The Almighty Martial Arts System

Chapter 75

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Chapter 74
AMAS: Chapter 74-’G.o.d of Acupuncture’s Eight Laws’

Jiang Fei firmly held the acupuncture needle in between his thumb and index finger. Just when he was about to start, his hand quickly moved but it didn’t appear to have lasted long. Soon his hand slowed down and acupuncture needles could be seen on Ye Zhennan’s back vertebrae, trembling fiercely.


At this time, Jiang Fei held his breath as his concentration reached an unprecedented level. Although he has reached the 7th level of his Medical skill and should have no problems with treating Ye Zhennan’s legs nor any danger to it, Jiang Fei still didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest. He would always go all out no matter the circ.u.mstances!


As a doctor, it was his responsibility to do his best!


“Do you feel anything?” Jiang Fei, with all his efforts, controlled even the amplitude of the acupuncture needles. He was gradually adjusting, according to the feedback he perceived with regards to the amount of strength and acupoints that needed to be pierced.


At this time, Ye Zhennan’s face turned serious as he shook his head and said: “No.”


Hearing his words, Jiang Fei’s idle left hand soon moved. Once again, one after another, acupuncture needles were suddenly yet gently pressed on different points on Ye Zhennan’s spine. His left hand had p.r.i.c.ked 9 needles on Ye Zhennan’s vertebra while his right did the same with 6. After which, he pulled back his hands and took a deep breath. He then placed a needle at yet another point.


All eyes in the room were directed at Jiang Fei. They continuously observed him without blinking. Even Ye Yuanyuan and the steady middle-aged guard was the same. Qin Zhengming, Yu Qingsong, and the other two from the Chinese Medicine a.s.sociation weren’t exceptions either.


But this time, the look that Qin Zhengming and the others gave off were completely different from before, revealing solemn (or serious) faces.


The cause of it was obviously Jiang Fei. Seeing him press one needle after another, they clearly saw Jiang Fei’s acupuncture skill as well as exactly what level it was at!


To see at what level a doctor’s acupuncture skill was at, it was necessary for them to see whether they find it hard to find all kinds of acupuncture points, as well as how relaxed and skillful they were when holding an acupuncture needle (TL: by relax I mean whether his hand is trembling or not).


Obtaining the ability to find different kinds of acupuncture points in the body was simple, but obtaining the skills when wielding an acupuncture needle was difficult!


A lot of medicine books only provide the different acupuncture points in the body, thus the only way to develop one’s acupuncture skill was through practical means.


The process of acupuncture were divided into three parts.


The time before the needle enters the body, the time the needle enters the body, and the time the needle is removed from the body.


Before puncturing Ye Zhennan’s back, Jiang Fei would always make a circular motion on the acupuncture point he would need to puncture. This was a kind of preparation for the needle to enter the body, only doing this wasn’t necessary when treating ordinary patients and were just a waste of time. However, in the face of th.o.r.n.y patients such as Ye Zhennan, such methods were necessary.


“This kid’s acupuncture skill is truly good, his needle should be painless. But did you see what he just did? What kind of technique did he use?” Yu Qingsong lowered his voice and asked the three people

around him.


Qin Zhengming’s facial color changed. Unembarra.s.sed, he somewhat coldly replied: “I didn’t see it clearly! However by the looks of it, whenever he puts a silver needle into a acupuncture point, the silver needle would shake fiercely, as if he knows the condition of the body perfectly. This kind of acupuncture, no matter what kind, is absolutely superb and had already reached the extremity! Even I can’t do such a thing! But I seem to recall that the last time I had competed with him, he didn’t display such magical acupuncture technique. Does that mean that he didn’t go all out with me last time?”


Reaching this kind of conclusion was similar to Qin Zhengming getting slapped hard on the face.


He, a brilliant doctor, had challenged a junior to a compet.i.tion, but in the end the junior had only exerted a bit of his strength which had still ended in his defeat.


It was just like…..he was trying to not save him face!


Of course, he didn’t know that let alone the last time he had challenged Jiang Fei, even the Jiang Fei of yesterday didn’t have such superb acupuncture skill as the current one in front of his eyes today.


At this time, a man wearing reading dressed in academic clothing lightly replied: “If I’m not wrong, the acupuncture technique that this young man practices should be the legendary ‘The G.o.d of Acupuncture’s Eight Laws’ (TL: Needle or acupuncture give or take, so that or ‘G.o.d of Acupuncture), the energy retention method!” (TL: To be honest I don’t know what to name it, the translation means ‘to retain energy or qi in the body)


“The G.o.d of Acupuncture’s Eight Laws?” Hearing this, Yu Qingsong was surprised. He then said in a low voice: “But that has already become a legend! It should have been lost for a long time now. How could this kid know of such a thing?”


