The World Is A Bit Sweet

Chapter 22

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Author: Angelina

Translator: Jlei2000

翻来翻去的想你 Missing you over and over again

No wonder poets and scholars can all write out farewell, melancholy verses. Mo Ka considered to remember with longing [1] the taste he severely experienced. This thing is completely uncontrollable, it is always in the time when he is free that he would inexplicably think of it and then it is that itchy heart sensation to want but cannot have. [2] More than anything it still comes to destroy [3] his spirit.

[1] long to see again or miss

[2] 心痒痒 to be itching to do sth (idiom)

[3] 摧残 to wreck, damage, devastate, humiliate

Mo Ka was busy at the hot pot store and greeted customers. Despite outside being a cold winter, the shop is very warm and extremely angry [4] eating customers hissed. Mo Ka ran to and from not stopping. The interval Chen Ge went has already been four or five days, in a few days, it is New Year's Eve. The business inside the shop was getting better and better. Now it's the New Year, it's not popular to eat Chinese food, hot pot has become the popular thing.

[4] 脸红脖子粗 red in the face

Don't know how Chen Ge's side is, he didn't dare to call him all this time. Thinking about the kiss that day, Mo Ka felt that he was too impulsive. People are all like this, when doing things there isn't much feeling and after, the feeling is too big.

"I say the salesman standing stupidly over there, can't you see there are customers."

Mo Ka followed the sound to see Hao Shuai, Yin Nan and Lao Wu. He walked over smiling: "How do you have time to come over today?"

"Came to take care of your business so as to avoid you being lonely by yourself." Hao Shuai said out of a heavy sense of righteousness, one look (and you'll see) it is a sham.

"Really, I'm afraid even the money you sold your a.s.s for will not be able to pay for Hot Pot bill."

"You underestimate my a.s.s."

"Enough the both of you, I still need to eat." Yin Nan prevented the two of them from conversing.

Mo Ka found a cleaner table to let the three sit down, Hao Shuai looked around: "Not bad ah, your family's business is growing popular. Your mum that corrupt character can actually open up a hot pot store."

"Stop cursing my mother, where is she corrupt? (She is) Simply is hopeless, fortunately there is Aunt Yu to help." Aunt Yu helps look after people in the store business.

Yin Nan also went along: "I agree, these days there aren't many people like Aunt Yu. Your family recently step on dog s.h.i.t very impressive."

"Only step on dog s.h.i.t so simple, it's completely step on a huge lump of s.h.i.t." Hao Shuai said.

"This is a place to eat can you guys be civilised. If you want to eat that thing (s.h.i.t) go behind, do not affect my business. Learn from Lao Wu, as expected a person who does business outside, this is called calm."

Lao Wu only laughed. Normally, Lao Wu doesn't say much. He lives generally listening to Yin Nan.

"I say Lao Wu, you should not over adore Yin Nan. This woman cannot be adored, the more you adore the more tsundere."

Yin Nan did not wait for Lao Wu to speak taking over Mo Ka's tone of voice: "Lao Wu don't listen to Mo Ka's words, he himself can't afford to adore women he shifted his goal to be adored by a man la."

Mo Ka's mood was like the just boiled hot pot rolling up: "Do you guys want to eat hot pot? My shop forbids mentioning the name of the heartless Chen Ge. Chen Ge? Spit (in contempt)! Lao Zi [5] do not care, how much does he really think I like him and it's just a little bit." Mo Ka pinched his pinkie to describe 'a little bit'.

[5] 老子 I

"Mo Ka you're [6] excited, how is he heartless?"

[6] 您 is the polite term to say you

"Hao Shuai you live in vain ah, I think Mo Ka misses Chen Ge. This person misses (to the point he) is obsessed so any accusation is placed onto Chen Ge's head. To be honest resenting yourself is too disappointing and resenting Chen Ge really won't come back."

Mo Ka was shocked, he was actually seen so thoroughly by Yin Nan, he placed chopsticks into the pot fishing and dejectedly placed the chopsticks down: "How is this feeling missing a person? It's really troublesome."

"Then call him."

"I'm still not to the extent of heat, we are men. Even to like someone they have to maintain a man's reserved manner."

"What reserved manner do men have? Have you not seen in BL manga ah, you stab, I stab, stab (until there) is a feeling then succeed. It's like you're a married woman." [7]

[7] 娘们儿 a married woman (contemptuous tone) a derogatory term

"Very evil world, according to your method I estimate I will go to prison. When did you start reading BL manga?"

"Recently got bored at home and I wanted to have a change in diet [environmental] [8]. Maybe in the future I'll give you advice, there's nothing more inside just mostly postures." Yin Nan said quite indifferently.

[8] 换换味口 can also say a change in her taste

Hao Shuai and Mo Ka looked at Lao Wu with sympathy: "You actually married such a woman, it seems being a man is not easy."

"It's very easy," Yin Nan patted Mo Ka's hand: "Just need your behind to unlimitedly stretch then future will be bright."

"You sell a.s.s!" Mo Ka sourly rolled his eyes at Yin Nan.

Friends are more or less capable of relieving Mo Ka's feelings for Chen Ge but after they left, Mo Ka was lonely again. The surroundings calmed down, Mo Ka held his phone not knowing what to do. He really wanted to phone but didn't know what to say Mo Ka felt that he was too stupid, how could he be affected by Chen Ge's ploy.

After he finished tidying the shop, Mo Ka was so tired that his waist could not straighten up. Returning home, Gong Rong just are finished eating and laid there pa.s.sionately chatting with her internet friends. Mo Ka gave her notice/a greeting and went to the bathroom, his phone was placed on the sink and from time to time he always threw a glance at it.

