The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 999

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The Wicked Bead was fast. The thirty thousand miles was covered in time for a dozen breaths. Soon, the Lu City of Voodoo presented itself in front of Lu Li. This city was located at the top of the mountain—which was very distinct.

Lu Li used psychic power to check. The pink smoke could cut off some psychic power, but not completely.

He noticed an altar in the north of the city. On the altar stood a huge statue. It was an old man covered in a black robe. Between his eyebrows was a tattoo of a golden scorpion.

This statue was glowing, and the thick pink smoke spread out from the statue to all directions.

Everything looked just like what happened at the Valley of Feather on the Mountain of Wings. The G.o.d of Sorcerer had presented himself and sent toxins from Divinity. He was protecting the Voodoo Race against all invaders.

"Wait a minute…"

Lu Li noticed something, something important. The statue was glaring but there was no invincible might coming from the statue!

The invincible might was a symbol of an immortal. When the statue of Emperor of Heaven Reverse was glowing, and when the G.o.d of Wings sent an avatar, there was a presence of invincible might. However, other than the pink smoke, there was no other sign of an immortal's epiphany.


Upon further checking, Lu Li sneered. He was sure that Master of Voodoo Race was behind all this ruse. There was no epiphany of the G.o.d of Sorcerer and the poison from the Divinity was bogus. It was done to intimidate.

Everything showed that Master of Voodoo Race was only trying to scare Lu Li away. If the G.o.d of Sorcerer really had manifested himself or sent down an avatar, he would not let Lu Li go and would have fought for the Wicked Bead.


From behind, Master of Voodoo Race came with a group of warriors. In the distance, the former yelled, "Oh the great G.o.d of Sorcerer, please help your children eliminate this alien threat. Turn his soul undead and condemned throughout eternity."


As he was shouting, the statue cast a thousand beams suddenly as if the G.o.d was really about to do something.

"The G.o.d of Sorcerer will live long and face no enemy in existence!"

When the powerful Voodoo Race warriors behind their master saw the glowing statue, they all dropped to their knees in the air because of fear and devotedly bowed to the statue.

"Ha, ha, ha!"

Lu Li laughed out loud. "Master of Voodoo Race, stop with your prank. Do you think you can scare me? Make him do that if you can. I am not going anywhere. Come and let the G.o.d kill me!"

Lu Li used the Dragon's Roars to amplify his voice which resounded in an area with a radius of thirty miles. The kneeling warriors of the Voodoo Race felt their ears hurt. Lu Li's words were full of ego, which enraged many Voodoo Race warriors.

How dare he be so rude?

That was the G.o.d for all the Voodoo Race people and an existence that was second to none. To have someone being blasphemous to the G.o.d was worse than having their parents killed.

There was a trace of panic in the eyes of Master of Voodoo Race. He shouted harshly, "Lu Li, how dare you. Come out, kneel and beg, I will make sure you die an easy death. Or else… you will be faced with something much, much worse…"

The Master of Voodoo Race was going on and on. Lu Li was losing patience. He let the Wicked Bead grow and then smashed at the Master of Voodoo Race in a blur.

Since Master of Voodoo Race was at the peak of the Earth Immortal Realm, he could react fast. He moved away and dodged the Wicked Bead.

While he did so, the warriors behind him suffered. They were still on their knees in the air. Instantly, more than a dozen Earth Immortal Realm warriors were smashed away, while several of them spat out blood and their bones were fractured.

Even though they were at the Earth Immortal Realm since they had been studying toxins and undead insects all their time, their defensive powers were vulnerable. Some were wounded at once since they had already had their lives harmed after Lu Li destroyed their birth insects.


Lu Li let out some Feather Wind to seize the souls of the dozen Earth Immortal Realm warriors. He did not go out. Instead, he backed the Wicked Bead up and then… smashed at them again!


Since their souls were seized, the dozen Earth Immortal Realm warriors could not react fast enough. With this impact, several of them had their heads crushed and they dropped dead on the spot.


Lu Li continued to let out Feather Wind and then flew the Wicked Bead up. Next, he smashed down forcefully and knocked the other Earth Immortal Realm warriors into the ground alive.

Of course, even if their attacks were times as strong, they could not have hurt the Wicked Bead. Comparatively speaking, the pink smoke could consume more energy of the Wicked Bead.


The entire city was shaking. Dozens of castles were flattened and the several Earth Immortal Realm warriors were nudged into the ground. Some lost their lives and some survived because of better defense, yet even those were badly wounded.


Since the killing spree had begun, Lu Li would not stop halfway. He flew the Wicked Bead up and then pound them down again.


Witnessing Lu Li murdering Voodoo Race warriors enraged Master of Voodoo Race. He flew over and shot out a ray of cyan light from the wand toward the Wicked Bead.


The other powerful Voodoo Race warriors came around and used all sorts of attacks and Profound Meanings on the Wicked Bead. However, they were most proficient in toxins and undead insects, which were ineffective with Lu Li in the Wicked Bead. The Profound Meanings were not powerful and could not inflict great harm on the Wicked Bead.

Lu Li smashed them down again. The several Earth Immortal Realm warriors could not handle it any longer. They were torn apart, which was quite tragic.

"No need to rush. Here is your turn!"

Lu Li said and then dashed to the most crowded area in the Wicked Bead. Nine Earth Immortal Realm warriors were smashed away. Feather Wind was released and those nine warriors were turned into muttons to be slaughtered. They were knocked away.

What came next could be all too easy to be guessed. The Wicked Bead nudged the nine Earth Immortal Realm warriors into the ground. The Feather Wind was still here and then the Wicked Bead went up and back down with force…

"Boom, boom, boom~"

Master of Voodoo Race and many warriors tried their best to attack at the Wicked Bead. But they could not even knock the Wicked Bead off the track, let alone damaging it.

"This Relic is strong. Master… why hasn't the G.o.d done anything?"

"Right, Master, please ask the G.o.d to help us before we are all killed by Lu Li!"

The powerful warriors of the Voodoo Race were becoming anxious. While attacking at the Wicked Bead, they sent desperate messages to the Master of Voodoo Race.

Master of Voodoo Race was in a tough spot. He was bluffing just now. The G.o.d never manifested himself. The Master of Voodoo Race did use secret skills to pray but had received no reaction from the G.o.d.


He turned to the Wicked Bead and thought of an idea. He flew to the statue, knelt and held the wand up high.

The wand lit up, casting a golden ray of light which then went into the statue. Master of Voodoo Race devotedly murmured, "Oh, the great G.o.d, an alien race warrior is murdering your children with a Relic. Please come and protect your children, and help us out of this disaster. We will…"


Before the Master of Voodoo Race could finish his words, the statue was glowing again. Next, a surge of energy came from within and spread to an area with a radius of three hundred miles.

"Well… the invincible might?"

Lu Li was alerted. This time, he clearly felt the invincible might. It really was an… epiphany.