Xian Ni

Chapter 1647

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Chapter 1635 - Controlling Fate

“What an interesting life, what an interesting heaven, what an interesting creation! But even so, what of it? If I, w.a.n.g Lin, could enter the Ancient Celestial Realm and break open the divine retribution to figure out how it was created, then one day I will be able to step out of the cave. I will be able to enter the Immortal Astral Continent and see how powerful the great cultivators there are!

“What qualifications do they have to raise sentient beings in captivity? What qualifications do they have to become the masters of other beings? 

“No wonder the first generation Vermillion Bird said he could only take a limited number of people to his hometown. That’s because aside from him, everyone else is not from the Immortal Astral Continent. They are all just cultivators born in this cave!

“No wonder he said that someone in his hometown could revive Li Muwan but he can’t. No wonder… No wonder…

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