Cannot let Chen Ge think how amazing he is, must not call this number. Calling is admitting defeat, need to give him that unpredictable feeling that will evoke his appet.i.te.

Mo Ka thought this in order to control his desires, Mo Ka conveniently threw the phone into Gong Rong's room drawer so as not to make a fool of himself. Lying in bed, he was obviously very tired but could not sleep tossing and turning. Mo Ka a little while later, opened the computer to play CF but zoned out. [9] After stupidly standing there being injured on the head by people numerous times, he was finally kicked [10] out by others at the side. Mo Ka turned off his phone and started doing push-ups. He did not even do a few before lying on the floor not getting up. Not a while later, he ran to the fridge for some junk food to eat. After eating, he brushed. No matter what you are doing, when you miss someone it will not stop or disappear.

[9] 老晃神 (figurative) stared into s.p.a.ce

[10] the orignalword/letter was T (i'm a.s.suming it's kicked out)

Mo Ka looked at the time, it's already midnight. He clenched his fists throwing caution into the winds. [10] Lao Zi is letting him think how amazing he is, Lao Zi has lost, Lao Zi won't be unpredictable, Lao Zi won't evoke his appet.i.te. After, Mo Ka was in denial he just strengthened his confidence, he surrept.i.tiously slipped into Gong Rong's room. In the pitch dark he felt about for his phone, the bedside lamp suddenly opened. Gong Rong eyes hazy looked at the panic-stricken Mo Ka: "What are you touching in my underwear drawer?"

[11] 豁出去了 here goes nothing/ risking it

Mo Ka explained: "I, I accidentally put my phone in there."

Gong Rong simply did not hear what Mo Ka said, turned off the bedside lamp and rolled over: "My son unexpectedly is a pervert." Then slept.

Mo Ka wanted to explain but Gong Rong already slept. Besides, he has already touched his phone so he left the room, ran to his room and shut the door. He paced back and forth and dialled the phone number.


f.u.c.k, who answers the phone directly with "En". This made Mo Ka not know what next sentence he should say, he thought for a long time and hung up then threw the phone onto the bed and paced back and forth again.

He hadn't heard Chen Ge's voice in a long time although, only one word was enough for Mo Ka to digest, too stupid simply an idiot. Mo Ka laid on the bed pressing the replay b.u.t.ton.


Can this Chen Ge change to another prologue sentence when he answers the phone.

"That, who are you?" Mo Ka's prologue was more baffling, he called others phone and is asking who it is.

"Hey, Mo Ka, I say you..." Chen Ge's words were not finished, Mo Ka hung up again. He's finished, he guessed who he was. At that time, he just remembered his phone, he hasn't given his phone number to him, how would he know it was him. But, don't know what Mo Ka is panicking for, isn't phoning others is to let them know who they are?

Just as Mo Ka didn't know what is a good time, the vibrating phone scared Mo Ka. It seems the caller ID is in the name of "Don't call him", he hesitated for quite and while before picking up the phone: "Who is it? Allow people to sleep it's the middle of the night."

"Try hanging up on me again." The other end's tone was cold.

"It's Chen Ge ah, when did I hang up on you? Let me see, Ai yah I just said to call Hao Shuai how did I dial your number. Look at my eyes, how is your side?" Mo Ka said very relaxed.

Chen Ge was also too lazy to expose this bad excuse: "How is it here, what's the use of you knowing ."

"I'm just casually asking, do you think I care about you ah? Oh right, do you remember what was posted last on the school's bulletin? I didn't see when I left, I'm afraid I didn't know something important." Mo Ka for extending the call time found some topic to talk about. It seems there isn't no reason to why Mo Ka could not get a girlfriend, with his level he can't even pick up a Aunt.

"This is what you want to say?"

"What do you think I want to say, oh right also, what is the school intranet login? I forgot." After, Mo Ka finished speaking waiting for him was the ruthless disconnected sound.

He actually hung up on Lao Zi, Mo Ka rang back again: "Do you know casually hanging up on others call injures self esteem."



Next is a long silence, the most embarra.s.sing is Mo Ka excessively did not talk on the phone. The hand holding the phone was somewhat weak, Mo Ka changed hands: "It rained here this morning, in the afternoon the sun came out. The store's business was very busy, I had a hard day. Doing business now isn't very easy." Mo Ka talked nonsense.

"I'm coming back in a few days." Chen Ge's sudden sentence is like guessing Mo Ka's thoughts consoling Mo Ka's restless heart.

"How many days is a few days."

"Come back on the third day."

"Then, do you like to eat hot pot?"


"No why/reason, blindly asking."

"I need to hang up, troublesome."

"En," Mo Ka paused: "That, Chen Ge come back early."

"Why come back early."

"Other than why, why can't you say others? Why come back early, I, I just miss you a bit."

"How much is a bit."

"A bit is a bit. Anyways it's definitely not much."

"Come back on the fourth day."

"You sell pineapple, why suddenly break an agreement."

"Come back on the fifth day."

"You just don't come back, forget it. Lao Zi curse you die abroad."

"Come back on the sixth day."

"You change again!"

"Come back on the seventh day."

"What? What did you say? I have bad signal here, could not hear the words in front clearly. You say come back on the third day ah, okay see you then. That's it, I'm sleeping first. Yell or use transfer ah [11] , Unicorn [12] signal is to unpopular."

[12] 用号还是得用移动啊哈 I'm so confused with this one sentence, feel free to correct.

[13] 联通 China United telecommunications corporation aka China Unicom or unicorn

At last, this yearning has been reduced by its source. There are more to expect, time ah faster, really want, want to see Chen Ge!


As off today I have finally become an Adult T_T #18 #This fujoshi is now legal