Super Soldier

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Brother Fingerless’ Death

Xiao Bing let out a long sigh, feeling the knot in his heart which had been present all this time completely unraveling. Thinking about Su Peiya won't accomplish anything. There was no need to make himself suffer forever; sorrow for kin, succor to the enemy.

Xiao Bing somewhat blankly stared at Yezi. Not only had she dissolved the knot in his words with but a few words, he even felt her wittiness, candidness, and sincerity influencing him.

A sly expression appeared in Yezi's eyes as she smilingly said, "Have you figured it out? Invite me for a drink if you get the chance, alright?"

At this moment, sounds of hurried footsteps came from the woods, followed by a gasping voice, "I'm exhausted to death! How can that person fly away so fast. Who knows where he took young miss with him, what are we supposed to report back now?"

Xiao Bing stood up and smiled, "Let me invite you then. There is Little Noodle Shop at the Civil Lines, go look for me there."

"Little Noodle Shop?" Yezi blankly stared for a moment, then let out a light chuckle, "Alright, I'll definitely look for you there. Remember, you owe me a drink!"

When the two anxious bodyguards found Yezi, Xiao Bing had already gone. Seeing that she was standing, looking perfectly fine, they let out sighs of relief, and one of them carefully asked, "Young miss, that person…."

Yezi glanced at him and indifferently said, "That's my friend."

The two kept silence out of embarra.s.sment. That man moved so fast even when carrying their young miss, almost flying. It was a feat that n.o.body throughout the entire Jiang city could do. This matter couldn't be belittled. Before anything else, they needed to report this matter back to their Lord.

After chatting with Yezi, the knot in Xiao Bing had untied. At this moment, the most important task was to protect Peiya's family, and let her rest in peace. Recalling how mother Su narrowly avoided death, Xiao Bing couldn't let it go down his throat. Upon arriving in the city, he found a telephone booth and made a call.

After a few rings, a bewildered male voice came from the receiver, "h.e.l.lo. Who is it, calling in so late?"

"Jack, help me look for Civil Lines area's Police Station Chief's number." Xiao Bing had regained his previous confidence and domineering manner.

"Brother Bing?" The counterpart ecstatically said, "Excellent! Brother Bing, where are you? We brothers are looking for you everywhere!"

Xiao Bing gravely said, "There is possibly a mole in the organization. Apart from you and old Lei, there are not many people I can fully trust. Don't tell others that I contacted you."

"Brother Bing, we need you….."

"Let me know when you have looked up the phone number."

The counterpart sighed. Soon after, a few taps of the keyboard could be heard and the voice replied, "The bureau chief of Jiang city's Longsha district is named Chang Huaian; his phone number is 181444622×9. Civil Lines is a part of Longsha district."

"Don't forget my words. As of now, the traitor's ident.i.ty is completely unknown. You should also keep your guard up. And yeah….old Lei is impulsive, don't tell him yet. My phone will be temporarily disabled. I'll inform you after arranging a new card. Then you'll be able to contact me if something comes up."

"Got it, brother Bing." Although his brother Bing didn't agree to return, the latter's first contact was him. Regardless of what happened, Xiao Bing showed trust in him, which made him excitedly agree on the spot.

After hanging up, Xiao Bing immediately dialed Chang Huaian's number. This time the line rang for a long time. Amidst a woman's heavy gasping, an impatient male voice that itself seemed somewhat out of breath came through, "Who is it?"

Xiao Bing coldly said, "No need to know who am I. I am merely informing you that Brother Fingerless is suspected to be a part underworld- taking part in blackmailing and extortion, taking advantage of innocent women, and even selling drugs at public places."

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" The other side seemed to be stopped moving on the bed. After a few moments of silence, Chang Huaian gravely said, "Brother Fingerless is a law-abiding citizen, you better not slander his name without evidence….."

Xiao Bing coldly laughed and said, "I understand."

After saying these words, Xiao Bing slammed the receiver shut and silently lit a cigarette. The phone beside him rang up, but he paid no heed. Leaving the ringing phone behind, he entered the darkness of night.

Sometimes in life, some opportunities only presented themselves once. Miss it, and you'll never get another one.

Brother Fingerless conclusion was already set, would Chang Huaian able to escape?

Midnight. Brother Fingerless had just returned from the hospital. One of his arms was bandaged and he was walking with a limp while being supported by two of his undermen.

"f.u.c.k, tomorrow, investigate where did that kid come from. Humiliating me in my own territory, I'll butcher him."

