Talisman Emperor

Chapter 1196

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There were numerous screens of light in the a.s.signment area within the Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and there were more than a hundred.

Every single screen of light reflected a single type of issued a.s.signments, and they were simply uncountable if added together because new a.s.signments were being added every single moment.

It wasn’t just posted by students, but instructors as well, and practically all these posted a.s.signments were related to cultivating, equipment refinement, pill refinement, taming, planting of herbs, and a vast variety of other things.

Chen Xi frowned because many a.s.signments on the screens of light were impossible to complete with his current cultivation realm. For example, practically all the a.s.signments completed outside the academy required experts at the Golden Immortal Realm to undertake it.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t intend to accept a.s.signments that required him to leave the academy. However, this allowed him to understand that there were very few a.s.signments in the academy that were suitable for new students.

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