World of Immortals

Chapter 285

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The virtuous Chrysus stuttered as he called out Yan-yan and Frost-frost in front of the Spellbind Castle… so much so that he even called out grandpa. The courtesan and eight young ladies suppressed their laughter to the point of tearing up. And the people who happened to pa.s.s by on the street even went as far as holding their belly with both hands as they laughed out loud.

This made Yan Qingcheng, Frosty, the third princess, and the palace maids to feel extremely angry. Their faces turned beet red, but they couldn't do anything to that guy. After all, how could they just rush into that kind of place?

The vulgar guy didn't feel a tid bit ashamed. He lightly kicked Oxman who was laughing while slamming the ground. Then he said, "Ox-ox… Ox-ox…"

"@#¥#@%, wretched guy, thirteen seconds! You stand right there." Oxman immediately jumped up. It was too embarra.s.sing to be called this way by that guy.

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