His Genius Wife Is A Superstar

Chapter 393

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The two showered together and dressed in their pyjamas. Before they went to bed, Jin Liwei treated Iris' bitten lips first. Even though the bleeding already stopped, the sight of her wound made him want to beat himself up.

"I'm okay. It doesn't hurt," she a.s.sured him after seeing his pained expression.

"Don't lie. I know it hurts."

"Well, okay. Maybe a little." Then she pointed at her lips with a finger. "Why don't you kiss it so it won't hurt anymore?"

He chuckled and immediately kissed her gently, careful not to hurt the wound.

She learned this trick from Little Jun and Jiang Ying Yue

Little Jun would cry whenever he got hurt. "Junjun ouchy! Kiss ouchy, Mommi!" 

And Jiang Ying Yue would always kiss him while saying, "Pain pain, go away!"

Iris didn't understand how kissing would make the pain go away.

"That's so stupid, Ying Yue," she told her friend, straight to the point as always.

Jing Ying Yue was too preoccupied by her son to reply to Iris. However, she gave her a knowing look which only confused Iris.

"There. Mommy kissed the pain away. It's gone now. Does it still hurt, Little Jun?" Jiang Ying Yue asked her son.

"No mo ouchy, Mommi!" Little Jun answered with a big smile, even though there were still tears in his eyes.

"What? It's really effective?" Iris was amazed.

After that, she started asking Jin Liwei to kiss her whenever she got physically hurt. Of course, he was more than willing to do it. Anything for his baby girl.

Back to the present, Iris and Jin Liwei headed to their bed. A large wall-mounted waterfall fountain was recently installed at the far end of the room. It was larger and much more elaborate than the one they had in their bedroom at the penthouse. This fountain even had its own mini-pond, acting as a natural humidifier for their room.

Another addition to their bedroom was the framed neckties hanging on the wall above their bed's headboard. To Jin Liwei, it was his most precious artwork displayed in their bedroom. 

Jin Liwei saw the purchase of business agreement on top of the bed from when Iris tossed it earlier. He glared at it, blaming it for their fight. He now treated it as if it was a cursed object. He walked faster, intending to toss it, but Iris pulled him back.

"Relax, darling. What happened earlier is my fault. It's not that I don't appreciate your present. I was just too surprised that you gifted me another company again. It caught me off-guard and I didn't know how to react. I'm sorry for not thinking about your feelings," she told him, remorseful.

"Don't worry about it anymore. I shouldn't have acted so immature as well. I made you cry." His expression turned dark when he remembered her crying face.

"So what if you're immature sometimes? You're only human, just like me. Besides, it's not only you. I also have the tendency to be immature and selfish sometimes, but you always indulge me and allow me to be myself."

He chuckled and poked her nose. "Yes, but you're already perfect just the way you are. I wouldn't change you for anything or anyone."

Iris' heart skipped a beat. This man loved her so much, yet she was starting to take him for granted. She suddenly felt ashamed for cursing at him earlier. Her insensitivity hurt his feelings and caused them to fight and yet, in the end, he was still the one who comforted her and apologized to her.

Her eyes shone with tears, realizing how increasingly unfair she had been in their relations.h.i. p. Now she could see that he was almost always the one giving way to her. How about her? Could the things she had done for him so far compare to all of the things he had done for her?

Yes, they had a rough start when they just met. And indeed, he was such a big a.s.shole in the early days of their relations.h.i. p.

But he had already changed so much since then. After the remnant inside her achieved revenge, Jin Liwei became the most loving and dedicated man to her.

It was no wonder that she fell in love with him. Jin Liwei was now the most important man in her life and the one she loved the most. Now, she couldn't imagine the rest of her life without him. Despite feeling like this, why hadn't she realized that she was starting to take him for granted? She could only blame herself for becoming too comfortable in their relations.h.i. p.

From now on, she would start rectifying her inadequacy. A relations.h.i. p was built and nurtured by two people. She should begin doing her part and not let him do all the work.

Seeing her becoming teary once again, Jin Liwei panicked.

"Love? What's wrong? Why are you crying? I'm sorry." He immediately apologized, even though he had no idea what he did wrong this time.

"Don't apologize anymore, especially if it's not your fault." Iris hugged his waist and looked up at his face. "If I'm in the wrong, tell me so I know because sometimes I have no idea. I never want to make you act cold to me anymore. I can't take it. It hurts. And don't spoil me too much, darling. I've become bad."

