The Sales Executive's New Love Interest

Chapter 33

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Surprised! Why is this posted on this day when it is usually the other novel that is scheduled for this day? 

Anniversary Week special is over but Anniversary Month is still on-going. So on and off, depending how fast I could pre-scheduled these chapters, you will get to read more about this lovely couple as they slowly leads us to the end of the novel.

Finally…. This chapter took me over 1 week to translate. Not because it was hard to translate, but because I recently twisted my right ankle and resulting in bedridden for a while. And I realised that doing translation in bed is not as comfortable as translating on the working desk…. Hopefully I would fully recover soon and be up and about so that I could translate more… hehehe.. and pre-schedule them for all the wonderful and supportive readers out there.

An interesting read…. the Zhou Mo that is shocking to Anyi and even the translator, myself… hehehe…. Enjoy the read!

Chapter 33 

Professor Zhou finished the cruel words, he pulled his woman into his arms. It is too shocking. Song Anyi could not respond in time, before she was gently sent into the pa.s.senger seat of the car. The door closed at the same time, blocking close seniors 'carefree' concern.

Mu Yue touched the chin. 'If in the age of wisdom is not open, Professor Zhou's behaviour is the king robbing the aunt.'

Mu Yue pleasantly saying surprised Zhou Mo, he raised his mouth: 'I will try to be civilised.'

Finished saying, he got onto the car. The Maserati started and zoomed away.

Xia Li Huan looked at the car zooming away: 'Oh, big girl already ah!'

Mu Yue laughing, placed his hand over her shoulders: 'The day Anyi is married, Director Xia and Song Mother can help each other wipe tears!'

They have no doubt that the final destination for Anyi would be leading where. The cautious Professor Zhou has already set the destiny of Anyi. He completely has the potential to win. Thinking about it, is it from the first moment they met, when Professor Zhou insisted that Anyi personally does the servicing of his house, that the frosty man has already had Anyi set in his heart?

Xia Li Huan said sadly: 'My poor Anyi…. Lighting the lantern also would not be able to find such a good woman…..'

'Yes yes, Anyi is very good. You are reluctant. Rest be a.s.sured, if that block of ice is really bad towards our Anyi, whether it is the First Emperor of Terracotta warriors and horses, as a senior, I will settle it with him!'

Xia Li Huan heard what Mu Yuen said felt happier. Including those gossip sister group who went upstairs happily……..

Unlike other clinics in the hospital, obstetrics and gynaecology, is always full of expectation and happiness.

Expectant mothers face is filled with quiet smile, accompanied by the family waiting for the results of the check-up.

There is no impatience people while waiting. It was the warmth of a new life awaiting that is about to come, so when the mothers around her are chatting with her, Song Anyi is not surprised at all.

'How many months?'

Before she had time to respond, the 'prospective father' beside her replied: 'We are about to confirm.'

What! When did the Great Northern Iceberg become so pa.s.sionate?

He held her hand, the whole body exudes a fatherly light…. Crazy crazy… how come Song Anyi cannot shake his big hand grip!

The talking mother is about forty years old. Seeing her stomach, she should be about seven or eight months pregnant. 'Really? You are so young. Being pregnant is good. Young are good. Thinking back then, my husband and I was working hard, so we took contraception measures. When we decided to start a family, tried various ways to get pregnant but without any success. Finally, pregnant only to find out that being pregnant as we age, it is hard. You are young so it is good. Congratulates both of you.'

Before Song Anyi answered, the 'prospective father' beside her spoke again. 'Thank you. I also wish both of you congratulations and all the best!'

Regardless it is boy or girl, Professor Zhou tried to learn everything.

It is soon the mother turn. She got up with the support of her husband. The couple nodded to them and walked into the clinic.

Song Anyi looked sideway to the man beside her.
This pa.s.sionate, generous full man, is he an alien hiding in Zhou Mo's body?

'Are you Zhou Mo?'

'Of course.'

She sighed and walked away. 'Let's go.'

Zhou Mo grab her hand. 'Hold on.'

She looked up. 'In the end, what do you want?'

Zhou Mo mood is very good. Is really good…. All the lonely internal organs getting abundant moisture. 'I want to kiss you. Can I?'

Song Anyi stared at him, her fair face suddenly reddens: 'you …. You…. You….'

'I am a rogue.'

She was angered till she doesn't know how to curse: 'Yes, you are a rogue!'

'I am a rogue.' The man took her hand and kisses her meticulous joints. 'But it feels food to be a rogue.'

Song Anyi heart fl.u.s.tered, with her head down and sore nose, she replied: 'You do this… it is meaningless.'

She is not without feelings. Zhou Mo is so obvious, she knew that he must have some thoughts about them. But the pressure from the Zhou family, and those so-called 'right and suitable' conditions, it is not what she can cope.

The man, with a gentle smile, pull her delicate jaws and print a kiss on her taut lips.

'Who say it is meaningless? I like you. I love you. These kisses or other things, it makes sense.'

Song Anyi looked up, stunned. He is confessing? Even an average man finds it hard to say things such as like and love. This man could smoothly say it? And still kissing her in public?

The Zhou Mo in front is in fact an alien, right?

Song Anyi is terrified. One hand clutching her mouth, almond eyes staring. Such a domineering man is really the gentle and refined Professor Zhou… She is not only shocked, but scared silly. She knew from the bottom of her heart, the gentle four words from Zhou Mo cannot simply put into her heart.

'You scared me, Zhou Mo…'

Zhou Mo remove her hand, put one hand around her shoulder, pulling her into his arms. The other hand firmly put her hand into the palm of his hand, no longer wanting to release it.

'Did I not express enough?' He was a little annoyed.

Song Anyi bowed her head, did not speak.

She knows that Zhou Mo is not a person who does empty talk. He said like her, means he really like her… the joy in the heart is boiling. She must come up with logic and calm thoughts before she could suppress her feelings…..

'I miss you. Come back Anyi.' He said with weariness and sincere pleading tone. 'Every day in the future, I will make you understand and feel that I really like you.'

The man confessed but Song Anyi did not know how to respond.

Her heart hurts. She wants to go back. Want to go back to the moment sitting under the sun together. But somethings are not just because two people loving each other. She is afraid of the outside world questioning her… this has nothing to do with self-confidence. The feeling of being questioned is too painful. She did not want to repeat the same mistake.

“You have me, you just stay with me.”

The man said softly, as if he could see through her worries. His promised is incomparably firm and unyielding.

Anyway, you have me.

Only he will never understand the obstacles that lie between the two are not the doubts or distrust of each other, but from the greater strength.

Letting family and love confrontation is the cruellest thing in the world. She cannot do it.

Song Anyi still did not speak.

She was embraced and occasionally attacked with a few kisses. Regardless of those strangers around them, the man held her with satisfaction, just like someone gaining heaven and earth, holding his precious treasure in his arms.

Anyi is his precious, his woman, his wife and his life.