The Master of Strength

Chapter 10

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 ­ The Great King Fox and the Skill Book (4)



However, after finding the Great King Fox chasing behind him the wolf stopped in its place like all the other wolves. Seeing such an appearance, Myeong Hu let out a sigh. The large wolf also starless.




But Myeong Hu realised his thoughts were wrong after seeing the wolf run towards him while yelling. Seeing such an appearance, Myeong Hu’s frown disappeared and he smiled.






However, soon after, Myeong Hu couldn’t do anything but frown. At the Great King Fox’s roaring the wolf running towards him stopped on the spot and let out a discouraged sound.


‘N, no! Don’t do it!’


After watching the wolf standing on the spot Myeong Hu shouted in his heart. But as if it didn’t hear Myeong Hu’s cry the wolf slowly and forlornly started going back from where it came from.




Myeong Hu had nothing to say at the wolf’s appearance. He just looked at the lonely back of the wolf and ran on.


‘… Let’s just go for it.’


Myeong Hu, who had been running like that for a long time, thought that he would die while fighting the Great King Fox and stopped his running.




The Great King Fox also stopped, tilted his head and let out a sound at Myeong Hu who had stopped and turned around.


“You won! You fox b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”


Myeong Hu shouted in a loud voice at the Great King Fox. The Great King Fox started crouching and going into an attack position as if he could undestand what Myeong Hu had said. And the indifferent look slowly changed into an aggressive one.




Myeong Hu thought something was weird after seeing the Great King Fox’s gaze gradually changing. When it had a wound on its flank and when it was attacked it still had an indifferent gaze. Myeng Hu couldn’t understand why that look was changing into an aggressive one.


It was at that moment.




Behind him wolf cries could be heard.




Myeong Hu thought he had heard it wrong but after the second wolf cry he slowly turned his head around. It was definitely a wolf but he was curious what kind of wolf would roar in front of the Great King Fox.




Checking the source of the cries, Myeong Hu had nothing to say. Behind Myeong Hu was one wolf that was standing imposingly. It wasn’t an ordinary wolf. Way bigger than the wolf that had returned forlornly and it was a wolf that had a size that was similar to the Great King Fox.




Myeong Hu, who was looking at that wolf, saw that the big wolf’s paw was flying towards him. And then he knew instinctively that he would fly in the sky.




While flying in the sky, Myeong Hu checked his HP.


‘… 2500?’


He had lost more HP than when he had been hit by the Great King Fox. Myeong Hu didn’t even mind himself flying but instead looked at the two beasts who were growling at each other.






‘What is this.’


Falling to the ground, Myeong Hu got up from his spot, looked at the two beasts having an argument while thinking what kind of situation this was and thought about what he should do.


‘Let’s run!’


Myeong Hu cleared his thoughts as if he didn’t have anything to think about in the first place and slowly sneaked towards the forest.


Seuuk Seuuk Dadadak!


Then, entering the dense forest, Myeong Hu quickly turned around and started running without looking back.


“… Huh.”


While running through the forest, Myeong Hu let out a sigh of relief as he thought he had finally escaped from the Great King Fox. Then, looking at the light he could see far away, he thought he would finally return to the village.


“Come on, Let’s go!”


Shouting like that, Myeong Hu left the forest. But, the wide smile on Myeong Hu’s face quickly turned into a frown.




Hwiik Hwiik


Myeong Hu felt that beneath his feet, it felt strangely empty. Then he slowly looked down. No, he tried to look down. If it weren’t for his body that was apparently slowly falling, he would’ve looked down and seen why it felt empty. However, Myeong Hu didn’t have to confidence to look down and could only open his mouth and scream.




Myeong Hu’s body slowly started falling off the cliff.