth realisation state level six knew the palace lord's reproach was unreasonable but he still bowed "yes, this is Liu Xizhu's negligence."

"who went with him?" palace lord calmed and knew it was pointless to yell at these truth realisation state elders.

Liu Xizhu quickly answered "he went with Lang Wei, Lang Wei just broke through to disaster transformation state level two."

Palace lord sneered "able to kill disaster transformation state level two Lang Wei, it seems he's at least disaster transformation state middle stage. I'm going to go South Peace State and see who dares to kill our Ice G.o.d palace people. Do they think that just because we're hidden in the Heartless Sea, we can be abused."

The palace lord said "elder Wen Wen, during the time I'm away, you will a.s.sist Dai Yun in handling matters. The immortal ascension can wait a little. Dai Yun I hope you won't make the same mistake as today."

"yes master." The girl replied anxiously.

Truth realisation state peak stage elder Wen Wen got up and said "palace lord, how about I go…"

"no need, I'll go personally, if I don't kill this person myself, I won't feel a.s.sured. Liu Xizhu can come with me. the rest can stay here, perhaps our Ice G.o.d Palace needs to return to South Peace State, this can wait till after I'm back."

"yes, palace lord." The rest of the cultivators quickly answered.

In the bottom of the bone river, a subtle grey bead was amongst the mud and dirt. This was Ye Mo's golden page world, his golden page world went from golden at golden core state to faint gold and then now grey.

There were tens of extreme grade s in the middle and the time formation disk was operating rapidly. Ye Mo ate pills lavishly while cultivating with immortal crystals in his hands. On top of that, there was a spirit nourishing well next to the time formation disk.

It could be said that in the cultivation realm, no one could afford such lavish cultivation.

Dense immortal spirit chi spread out and even shadowless who couldn't be bothered watching Ye Mo cultivate ran over like a sycophant wanting to take part of the immortal spirit chi feast.

Crack, the immortal crystals in his hands broke and Ye Mo knew he reached truth realisation state level five. Truth realisation state middle stage cultivation essence was so much more powerful than truth realisation state primary stage. His spirit sense had huge improvements. This was him without using spirit sense cultivation method. If he had a spirit sense cultivation method, his progress would be even greater.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to change a immortal crystals for cultivation, he felt the time formation disk stopped.

What was going on? He knew he probably didn't cultivate for five years yet. The time ratio of using immortal crystals was one to one hundred. 7 immortal crystals could supply the time formation disk for a month meaning he could cultivate for eight years in sped up time.

Was it that the more powerful you were the faster immortal crystals were used?

He took out another seven immortal crystals and put them on the time formation disk. Two years later when Ye Mo was truth realisation state level six peak stage, the immortal crystals were used up again.

Ye Mo sighed, it had only been a week outside and the immortal crystals were used up. When he was disaster transformation state, 7 immortal crystals could last him a month in real time.

The immortal crystals were being used up quicker as his power increased but luckily the time ratio was still the same.

Cultivating in the golden page world for a month, Ye Mo reached truth realisation state level six peak stage.

Ye Mo didn't keep cultivating, he had plenty of immortal crystals but he was afraid he cultivated too fast resulting him to ascend into the immortal realm first. He had to wait for Luo Ying and them's cultivation once he got back to Mo Yue City.

Ye Mo counted the remaining immortal crystals he had. He thought he would use at most 50 but he was shook at the figures. He used 178 immortal crystals.

Soon, Ye Mo shook his head. He thought before that if he had ten more immortal crystals he would be able to reach truth realisation state middle stage, what a joke that was. It wouldn't even be enough to support the operation of the time formation disk.

He used 178 immortal crystals plus staying inside extreme grade spirit range as well as all those heaven grade level nine pills to reach truth realisation state level six. Otherwise, he might use up two or three hundred immortal crystals.

Luckily he got this many immortal crystals this time, otherwise, how was he to reach truth realisation state peak stage?

Realizing how hard it was for him to break through, Ye Mo didn't worry about cultivating too fast. Instead he took out 7 more immortal crystals and began cultivating again.

When Ye Mo reached truth realisation state level seven, he stopped cultivation. He checked, when he stopped cultivation, the time formation disk immortal crystals usage went back to normal.

This wasn't too absurd then.

Ye Mo put away the time formation disk and released the mist lotus heart fire. He had decided to see if the rare flame purple marrow could break through his heaven flame. If not he had to leave now, he had wasted a month time at the bottom of this river.

Immediately, he felt mist lotus heart fire's intense desire to devour the rare flame purple marrow. The blue flame swept it in.