To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 193

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Coal Miners, Hunters, Blacksmiths, Stone Masons, Knights, Soldiers and Mercenaries, for these so-called physical labourers, their body's condition is their top priority. Therefore, in order to keep their body strong, they tend to eat large quant.i.ties of food in the morning. Naturally, the adventurers follow the same path—

[Yum, these sardines with all this grease are just too delicious!]

Joseph continued to stuff freshly cooked seafood into his mouth while complimenting the food.
Today's breakfast had seafood as the main dish.

[Hoho, you truly are a seafood lover desune~]

Nungu said while he poured wine into Joseph’s empty gla.s.s. Meanwhile, Joseph pretended not hear Nungu and the others' words while he relaxed his body as he ate more fish using a fork and knife. Steam rose from the fish as soon as he cut into it, pierced the crisp skin with a fork and threw it into his mouth.

[The ingredients used in this dish is the fried fish, cheese, onions, and this white sauce which has such a rich and creamy taste]

Mussu recited the ingredients of the dish one by one. He did not grab the food with his hands and stuff it into his mouth. He slowly slit the fish with a knife and a fork and carried it to his mouth. The sequence in which he did those actions looked graceful yet sophisticated. You may not be able to believe it but he was still a n.o.ble with the status of a Count, these kinds of manners such as table manners had been beaten into his body from his childhood along with the Emperor studies that he had to do.

[This fish must probably be the Flying Cod]
[Flying Cod can only be found in the sea. They cannot be caught in the river]
[Yes. It is a Sea fish]

Mussu nods to Nungu's reply as he enjoyed the scent of wine in the gla.s.s. Then, taking a sip, he slowly savours it with his tongue before swallowing it.
Joseph and Mussu fully enjoyed Yuu’s Mansion as could be seen from their facial expressions. Marifa’s cheeks were twitching due to the two's bold actions. Four people were currently in front of Marifa, they were Nina, Rena, Joseph and Mussu who were at the table.
Mussu would only come occasionally while Joseph came over every single time that Yuu was in the mansion and consumed a whole lot of food and alcohol. Marifa had been entrusted with the housekeeping by Yuu; therefore it was reasonable for her to make such a disgusted face so blatantly. And Yuu, who was the owner of the residence, heard from Marifa that Mussu and Joseph had come over so he returned the kitchen. Marifa understood that it was Yuu's form of protest seeing that if it was only Joseph then Yuu would have been able to handle him somehow but since Mussu had also come over, he could not endure Mussu joining in.

[Oioi, this fish is only cooked on one side]
[Joseph-san it was supposed to be cooked like that, you might not think so from its outside but have some of it~ here have it with a bit of salt~]

As Nina said, Joseph puts of rock salt on the surface of the fish and throws it into his mouth.

[Oooo!? This is delicious! Oi!, Marifa. You must have the wine that you had shown me earlier right, bring that over! This fish is gonna taste so much better with some wine.]
[Is that so? Then please bring some for me as well]

Marifa’s face suddenly twitched. When Joseph had come over, he was once able to go into the wine cellar with Yuu, which housed quite a lot of expensive wines. But every time Joseph and Mussu visited they would ask for a bottle of wine which was very expensive and made from really rare ingredients. The two parties would say that if there wasn't any wine prepared for the guest then it would bring shame to the owner of the mansion. Marifa had been deceived by them saying that it would bring a bad name to Yuu. Now a pile of expensive wines had been cleared out even though only Joseph and Mussu were the ones to drink the wines from the wine cellar. Of Yuu, who is the owner of the house, and Nina, Marifa and Rena who live with him, not one of them drink.

[There is only one Lord that I listen too. And only that person is allowed to order me around.]

With those words, her line of sight along with her cold apathetic att.i.tude landed on Joseph and Mussu, but the two of them shifted their sights away while whistling. Nina was also caught in her line of sight so immediately shifted her eyes and started talking to Rena. Originally Nungu who would stop this was happily looking at Marifa’s interaction.

[I do not understand what you are trying to say. But I am not trying to order you]
[It’s as Joseph said, aren't we requesting you? Don't you understand? An Excellent lord has an equally excellent va.s.sal supporting them; saying that your actions determine how owner Yuu is portrayed is not an exaggeration.]*
[Che……….. Alright]
{*EN: this manipulative, sly b.a.s.t.a.r.d}

Marifa headed towards the Wine cellar without hiding the disgust on her face. As she was heading there, Joseph added some extra words "please make it quick". For a second, Marifa’s movement stopped. Her longs ears started to twitch. Naturally, it was due to anger.

[Hmm? Rena, eat all the vegetables whether you like them or not.]
[...........shut up]
[There is so much of it.]

Joseph did not say much. But his gaze landed on Rena’s breast which Rena had a complex about. Rena who noticed Joseph’s gaze started to tremble.

[I-It’s fine! It will surely grow from now on-]

Nina followed up in a panic. But every time Nina moved her large chest bounced in Rena’s eyes which caused the final blow.

[ will grow larger now~]
[That’s right Rena~. Don’t worry so much~]

Rena stroked her barren chest heartlessly –her unconstructive, inferior chest. At that moment, she noticed an ominous gaze.
[Rena, as Nina-san said, don’t worry about it so much. That’s because, they probably won’t grow any further]

Marifa was holding a wine bottle in front of her chest as was looking down on Rena. Her expression from before had changed; it now contained pity.

[.......I-it ca-can’t be like that.]
[No. Day after day Master has brought us vegetables to eat so that you could eat delicious things every day. You claimed that you ate them, but did you really think I would not notice it when you gave them to Namari and Momo? But, isn’t this a good thing? There is actually a benefit for not having b.r.e.a.s.t.s……If you had big b.r.e.a.s.t.s then you would get stiffness in your shoulders. I envy you since you never get shoulder stiffness.]

