The CEO's Woman

Chapter 452

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w.a.n.g Minghua only stifled a groan without gaining any consciousness.

"You drugged them." Jiang Yue stated as she clenched her fist. Contrary to everyone's expectation Jiang Yue did cry nor showed any signs of crying. She only widened her eyes, called out w.a.n.g Minghua's name before her gaze turned cold once again.

"You are right. I did not mean to be cruel. I was just trying to test the new drugs that we made. Nothing serious." Antonio said. w.a.n.g Ruo and w.a.n.g Huo was another reminder of Natalie's deeds before. Antonio does not really care if they die or leave. As long as he could use them to control Jiang Yue then it should be fine.

The moment Jiang Yue and Fu Jin went inside the Emerald Country, Antonio already arranged someone to kidnapped w.a.n.g Huo and w.a.n.g Minghua. He originally wanted to keep this as a secret, but Natalie found out about this last night. Because of this, he was forced to subdue Natalie and used her as another hostage against Jiang Yue.

"I thought my grandmother was the matriarch in this family? Why are you treating her like this?" Jiang Yue said while eyeing the old Natalie's face. Her face was pale and there was clearly a purple palm print on her cheeks. If her guess was right, then the one who would dare hurt her like this would be Antonio.

"Your grandmother… was the matriarch. Now… well… I am the new leader of this clan and there is you as the successor. We don't need her anymore." Antonio answered while leisurely drinking his wine.

"How about you!" Jiang Yue looked at everyone on the rectangular table. "Are you going to let him treat your matriarch like this?"

"Jiang Yue…tsk… tsk… you still don't understand it." Quan Lei answered."Natalie already lost her influence a long time ago. When she refused to have Antonio's children, she already lost the Pardi family in her control. Moreover, as years went by, the Pardi Family's power had grown by leaps and bounds. It is only right for us to respect him. After all, we are all businessmen."

"Quan Lei is very smart to a.n.a.lyze all this." The first elder said. "Natalie's power had diminished years ago. However, for the sake of our tradition, we did not announce this to the world."

"Now that you are here, there is actually no need for Natalie to rule anymore. Plus, you are smarter and more influential than her. Just like Natalie, you could be the face of the Vercello Family and lead us. However, we would still give you a choice." The first elder continued,"You can marry the person that we appoint then just sit and smile for the media and let your husband manage everything else."

"Or you can manage it yourself. Your choice. Either way… you have to become the matriarch whether you like it or not."

"Hmmm… and you are telling me this after you threaten to kill my family in front of me?" Jiang Yue said as she took a seat. Then she signaled w.a.n.g Bolin to stand behind her.

"Of course. We will not kill them if you agree." The one who answered was Mr. Quan. "We made them lose their consciousness, so they won't have any idea of this event. Once you agreed they will be transferred back to B Country and they would continue with their lives as usual."

"Good. It seems that you already planned this thoroughly. What about My husband? Fu Jin?" At this point, Jiang Yue already calmed down. Panicking in times like this would only make her commit mistakes.

"He is probably dead by now." Jiang Yue did not even bat an eyelid when she heard Antonio's words. She only stared straight into his eyes as he continued. "Ten minutes ago, our men arrived at Fu Jin's island and started attacking your men. Our men were all well trained. I doubt that he could survive the attack."

"Now that you know your man's ending… you should already know that we are taking this seriously. I hope you could understand. We killed him, so we could free you from this relationship. We are offering you power here. Power, money, and influence. Something that is coveted by many people." Antonio added. Seeing the various expression flashed in Jiang Yue's face, made Antonio more confident that the latter will give in as well.

Jiang Yue is but a woman, no matter how strong she gets, her emotion is still her biggest weakness.

"Of course, if you still insist. I could have my men bring your grandfather's head right now." Antonio said.

"You are crazy." Jiang Yue blurted.

"Thank you." Antonio laughed.

"It was not a compliment."

"I'm taking it as one."

"Let me ask you something." Jiang Yue said. "After doing all this. How sure are you that I will not use the power that you will give me in destroying you and this organization?"