Why Not Soar Your Majesty

Chapter 213

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Chapter 79.3 - Can I, can I, can I?

Thanks to Azurixa for the chapter (2/2) ??


Tang Xiao lifted up an eyelid. “Beast!”

Mu Cheng raised a brow, the hand that was helping her dry off, suddenly stopped.

He started to kiss her again.

Tang Xiao could only beg for mercy, this is damaging to the body!!


There's something I need to say!!

If you spend all of your energy on that, that will die!!!

“I'm the beast! It's me! Let me go!”

“En, at least you're self aware.” Mu Cheng's face was filled with pity.

Tang Xiao: …!!!!!

Mu Cheng carried her back to the bedroom.

On Tang Xiao's bed, her clothes were carelessly thrown around to the wide.

Mu Cheng helped pick up her clothes and changed the bedding, slightly cleaning up the room.

As for Tang Xiao, once she hit the bed, she started to grow excited.

Wait a second!

Did she just sleep with Mu Cheng??!!!


In the future, who can say she's a coward?

She started to laugh by herself, her legs were bouncing around.

She grabbed her blanket and rolled around, sometimes laughing into her blanket.

If Chief Ning saw this he'd probably think that she was having a fit.

Coincidentally Xiao Lin happened to call.

Mu Cheng pa.s.sed her phone to her before turning away to the kitchen to cook some food.

“h.e.l.lo, Tang Xiao.”

“En? AHAHAHHAA~~” Tang Xiao laughed again before shyly burying her face into her covers again.

On the other side of the phone, Xiao Lin jumped. “... what's with you?”

“Xiao Lin, when you and Chief Ning, did that … did you feel awkward?” Tang Xiao asked.

Xiao Lin thought for a bit. “When me and Chief Ning got together, it was a bit of a mistake. So I ran away straight after. Wait … does this mean …”

Tang Xiao continued to bashfully nod, “Yes, yes~”

“F***! You beast! You actually drugged Mu Cheng! If his fans find out, if they all spit once, they'll be able to drown you!” Xiao Lin shouted indignantly.

Tang Xiao pouted. “I didn't drug him … it was him … AHAHAHAHAHA~~~”

Xiao Lin: …..

“No, Tang Xiao, speak properly. When you're like this, I really want to hit you.” Xiao Lin's head hurt. “Are you saying that Mu Cheng made the first move? Congratulations, you finally slept with him.”

“Annoying~” Tang Xiao buried her head again. Her feet kicked her covers for a few more minutes.

When she finally grew tired, she huffed and crawled out. “I can't.”

“....” Xiao Lin covered her face. “Don't let me hear it. It's bad for the baby. I'm scheduled to give birth at the end of the year, stay away from me. I'm scared that you'll be a bad influence.”

Tang Xiao heard ‘baby', and instantly got distracted. “I heard that when you're pregnant, you should look at pretty people more. That way, your baby will be prettier when it's born. You should look at me more, maybe then the baby will look like me.”

“If my son actually looks like you! That would be a true tragedy!! That's a son!! Why does he have to be so pretty!!”

Afterwards, Xiao Lin actually did face a tragedy.

Every time Tang Xiao looked at little Ning Jing, she'd sigh, what a waste of such a pretty face!

“Right, there's also a parcel at the company. They said that Xia Ziyang sent it to you, when you get the chance, bring it to me.” Xiao Lin said.

A parcel?

Tang Xiao's mind instantly went to that culprit, that lacy piece of lingerie.

“Does this mean! That piece of lingerie was yours!!!!” Tang Xiao couldn't help but get up and shout.

Then afterwards, she guiltily covered her mouth, “F***! You're already about to give birth and you're still being so kinky with Chief Ning!!!!”

“... what lingerie?” Xiao Lin's face was confused.

Tang Xiao stuttered and mumbled before explaining what happened.

Xiao Lin heard and then the phone rumbled with her thunderous laughter, “Your mom! That's clothing for my baby! I wanted to use it for a photoshoot! What were you guys thinking? Didn't you open it up? You just saw lace and thought it was lingerie?! My G.o.d, I'm going to die of laughter.”

Tang Xiao: …. 囧

“What do I do then, I threw it out.”

“That's fine, that's fine.” Xiao Lin couldn't hold back her laughter any more, “I'll just buy it again. But you guys really …”

Tang Xiao: /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~~


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