Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 938

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Outside the forest, many of the people who had arrived were dazed at these developments and wondered if they were collectively hallucinating. What was laid out in front of their eyes was beyond creepy.

The upcoming battle was a battle to the death. However, why had the whole venue been made into a holiday resort? As the war drew near, who in their right minds would have the mood to party?

"Ha, ha, I knew that you would all ignore my warnings and come help me! Come on in, everyone! Enjoy your holiday and call your families to join in the fun. Everything here is my treat!" Xu Que laughed out loud as he faced the crowd, bright and carefree.

Fetching their families over at this time, wouldn't their whole families be killed in the upcoming battle? The peoples' mouths twitched in concern. It was enough for them to battle to the death. There was no need to implicate their families!

"Don't just stand there! If you're not calling your family, then come over and have fun together! I still have a few chicken wings, and they're about to burn." Xu Que yelled again as he hurriedly turned to another barbeque pit.

Everyone stood dumbfounded and looked at each other exasperatedly. It was entirely different from the battlefield of their imaginations.

"Ah!" Suddenly, someone within the crowd exclaimed, "I've got it! Xu Que wants to loosen up and relax before he dies!"

"Huh?" Everyone was astonished.

The man continued to yell. "Don't you get it? Who said that we must all be depressed and nervous before the great battle? Since we are going into battle anyway, why not just let our hair down and have fun? Enjoy the perks of life before death."

Realization dawned on them after they heard those words.

He is right!

Who dictated that all must be angry and depressed before a great battle? There is no meaning in making the atmosphere feel like they are all going to die for sure!

Although the battle was bound to be difficult and their chance of winning was slim, there is no need to just wait there idly. Why not have fun till your heart's content and loosen up?

Just take it as the last holiday they'll have in their lives!

"This brother is right! Everyone, let's go!" Someone exclaimed, throwing both hands into the air.

"Ha, ha, this is the way that the Exploding Heavens Faction does things! We are indeed different from those other sects out there!" 

People streamed into the area. Many of them greeted Xu Que and even requested a photo together. They asked to shake his hand and also for his signature. The whole atmosphere shifted at once.

Many of the reporters at the site were utterly confused at the situation. They had tried their best to make the atmosphere oppressive, solemn, and anguished. Even the TV and Internet viewers were affected. Not only was the battlefield gone, Xu Que had transformed the forest into a relaxing resort. Everyone queued to take a photo with Xu Que. When they had finally finished the handshaking session, they were shocked again when they took their plates to the barbeque.

"Oh my G.o.d, what a luxurious spread!"

"Boston lobster, King crab....!"

"Jeez, this is comparable to a high-cla.s.s international buffet at a five-star hotel!"

"The Exploding Heavens Faction is awesome!"

"666! This is seriously the best!"

"Ha, ha, coming here was worth it after all!"

Many people laughed heartily and relaxed at once and melted into the atmosphere of holidaying. At the same time, the viewers who were watching the live stream were speechless, whether they were within or outside Huaxia.

"I don't know what to say!"

"I used to believe that no one's maneuver could wow me. However, today, I admit defeat!"

"c.r.a.p! I just saw PDD! That fellow loaded up his plate with seafood and was giggling gleefully like a 200-pound fatty!"

"Ha, ha, I saw 50/50 Chance too! How the heck did he become this handsome? Did he get a face job?"

"I definitely would have gone if I had known there was going to be a party with so much food! Is it too late to rush over now?"

"Jokes aside, I'm impressed with their att.i.tude. It's not easy to be so lighthearted and carefree"

"This is the real meaning of facing dangers head-on, disregarding life and death!"


All sorts of comments erupted on the Internet. People were impressed and surprised by Xu Que's course of action.

At the same time, a beam of light shot toward the forest. Jiang Hongyan had arrived at the venue with Xu Feifei. The two beautiful ladies immediately caught everyone's attention, and they all exclaimed:

"Wow, the fairy is here!"

"Sincerest greetings, fairy!"

"She's too beautiful, even more so than when I saw her on TV!"

"She and Xu Que are a match made in heaven!"

"Wow, Xu Que's sister is charming too!"

Someone asked Xu Que, "Brother Que, is your sister single?"

Xu Que shooed, "Get lost!"

Someone hollered, "Don't be like that, brother-in-law!"

Xu Que responded, "Get lost!"


Everyone yelled, "Brother-in-law!"

Xu Que's face darkened, "Get lost!"

"Ha, ha, stop fooling around! It looks like Xu Que's is going to be the national brother-in-law soon!" Everyone present laughed. The atmosphere was surprisingly cheeky and cheerful. 

Xu Feifei was both astounded and confused. She was shocked by what she saw and could hardly believe her eyes. She had prepared for a life-and-death battle, but the battlefield was now a holiday resort. Everyone was eating and joking to their heart's content as if they had forgotten about the incoming attack from the Angels.

"Feifei, Hongyan, come! Try these chicken wings that I just grilled!" Xu Que said as he brought over some chicken wings to them.

Xu Feifei asked, "Brother, what...what's going on? Did we already win?"

The scene in front of her looked like a celebration party.

"Not yet, but it's the s...." Xu Que smiled and waved his hand.


However, before he could finish, the sound of a ma.s.sive explosion could be heard through the void, the loud noise resounding as it broke through the sound barrier. Everyone snapped up at once to see where the sound came from.

In the skies far away, dozens of helicopters came into sight, glorious and grand. In front of three helicopters were three Heavenly Humans. The huge, white wings on their backs were extended in full glory. Their aura was overbearing. They moved at a high speed.

"They are here!" Everyone's faces became instantly grim.

One man couldn't help but swallow nervously. His body might have been shaking, but he stood upright with a straight spine.

They knew that they could not escape the inevitable. However, now that they had had fun and relaxed, it was time to face the serious matters. At that moment, the global audience in front of their TVs and their computer screens all held their breaths.

The three Angels on the screen were tall and majestic. Like G.o.ds, they invoked awe in people. And, from what they remember, G.o.ds are sacred and holy and the deliverers of justice. Now, these Angels are about to battle Xu Que and a bunch of Huaxia's mortal men. Everyone was looking forward to the outcome.


Finally, with the sound of the sound barrier breaking, three Heavenly Human powerhouses arrived beaming through the skies. They looked down from mid-air haughtily. Once they saw how carefree those people were down below, the three Heavenly Humans quickly darkened their expressions.

"Hmph, what a bunch of ants! Death shall befall you at any moment, and you still dare to stuff yourself with meat and seafood. How laughable!" One of the Heavenly Human men sneered.

The female Heavenly Human turned to Xu Que and threatened, "Xu Que! Within three breaths, kneel and kill yourself! Otherwise, we will ma.s.sacre the whole of Huaxia, followed by the rest of the entire world!"


Suddenly, an overwhelming aura and killing intent streamed out of her.

Everyone present was immensely shocked by her display of strength. Even if they were prepared to die, they could hardly resist their deep-down reactions to such provocations.

"Ha, ha, ha!"

At that moment, Xu Que let out a long laugh and glared at the three Heavenly Humans. He narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "I, Xu Que, narrow my eyes, and all I see was rubbish! Are you going to ma.s.sacre the whole of Huaxia? Come on! If you could make Huaxia shed even a single drop of blood, I will live-stream myself eating p.o.o.p!"

As soon as his voice fell, the whole arena fell into a deadly silence.

He'll live-stream eating poo if even one man from Huaxia sheds a single drop of blood?

c.r.a.p, Brother Que, are you sure you aren't just scamming poos from people to eat?