Jin Liwei examined her expression. When he saw that she was serious, his mouth curved into a faint smile. "Alright, I'll tell you if you're in the wrong from now on. But I'm not going to stop spoiling you because my beloved queen deserves all the pampering in the world. And you've become bad? Even if you become evil, I'll still love you."

"Oh Liwei. You're the most romantic a.s.shole ever. I love you so much!" She giggled.

He laughed. All of the tension and bad feelings melted away. His eyes danced with amus.e.m.e.nt.

"This romantic a.s.shole will only love you, Long Xiulan…or whoever you are."

His promise made her heart skip a beat and filled her with overflowing happiness.

"Who am I?" she whispered in a sultry voice. "I'm Jin Liwei's woman, his lover…and his future wife."

His eyes instantly darkened with desire.

When Iris felt his erection against her stomach, her breath quickened and desire filled her as well.

"Let's make love," she told him.

He didn't need any additional prompting. He lifted her and carried her to the bed. The purchase of business agreement was carelessly tossed onto a bedside table.

They decided to take it slow tonight. Their fight earlier drained their emotions and energy. This time, they just wanted to feel the love and to take comfort from each other.

Iris craved contact with him. She wanted to feel his weight on her, so she hugged him close.

They kissed like they had all the time in the world. They licked and sucked, savouring each other's tastes instead of devouring. Iris' lip wound only stung at the start, but the slight pain was nothing compared to the pleasure he was feeding her.

In between kissing, their pyjamas and underwears were slowly removed. There was no rush.

When they were both completely naked, Jin Liwei sat back and admired her flushed appearance. She looked so s.e.xy.

Likewise, Iris licked her lips while looking at his hot body. Her gaze fell on his erection, all ready for her. She wanted him so much.

Maintaining eye contact with him, she spread her legs wide open. He loved it when she exposed herself to him like this. Her entrance glistened under the dim lights, all ready for him.

Seeing how wet she was, Jin Liwei's erection twitched in excitement. He reached his hand and started fondling her wet entrance. Then he inserted two fingers inside her, thrusting them in and out.

Iris' eyes fluttered close and her hips started moving in time with his fingers. Her soft moans fueled both of their desire.


He withdrew his now wet hand, and then stroked his erection, coating it with her juices. He quickly crawled across the big bed and took out a box of condoms from the bedside table's drawer. After sheathing himself, he returned and positioned himself between her legs.

Iris reached between them and wrapped her hand around his hard length, guiding it to her entrance. They looked into each other's eyes, as he slowly pushed himself inside her.

They both groaned when he slid all the way inside.

Jin Liwei lowered his body on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him for a pa.s.sionate kiss, as he started slowly moving his hips. He moved his tongue inside her mouth almost in the same way his hard length was grinding inside her wet heat. Using one elbow to support his weight, he kneaded her breast with his other hand.

Iris pulled him lower, wanting their upper bodies to press against each other. She ran her hands all over his muscled back and caressed his hard legs with her toes.

Their leisurely lovemaking allowed them to enjoy the moment more thoroughly. It also felt more intimate, as they gazed into each other's eyes while the pleasure gradually built inside them. Their hot breaths, soft moans and groans intermingled into an erotic yet gentle harmony of pa.s.sion.

When the pleasure started intensifying, Jin Liwei closed his eyes and sped up his hips. His thrusts were shallow but they went deep inside her.

"Liwei…I'm going to come," she whimpered in between moans.

"Me too."

He quickly positioned his elbow above her shoulder while his other arm wrapped around her waist. Then he suddenly s.h.i. fted gears. He pressed her body down with his weight and started pumping her furiously with just his hips.

Iris cried out and shut her eyes.

"Open your eyes," Jin Liwei told her. "Look at me."

Her eyes opened. It was difficult keeping them open, but she didn't want to miss Jin Liwei's smouldering gaze.

They almost at the same time. He kissed her hard, as he poured his release while inside her. She pressed her face against his neck, m.u.f.fling her soft scream. Her inner contractions squeezed every drop of his release.

This slow and tender lovemaking was subdued compared to their usual wildness, but their feelings for each other felt more intense this time.

Jin Liwei gave Iris a final kiss on the mouth before sliding out of her. After discarding the used condom, he returned to lie beside her. He covered them with the duvet and pulled her into his arms, sighing in satisfaction.

"Good night, love."

"Mmn…g'night," she murmured. "Happy anniversary, darling."

"Happy anniversary." He nuzzled her hair before closing his eyes.