Marifa emphasizes her chest while holding the wine bottle. When Marifa pushes out her chest, the wine bottle gets immersed in her b.r.e.a.s.t.s; Rena’s line of sight was fixed at that point. Nina was desperately trying to comfort Rena, but each time she spoke her huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced up and down in front of Rena’s eyes, giving further damage to Rena’s heart.

[Re-Rena!? Mari-chan, Rena’s eyes have rolled up, only the whites of her eyes can be seen~]
[Well~, that’s a problem. What do you think we should do?]
[O~i. I would like have a drink of that wine soon please.]

In the kitchen, Yuu was making various kinds of sweets while Nina and Nungu were helping Rena who was foaming from the mouth in the living room.

 [Odono-sama, something seems to be happening in the living room.]
 [Leave 'em alone. They must be arguing about something useless.]

Paying as much careful attention as possible Yuu continued to pour fresh cream and custard into the baked bread. The trays on the side also held many cookies along with bread and puffs containing and jam.

[Odono-sama, are all these for me?]

Namari thrust her face from below Yuu’s waist and rocked her body left and right. Atop  Yuu’s head was the fairy girl Momo who was sitting on a mountain of confectionary candy with an expression of ecstasy.

[Oy, that is dangerous.]

Namari who was reprimanded watched from below with a mature expression on her face, but Yuu was still unsettled by her body moving in small increments, it was unknown if she was excited by the sweet smell or the various sweets in front of her eyes. When Yuu gave his approval, Namari smiled and shouted “Got it!” and immediately took out a basket from the item pouch which was sewn into her chest clothes.

[You're only allowed to pick three from these stacks and it also includes Momo's share as well.]
[What only three of them!? Momo, which one do you want?]

As if giving up and accepting, Namari and Momo stood in front of the sweets while seriously considering which they would pick, when they were done Yuu stuffed the rest of the finished sweets into his basket.

[Thank you very much for the meal.]

When Yuu finished packing the sweets and moved to the living room, Mussu who was very satisfied with the breakfast thanked them.

[Yuu-sama, Excuse me]

Just when Yuu was wondering what Mussu was saying, Nungu quickly brought over a comb and prepared Yuu’s hair and creased clothes. Yuu could say nothing to Nungu who was smoothening Yuu’s clothes while he smiling gently. Marifa who had been late by a breath had a frustrated expression on her face, but she knew it was useless to be jealous of Nungu.

[Hahaha, it seems that Yuu truly cannot resist Nungu, besides I did not expect that I would be able to eat the flying cod which could only be found in the sea. I wonder if you can tell me where I can purchase them.]
[You cannot buy them in Comer because it is a fish which is only available in my country.]

Mussu and Nungu thought that it would be fine if they could get some information about Yuu’s country however they had been unable to get any out of Yuu. So they were surprised when they found out that this was a fish that could only be found in his own country. They were both stunned and stood dumbstruck for a while.

[Why are you making such an Idiotic expression?]
[Ah, Id-idiotic…...Sorry for my rudeness. I was just a little surprised. Since Yuu said that this fish was connected to the location of his country.]
[It seems that you do not know that there are quite a few countries out there.]
[But as far as I know, even with the Udon Kingdom, far from finding the location of Yuu’s country, they don't even know of its existence. This is a country that even the Udon Kingdom, one of the five major powers, is still unable to find.]

Yuu and Mussu spoke indiscreetly, but that there was still a sense of tension in the air which couldn’t be broken. Verily, Nina and Rena who were usually vociferous were silently listening to the conversation between Yuu and Mussu.

[I’m really interested where your country is ––]
[Please don't ask me.]

There was only one man who could not read the mood in the place. And it was Joseph.
Joseph noticed that Yuu had created his own country from their conversation and interrupted Yuu and Mussu with a sullen face.

[I will not say it]
[Why can’t you say it?]
[Because I cannot tell you, but if I could, Joseph you know that you are the first person I would tell right?]

Mussu was convinced that Yuu would not speak no matter what happened, but Joseph was unconvinced, taking a Gorilla-like pose while holding his head going “Muu…” But suddenly, as if he suddenly had an idea he starts to grin inwardly.

[What are grinning inwardly for. You have an unsightly expression on your face.]
[You, you must be in your rebellious phase huh? I completely understand now. Ahahahaha, so that’s why. Yuu has finally reached that period huh.]

Joseph was convinced that Yuu’s teen rebellious stage had finally kicked in, after that thinking that what he thought was correct he continued to drink the wine bottle ceaselessly. He continued to drink from the wine bottle as if it was water. Due to that, it spoiled the expensiveness of the wine as well.

[Mussu. has this gorilla’s head gone crazy? His actions will only tire the other party*.]
{EN: I think Yuu's referring to the situation where a person gets too drunk to even stand so someone else has to carry them away. But I might be wrong…}

"Can't say you're wrong", Mussu muttered in his mind.

[Yuuu, where are you going?]
[Odono-sama, wait for me.]

Namari and Momo running to catch up to Yuu, followed by Marifa as usual.

[Ah~, I also had some errands to do today~]
[...........let’s go to the library.]

Nungu saw Yuu's group out with a polite bow. After that, Mussu and Joseph, being afraid of being made to clean up the dining table, quickly ate their Breakfast and left the mansion.

[Welcome to the adventurer’s guild! If you have any requirements----]

As usual, I could hear Collet's bright and energetic voice on the first floor of the adventurer guild.

[Collet-san, Good morning.]
[Collet-neechan, Good morning!]

Yuuu who lined up in front of a counter gave his greetings to Collet as soon as his turn came.
Following Yuu, Namari also gave her greetings; Momo raised both of her hands, while Marifa gave a nod as her greeting.