The old man with, as if he had sighted a treasure, continued to look at Jiang Fei’s every movement: “Whenever he would place a needle, he would first locate seven acupuncture points. And just like needling sensation[1], he would pierce the needles exactly 1 inch deep and remove it from where it was before, as if it didn’t even happen. And just like this, he would repeat it a few more times. Doing so would cure the obstruction in the intestines. At least that’s what’s described in an ancient book I’ve obtained about the ‘energy retention method! You see, the way this young man uses his hands and sends vibration through the needle to try to feel the energy in the body is exactly the same as what’s described in the book!”

Hearing this, Yu Qingsong and Qin Zhengming carefully observed Jiang Fei as they had a bad feeling about it.


Looking at it, Jiang Fei’s technique really did look exactly like what was described in the ancient book.


Could it be that Jiang Fei really was using the long-lost ‘G.o.d of Acupuncture’s Eight Laws’?


In the beginning, they would have scoffed at Jiang Fei for trying to treat Ye Zhennan’s legs. In their opinion, let alone three days, even waiting for three years- no, they believed that even after thirty years, Jiang Fei still wouldn’t have been able to gain this sort of ability!


But seeing the scene before them… seems like just about anything could happen.

Even with the four of them, they hadn’t been able to find a solution to cure Ye Zhennan’s disease. Jiang Fei on the other hand, seemed like he could treat his legs.


After all, in medicine, the saying ‘Three brains are better than one’, wasn’t true.


At this time, Jiang Fei was completely absorbed in his treatment on Ye Zhennan. It was to the point that his ears weren’t functioning well, thus shielding him from any sound that he didn’t want to hear. However, the method he was using right now was indeed the very same ‘Energy Retention Method’ of the ‘G.o.d Needle’s Eight Laws’ that the 4 men mentioned.


Jiang Fei wasn’t clear on the origin of the ‘G.o.d Needle’s Eight Laws’, as well as how amazing it was. In any case, he had only obtained this skill after he had reached the Seventh Level of Medicine, and receiving a reward from the system.


Although, it is said that there are a total of 8 methods in the ‘G.o.d Needle’s Eight Laws’, but at present, Jiang Fei only knew four of them: the ‘Energy Retention Method’, ‘Energy Transmission Method’, ‘Energy Extraction Method’ and ‘Center Energy Method’.


The effects of which were all different from the other.


After another seven or eight acupuncture points, nearly ten minutes had already pa.s.sed. From start to finish the silver needle in his hands trembled, like a bee flapping its wings nonstop.

At this time, Jiang Fei’s eyes had already turned somewhat red. He was sweating profusely as the young beautiful nurse next to him kept on wiping off his sweat for him.


In truth, with Jiang Fei’s current Spirit status of 2.2, plus his level 7 Medical skill, performing an acupuncture treatment should have been a simple matter, even an hour wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. However, exerting ‘The G.o.d Needle’s Eight Laws’ was too exhausting, its physical and mental consumption was just too much.


But it wasn’t only Jiang Fei that felt hot. Even Ye Zhennan, who was being treated with acupuncture, had also started to sweat. He could obviously feel the heat that was being transferred from his spine to his body, giving him a somewhat burning feeling deep within.

Unfortunately, his legs were still unconscious.


Although Jiang Fei was behind him, even so, Ye Zhennan could feel Jiang Fei’s fatigue. Unable to bear it anymore, he said: “Jiang Fei, you can rest for a while and just try again later….”

Looking at Jiang Fei, Ye Yuanyuan also nodded.


Seeing Jiang Fei being so desperate, even she who didn’t know anything about medicine, had to admit that Jiang Fei’s t.i.tle was not just for show.


Perhaps he was still unworthy of the name ‘Acupuncture king’, but he indeed had skill!

At the least, he was a lot better than the few old Chinese Medicine Pract.i.tioners currently in the ward.


“I can’t stop now, else the efforts I put it just now would all be for naught.” Jiang Fei kneaded another acupuncture point, and immediately placed another silver needle.


Just then, when Jiang Fei had inserted the silver needle into the acupuncture point, in less than three seconds, Ye Zhennan’s face suddenly became pale. Surprised, he said: “I can feel my left leg! I feel a heat flowing into my left leg!” After a few more seconds, shock once again filled his face: “My right leg too! I can also feel my right leg!”


Hearing Ye Zhennan’s voice, all the faces in the ward changed.


They were surprised, seemingly unable to believe the scene that was occurring right in front of them!


And just like always, Jiang Fei’s hands moved once more. His hand did not stop, not even for a moment, placing needle after needle. It was successful, but it wasn’t all over yet…..


[1] EDN: Should mean something like a sort of shared sensory experience between the patient and acupuncturist perceived through the needle technique combined with physiological responses to the stimulation, I think… and that’s what I vaguely understood after skimming through several online doc.u.mentations. Please understand that neither I nor the translator are adept at acupuncture and it’s related medical terminology so if there are any students/specialists reading, do forgive us for any misconceptions. We would appreciate clarifications though so feel free.