Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 443

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Only Qiu Lili and Liu Jun knew what Lin Qiao was going South for. Xie Dong and the others didn't know about the reason, and would not ask.

Finishing talking, she sent those pumpkin seeds which were soaked in the water and sprouted potatoes to the sweet potato field, and also gave Xie Dong another task, asking him to build a cabin near the field to serve as a duty room.

Xie Dong was, of course, willing to do it. In fact, he was quite interested in it.

After a.s.signing all the tasks, Lin Qiao brought Mengmeng and the zombie nuclei to the lakeside.

Xie Dong stayed in the building while the others curiously followed them to the lakeside. They all wanted to know why the scary vibe in the lake was gone.

Only Qiu Lili knew that Viney had gone somewhere else.

Lin Qiao filled a big bucket with water, then placed it by the lakeside and said to Mengmeng, "Come over here. You need to take a bath before going into the lake."

She had been giving those zombie leaders baths, but not Mengmeng, because she wanted to upgrade her directly. So now, she asked Mengmeng to clean her body before she got down into the lake.

She released a stream of mist and surrounded Mengmeng and herself with it, then asked the latter to take off her clothes.

Mengmeng knew how to put on clothes and take them off. Also, her clothes were always clean.

Mengmeng quickly took off all her clothes without feeling shy at all. After that, Lin Qiao let her stand in the bucket, and started pouring water onto her head with a water ladle.

After doing that for a few times, she asked her to rub the filth off her body with her hands.

As Mengmeng was clean, she took off her own clothes and prepared to go into the lake together with her. But suddenly, she stopped moving her feet and quickly touched her eyes.

Her cosmetic contacts were gone, and she didn't know when that happened.

She didn't notice that she had been looking at the others with her bare eyes until now.

She thought for a moment, then remembered that she forgot to take those cosmetic contacts out before she started absorbing that level-seven nucleus. They should have been devoured by the energy.

She sighed and stopped thinking about that, then dragged Mengmeng down into the water. Meanwhile, she said, "Later when you get in, you need to relax. The water won't suffocate you."

It was the first time Mengmeng got into the water, so she excitedly stepped in. She was also curious about the energy in the water, and she liked being surrounded by it.

Lin Qiao guided her deeper into the water, then dragged her forward. After that, she brought her down toward the bottom of the lake. Mengmeng's each hand was holding a handful of zombie nuclei.

Those varicolored zombie nuclei were glowing dimly in the lake, looking beautiful and surreal.

Lin Qiao took over all the zombie nuclei in Mengmeng's hands, then said to the latter in her mind, 'Give me the nuclei. I'll filter them for you.'

Lin Qiao stood behind Mengmeng at the bottom of the lake and pressed a hand on the middle of her back.

She let go of all the zombie nuclei, then controlled them with the energy in the lake and made them surround Mengmeng. Next, she picked up a level-three nucleus and started to absorb the energy contained in it with her heart. Meanwhile, she made the energy in the lake flow into her body through her pores and gather toward her heart.

The energy of the lake surrounded her heart, filtering out all the impurities in the zombie nucleus. And then, the pure energy was sent into Mengmeng's body through Lin Qiao's other hand. Meanwhile, a dark stream of energy gushed out of Lin Qiao's brain, absorbing those impurities.

Soon, the level-three zombie nucleus was drained.

Lin Qiao grasped another level-three zombie nucleus and started to filter the energy contained in it for Mengmeng. The level-three zombie nuclei soon ran out, after which, Lin Qiao started working on the level-four ones.

Mengmeng felt streams of energy flow into her body and circle around her heart, then spread to her entire body and gathered toward her brain.

As more and more energies were sent into her body, her body started burning, and her head began aching. She understood what was going on. That headache happened every time she was about to upgrade.

So, she endured it.

Mengmeng suffered a splitting headache when Lin Qiao used up all level-four zombie nuclei and started to send the energy contained in the first level-five nucleus into her body.

Mengmeng had three level-five zombie nuclei, and Qiu Lili gave her three: there were six of them in total. With no other choice, Mengmeng endured the scary pain which was brought to her endlessly by those six zombie nuclei.

Lin Qiao said to her in her head, 'I'm going to send a stronger stream of energy into you. Hang in there. I'll help you to get a breakthrough directly, so you have to beat the pain. Do you understand?'

Mengmeng nodded, getting excited upon hearing Lin Qiao say that she'd make a breakthrough.

Lin Qiao raised the flow of the energy, causing the stream-like energy flow to suddenly become like a flood as it stormed into Mengmeng's body.

She understood that apart from the purified energy, Mengmeng had also been absorbing the energy contained in the lake water. The energies contained in those zombie nuclei had mixed with the energy in the lake and grown stronger. Mengmeng's power-level was quickly boosted to the top of level-six, so now, she might break into level-seven if Lin Qiao sent stronger energy into her body.

Lin Qiao had thought about if Mengmeng would still listen to her after breaking into level-seven. She wasn't sure about that; but judging by the latter's personality, she wouldn't do awful things at least.

Therefore, she decided to help Mengmeng to make the breakthrough. She saw it as a favor to Mengmeng, and expected the latter to do something for her as payback in the future.

If Mengmeng turned out to be ungrateful, Lin Qiao would be fine with it. However, if she ever wanted to hurt other people, Lin Qiao believed that she would find out a way to kill her.

Mengmeng had prepared herself, but still, the flood of energy nearly broke her. She hurriedly gritted her teeth to try to keep herself awake.

By the lakeside, Qiu Lili tried to sense the lake bottom, but then frowned slightly. The energy in the lake blocked her sensations, so she couldn't sense a thing. She didn't know what was happening in the lake, and it had been over ten hours since the two had gone down.

On the outside, Wu Yueling spent another day while looking forward to the night. From time to time, she ran to the gla.s.s door on the balcony and raised her head to look at the sky.

She just wanted the sky to turn dark more quickly.

Wu Chengyue smilingly watched her gazing at the sky all day. At first, he didn't know what she was looking at; but then, he noticed her expectant look and pondered over it.

What she now wanted the most was to meet the female zombie. If meeting the female zombie had something to do with the sky… Was his Ling Ling expecting the night?

Would the female zombie come here when it was dark?

With that thought, the smile on Wu Chengyue's face grew bigger. His narrowed, smiling eyes wore a meaningful look.