"Boss, that kid can really fight. Our men are also injured."

Brother Fingerless slapped that underling on head twice and scolded, "Fight? Isn't he just a despicable kid who had a little knowledge about different kinds of martial arts? If I see him again, I won't spare him…"

The more he spoke, the more his volume decreased. Not to mention that Xiao Bing beat them as if he was beating his grandsons, merely the dragon on his body gave him a huge mental pressure.

The other underlying spoke timidly, "Brother Fingerless, we're always quite respectful to Brother Clown. Now that we've run into trouble, why don't we ask a favor from Brother Clown? He has so many underlings, and also guns….killing that person would be quite easy."

Brother Fingerless smacked that underling's head and scolded, "f.u.c.k…. to go asking for favors regarding such a trivial matter, would I, your father, still be considered a thug of Jiang city? Go find out that kid's background, and you'd better investigate all of his eighteen generations. If we can't deal with him, we'll start with his loved ones. You two can leave, I'll go upstairs."

When Brother Fingerless returned back to his home and switched on his bedroom's light, his entire being involuntarily shivered from cold, and his face revealed an expression as if he'd seen a ghost.

That despicable man was sitting on his chair, looking at him with a splendid smile on his face.

"You… did you find this place? How did you enter?"

"Finding this place was not hard at all. If you've a computer expert, even finding your eighteen generations is a trivial matter. Coincidently, I have a friend named Jack, known as the leader of the world's ten great hackers," Xiao Bing smilingly said, "As for silently entering your home, it was even more simple. I can even come and leave USA's Pentagon as I please, much less to speak of your ordinary house."

Looking at Xiao Bing's unhurried and confident appearance, Brother Fingerless suddenly felt like fiercely slapping his own face. He immediately vowed that if he saw this Xiao Bing again in future, he would escape far away even at the cost of leaving Civil Lines. To be able to silently appear by your bed was even more frightening than a ghost!

Brother Fingerless had no idea what Xiao Bing had in mind. With some apprehension in his heart, he asked, "Bing….elder brother Bing, is there a problem?"

"Yup" Xiao Bing indifferently said.

"Today, everything was my fault. I failed to recognize Mt. Tai even when it was standing right before my eyes and ended up offending brother Bing. As an apology, let me treat brother Bing in the best restaurant of Civil Lines tomorrow."

"That won't be necessary," Xiao Bing said with a warm smile as if talking to an old friend, but his words could even make a mentally strong individual crumble apart, "Since I have no intention of accepting apology from a dead person."

Brother Fingerless' heart skipped a beat and his face turned extremely unsightly, but he still resignedly asked, "You must be joking brother Bing….?"

"I have come here so late in the night, does it seem like I am joking?"

Terrified, Brother Fingerless let out a howl, ripping out of his lungs, "Why?"

He couldn't understand how could this world have such people. Merely due to a small scuffle, the counterpart had come to seize his life. This made his mental fort.i.tude completely crumble apart.

Xiao Bing also wouldn't let him die unknowingly. Looking at him, he said, "Little Noodle Shop of Su family was smashed apart by your men?"

Brother Fingerless immediately realized. Not only he knew that it was him who smashed Little Noodle Shop, he even knew the shop owner-lady suffered a heart attack with her life and death unforeseeable. So everything happened due to that noodle shop….

‘So everything happened due to that noodle shop….’

"Su family's elder daughter was my best friend. Before dying, she asked me to take care of her family," As expected, these words from Xiao Bing were basically the same as stamping his death warrant, "Not just that, I'm a former soldier. You're a part of the underworld- bullying citizens, selling drugs, you don't shy away from any crime. For a person who has made his business to protect his country and countrymen, you've long since lost any right to live."

Brother Fingerless shivered from head to toe before howling with red eyes, "I'll change, I'll definitely change!"

Xiao Bing tossed a dagger at his foot. Calmly looking at him, he said, "Do it yourself."

"I….I…" Brother Fingerless shiveringly picked up the dagger from the ground. Suddenly, his eyes gleamed with madness before he roared, "I'll kill you!"

However, as he was about to charge, a shadow flashed past him. He felt a chill on his throat, following which, he heard the sound of retreating footsteps behind his body, and also Xiao Bing's cold voice, "You can slowly repent after going to h.e.l.l."

The moment Brother Fingerless opened his mouth, blood sprayed out from there and also throat. Xiao Bing's strike was too quick, quick to the extent that the wound only opened up after Xiao Bing had gone. His body twisted and turned in pain, increasingly struggling before finally losing all strength…..